Fap For Fun! I’ve seen some of you neckbeards lurking in the back of an FYE where they have all of those DVDs covered up by 18+ cards. That’s just pathetic. And you know that cashier is judging your fat ass when you bring up that degenerate loli fuck fest that you have clutched to your chest with shaking hands. You guys already have it bad enough. Why make it so much worse on yourself? Have some fucking dignity and fap to hentai bitches without leaving your mom’s basement. If you’re going to be that guy who pays for their porn, at least buy a quality subscription where you get hundreds of videos to jerk your dick to instead of just one measly video.The site launched back in 2018 and currently brings in over 1 million of you hentai addicts every single month.A Free Torrent Site With Zero Ads, No Required Membership, and Quality DesignFapforfun.net doesn’t look like your usual porn torrent site. Those sites usually have a plain design, are cluttered with virus-giving ads, and all of that bullshit. This site looks fucking amazing, especially for a hentai torrenting site. You get this banner up top with big titty hentai babes staring right at you. That’s some good fucking artwork too.And you won’t see a single ad across this entire site. I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across a torrent site that isn’t more riddled with viruses than a $5 hooker. No membership required either. This site brings in all of their income via their reasonably priced Patreon page that you should consider supporting if you find yourself downloading a fuck ton of these hot hentai videos.Hot Hentai Games, Movies, Full-Length Series, and So Much MoreAlright, let’s get down to the site. It’s got a dark theme that looks slick as fuck. You’ll see a header up by that banner of hot hentai sluts with options for “Home, Categories, Tags, Game Format, Hentai Request, FFF-VIP, FAQ, DMCA, Contact, and Links.” The links page shows some of the sites that support Fapforfun.net. You’ll, of course, find a link back to my site on there. The FAQ is a solid place to start if you’re a dumbass who doesn’t know how to work a torrent client or download content from the site. They even have helpful videos there if you’re really mentally challenged and the written instructions aren’t enough.The FFF-VIP page just takes you to that Patreon page I mentioned. 10 bucks a month gets you to access to some exclusive galleries and shit. If you somehow don’t find a game or video you’re looking to fap to in their massive catalog, then you can go to the “Hentai Request” page and submit up to three requests per day. It’s not a guarantee, but you’re welcome to give it a shot. Just keep in mind that brand new games or videos can take fucking forever to get translated.If you’re looking for games there are two menus that you’ll want to use. The “Game Format” tab lets you narrow your search down by type of game. You can browse by genres like visual novels, action games, RPGs, puzzle games, and a few more. You can also make use of the categories tab if you want to filter by hentai games that are either in Japanese or English. But don’t you fucks worry, they have more than just games. They have sections for 2D hentai, 3D hentai, and hentai made using Miku Miku Dance. Each section has hundreds of pages full of content that you can browse through.In-depth Previews and Quick, Easy DownloadsRegardless of which page you go to, you’ll get a list of previews to check out. Each one tells you what language the video or game is in, when it was uploaded, the title, what category it falls under, how many comments have been left on it, and anywhere from 3-30 preview images that you can flip between. Either hit “continue reading” or the title to get taken over to the full page. Here you’ll get the name of the publisher and the file size. Unlike other torrent sites that have 15 fucking download buttons that all lead to ads and one that’s the actual right one, this site has a single download button with a magnet link to download the content.The quality is next fucking level. Most, if not every, video on the site will be in crisp 1080p HD. I had no issues downloading as many fetish-filled hentai videos as I wanted. This is by far the most straightforward torrent site that I have ever been to. Some other parts worth mentioning here are the sections that bridge the content on either side. You’ll find a live chat that you can hop into, large previews for newly uploaded content, a calendar with scheduled releases listed, a list of the latest comments, and a link to a subreddit for the site. Lots of cool shit to explore here!Great Mobile ExperienceHoly shit, a torrent site that actually has a decent mobile experience. The mobile version of Fapforfun.net is just as crisp and easy to use as the desktop site is. You get access to all of the same features, menus, and options that you had on the computer. The formatting is well done and you get full-screened previews for everything. I mean, torrenting on your phone isn’t exactly easy or straightforward. But if you were going to give it a shot then this would be the site. This site makes downloading hot videos of hentai sluts getting fucked easy even if you’re on the go.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite thing about Fapforfun.net is that it is basically a torrent site without any of the usual bullshit you have to deal with when using a torrent site. There aren’t any obnoxious ads to deal with and the site actually looks good as fuck. It’s like hitting the jackpot and bringing back that goth slut from the club who ends up not having any weird baggage or daddy issues. Not that daddy issues are a bad thing. I don’t mind when some dick-craving babe calls me daddy every now and then, but I don't like dealing with the emotional side of that shit. This site is just like that perfect combination.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsFuck, I’ve got nothing for this one. This site is solid. I haven’t got a single complaint about this one. I wish I could say the same about the last few sluts I’ve had back to my place. One bitch had some weird-ass foot fetish and wanted to lick my damn feet. I mean, at least she was a 10/10 dimepiece, but still. Word of advice to you virgins in case you ever get a chance at some pussy, if some chick is checking out your feet all night then you need to get out of that shit unless you want the worlds worst pedicure.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I can’t think of a better site to go to if you’re some kind of hentai-craving weeaboo. Fapforfun.net is a great hentai torrent site with mountains of content. Hell, they even have games if you’re into that kind of thing. I know I’ve harped on how good this damn site is, but it’s for good reason. If you like hentai, then you need to get your over to this site and jerk off to the big bootied hentai bitches. Enjoy HD videos, full-length series, uncensored videos, hentai games, and more all in one beautiful site. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? It’s fucking free! Go on, get over to Fapforfun.net and get fapping!