At first glance, you might think that WHentai is just like any other hentai-image website out there, but there is a lot you probably do not know. Do not worry, because I am an expert when it comes to hentai and manga, and I will explain all the necessary shit you need to know when it comes to this place.Now the first thing I will mention is that whentai.com has created a game called Fap Titans, so check it out if you want, I could not have been bothered. The reason why I mentioned this first, before anything else, is simply because once you visit their homepage, that flashy annoying fucking Ad will play on the side in a loop, and believe me, it will bother the shit out of you.The front page is filled with all kinds of kinky hentai images, and you might have realized that plenty of them are also blurred out. Once you click on those blurry images, you will be required to pay to view any of them, but the system is much better than you probably think. The images that are not blurred can be viewed for free; obviously.If you plan to spend your time here, I suggest you create your account or log in with Twitter or Facebook, because there are some privileges you get as a member of the site. Now, the main focus of W HENTAI is to share all kinds of kinky hentai art from already existing anime, and the best thing about that is that you can participate both as a viewer and as an artist.If you do not know how to draw and create HD pictures, like the one you can see on the homepage, you can always suggest kinky shit that other artists should draw. Of course, this will not be free, because those artists also need to make a living.Basically what you should do is open the ‘Commissions’ tab, and there you can specify the description of the image, choose an artist you’d want to draw the image (this is optional), and then you will have to give the commission extra votes, just to show how serious you are. The extra votes you give will have to be paid for, and you can purchase them on your account.As a new member, you will get discounts to the original prices, so you will be able to get 20 extra votes for $10, 100 extra votes for $30, 250 extra votes for $60 and 350 +100 bonus extra votes for $100. As much as I saw, you can only pay for this shit via PayPal, which is fucking stupid if you ask me...I mean, what if I do not have PayPal? They could have added some other means of payment, since I am pretty sure not everyone has PayPal, but if you want to make commissions here or become an artist, well, you will have to create it.The blurry shit I already talked about can be unlocked with the votes as well, so make sure to get the votes if you plan to spend your time here. Now, if any of this was too fucking confusing, do not worry, the site will explain everything again, so even the idiots and women will understand what the fuck I was talking about.Those who consider themselves as an artist and think that they can draw this shit should probably check out the page ‘Become an artist’ as well. There you will learn all the shit you need to get started, and they also state that their artists can get about $2400/week, which is quite a lot. However, if this is true or not, I do not fucking know… not like I can actually draw to check the shit out, so maybe contact the other artists instead.Everything you might be interested in if you want to become an artist will be explained on that page, so I will skip over that info because there is a lot that I’d have to mention. The only thing I will say is that you will have to draw 10 artworks and send them to the moderator before you get approved as an artist, which seems fair.Keep in mind that as a member of the site, you can see what other people have requested, and you can add extra votes to their ideas as well. These votes are needed for the artists to actually draw anything. In addition, every member will have their profile, where you can view their latest updates and all that crap, and you can also send them a private message.Other than that, you have a special section called ‘Blogs’ which is also very straightforward… this is the place all the talkative loners come to and discuss random shit, such as talking about stuff that nobody really cares about. The only reason why anybody should ever use this page is to ask something about or issues concerning the site.Therefore, if you have any kinky request, or you always wanted to see your two favorite characters in a naughty scenario, I suggest you visit this site and make a commission. Personally, I could never fap to a picture, be it a hentai or a real image, because I need to see the bitch in action for my fellow to rise. But if you find this shit satisfying, then, by all means, explore what whentai.com has to offer!