Foot Fetish Booru! The first time you visit this place, you might think that footfetishbooru.booru.org is a shitty site, but it is actually not as bad as their homepage. Obviously, this site offers loads of naughty content with the foot fetish, since why the fuck would the site have both ‘foot’ and ’fetish’ words inside the title if that was not what the fuck they had to offer.However, one thing they kind of do not explain in their title is the fact that this place offers animated content, and by that, I just mean that they have loads of pictures instead of actual videos and all of that crap. Obviously, all the pictures will be drawings featuring the foot fetish, so keep that in mind while browsing this place, since if you came here to see some real action or real chicks, you’ve come to the wrong place.Foot Fetish Booru homepage really does look crappy, as it has a black screen, with an ad or whatever the fuck that is, the number of total visitors and some options on top. You can either view the posts, comments, register or view the favorites. Obviously, the first thing I checked out were the posts.Variety of naughty foot-fetish imagesWhen you open the posts, you will probably see that this place looks a lot like other sites that offer similar content, aka anime pictures. These are all user-submitted images, so you will find a lot of random crap here, but the beauty of this place is that all of their content is somehow connected to feet love.The quality of the images is usually HD or solid, as this depends on the person who made the picture or uploaded it here. We all know that amateurs can be very fucking random, so one can never know what the fuck to expect from the images here. I have seen a huge variety, from anime content to 3D images or just simple drawings.By now, you should know if this place is meant to satisfy your dirty desires or not, since I am sure that some of you might not find this content hot. Personally, I am not that into feet, but then again, I am not opposed to them. As long as the beauty in question is hot, I do not mind this crap, and since these are all drawn sluts, obviously 90% of them will be hot.This also depends on your personal choices, since there is a chance that you might not find the anime chicks to be hot. Personally, I love hentai and all things anime, even the images, so I had loads of fun here, obviously. Simply put, everything is possible in the wonderful world of hentai, since it is all fake, so there is nothing that can be taboo or forbidden.So, be prepared to see a lot of bizarre and fucked up shit, as well as the classics. For example, I ran into a lot of the usual images, where schoolgirls will pose and show their feet, but I also found some gore pictures and all of that shit… I will just say that if you do not have a strong stomach, maybe you should not start with anime, or steer away from the weird crap.It was obvious that weird crap would pop up from time to time, since these are mostly inspired by the Japanese people, and we all know that they offer the weirdest crap out there. I mean, if you watch hentai as much as I do, then you know exactly what the fuck I am talking about, as they really do offer a lot of random crap… from the actual taboo porn to pure violence and gore, mixed with disgusting scenarios.Everything is free and most images are HDAs one could have already predicted, everything you find here will be free, since why the fuck would they make you pay for something that is not really of top quality, since all of this is user-submitted. Obviously, this is a good thing, since this means that you can browse this shit as much as you fucking want, nobody can stop you.Take your sweet ass time and keep exploring, since the amount of content they offer is quite high. One could say that the thing that makes this shit so special is the fact that everything is different, but keep in mind that that also means that you might find some images that are drawn amateurly and they do not look good at all. So again, this all depends on your personal preference.I do not mind when drawn content is not top notch, but I do mind when it does not make sense or it does not look presentable. I did find some content like that here, but I guess those are just beginner artists who will get better with practice. One thing that should have been implied is that there is a chance that if you have a favorite anime character, you will surely run into a foot-fetish image of her or even him.Free registration, upload your own imagesThey clearly state that you can view 90% of what they have to offer, so some of you might not even have to create an account. However, if you came here to upload your own naughty content, then you should create an account instead since it is free and all of that crap. The account will also give you an extra bit of functionality and all that crap, but honestly, it is to really needed.It is very nice of them to give all of this content to us for free, and if you find a drawing that you really like, you can also view the artist behind that drawing. In some cases, people will just reupload already-existing images from other sites, such as deviantart.com, and they will credit the owner of the image on the side, which is again, quite fucking nice.I am not used to all of this politeness… You do not even need to do much, just input your username, pass, and mail and that is about that. You might also be able to upload your own images without the account, I did not explore that part as much simply because you get everything free, so there is no need for me to make everything so detailed on such a simple fucking site.Some search options and other good featuresWhile at first glance, you might think that they offer a lot of great search options, they are actually quite a fucking drag. On the side, you will have the usual categories listed, and every time you open one of the categories you will be given subtags, and so on. I will not explain how this shit works, as I think it should be obvious.But, excluding that and the search box on top, you do not really have any other types of search options, which kind of sucks. I say this simply because they offer a lot of different content, and with so much content it can be difficult to find what makes your cock hard since we are all different. This is especially true when talking about different pornographic content.Well, there are some other site features that you might be interested in so I shall go over that briefly. First of all, you will have your own account where you can view all your crap, just like you can view what other users have posted. For some reason, you can list the content buy the comments, and I really do not fucking understand why would anyone do this?They do offer a list of different tags, that really go in detail as to what the fuck you would want to see, and honestly, that page confused me. Basically, in the ‘Alias’ tab you will have a list of tags that you search for or other people search for, and a list of tags that should be shown… I know what Alias means, but I do not understand why the fuck was this necessary.For all of you sad fucks who have something they do not understand about this place, you are more than welcome to visit their forum page, since you can do all of this shit for free. However, make sure to read their rules and all that crap, since you could get banned. I think we all know how the forum sites work, and if you do not know that, then you must have been living under a rock.Overall, I had lots of fun browsing images on this site, but I would prefer if they offered better search options, instead of the shit they have offered. Basically, they have a lot of tags but no actual filters. Oh well, I can’t complain that much since 90% of the crap they offer on footfetishbooru.booru.org is completely free.