Giantess Booru? Hey, man. I heard you’re into really big chicks. Not BBWs like a normal chubby chaser, or even those towering amazon bitches you see in some pornos. I’m talking about giant broads, literal giantesses who could smash you much more easily than you could ever smash them. That’s the kinda hot mama you’re going to find at GiantessBooru.The site’s been around for nearly a decade now, but gets barely over a million visits a month. That makes sense considering this is a pretty deep niche fetish. GiantessBooru.com seems to be thriving, though, at least for a website about women so big they can pick you up and eat you like the dirty vore fetishist you are. They’ve got nearly 70,000 of these images so far, so you’re obviously not the only one whacking off to this stuff.The Biggest Girls You Ever Jerked Off ToI once made the mistake of snorting a Viagra before I hit the local bar in search of drunk girls to bang. The place was empty except for a few fat chicks, but by then my vision was tinged dark blue and my boner broke the zipper of my jeans. I had to work really hard that night. It was like throwing a hotdog down a long hallway.At least that’s how I felt before I took a look at GiantessBooru. Shit, I thought I had a clever metaphor about a big girl’s big twat, but the women on this site have cooters you can literally walk through.The header graphic is a cute cartoon that doesn’t really give away how large these giantesses really are. There’s a blonde chick with a big rack and a butterfly net, and it looks like she’s out catching thick fairies. I mean, that sort of makes it seem like the whole thing is about tiny little plump women.GiantessBooru has a very simple layout. Beneath that drawing of the sexy bug catcher and her prey is where the fun really begins. By fun, I mean the site’s massive stash of massive slut pictures.I couldn’t find upload dates anywhere, but I assume they are displayed newest first like every other site that only has images. The front page is the first of over 800, so get ready to do some clicking if you want to make it through the full archive.Seriously, Penis Goes Where?One of the most interesting things about deep fetish material is that from an outsiders perspective, a lot of it doesn’t look sexy at all. There are a few drawings on the front page featuring oversized super-heroines picking up buses, towering over crowds, or getting ready to stomp some army vehicles. The art is something you’d expect from a kids cartoon, not something somebody would be furiously shaking their penis at.Other images could be masturbatory fodder if you were hard up, but the fetish freaks at GiantessBooru have turned it into their own prime wank material by adding tiny people. One image features some pretty MILFs, fully dressed and sitting on the couch, having a conversation. I couldn’t even tell from the thumbnail that there was a dude the size of a lizard squeezed between one girl’s tits.You like feet, right? It seems like a lot of perverts with the giantesses fetish also have a thing for good arches and manicured toes. At least half of the newest shit looks like regular ol’ vanilla foot fetish porn at first glance. I see lots of close-ups of women’s feet in high heels, sandals, and barefoot.Look a little closer and you’ll notice the world’s smallest businessmen dangling for his life by a strap on this chick’s wedge. There is also a little dude, no bigger than a candy bar, bowed down within that circle of flip-flopped footsies. You’re spanking it to this redhead showing off her boots, but have you given a moment of thought to the diminutive fellow cowering inside of one? One poor, cockroach-sized motherfucker is squished between a bitch’s toes and trapped behind an inescapable web of nylon stocking.Take a Walk through the World’s Biggest, Sexiest ButtholeI think I should probably warn you, I had some really fucked up dreams after browsing GiantessBooru for a couple of hours. I’m not really sure how to classify them. I’d wake up in a cold sweat, terrified for my life, but my boxers and sheets would be slick and sticky from multiple nocturnal ejaculations. I’d pull myself from bed, take a few shots of liquid courage to quell the fear, and settle in for another round of harrowing masturbation.The Photoshop fuckery is weird, but the CG images on the site are some serious next-level perversion. One of the first pics that caught my attention was a close-up of a gargantuan ass, perfectly round and beautiful, crushing a city sidewalk. A teeny, tiny man crawls from the shadows between her resting cheeks. Has he escaped her rectum, or was he a near casualty of this enormous angel’s fall to earth?Someone has uploaded a series featuring a naked and well-endowed giantess in what looks like an office building. The room is too small for her, so she’s always squatting or hunching over. I think the lack of space really pissed her off. In one picture, she’s smashing a human woman against the wall with her monstrously thick ass. In another, she’s smothering that short chick’s face in the buffet table of roast beef and juices she calls her vagina. The girl’s friend looks on, helpless and scared.Get Crushed, Eaten, Shrunk and Love ItI guess if you’re going to admit that you love giantesses, you may as well let it all hang out, huh? That seems to be how they do it at GiantessBooru. The freakiness goes so much deeper than just getting hard when you see a really tall chick.One thing that’s big among giantess aficionados is the vore fetish. Giantesses are really the only women who work for this particular kink, since it’s all about being eaten. Hit that Vore link in the Popular Tags on the sidebar of the screen and you’ll find about 65 pages full of hot chicks eating dudes like hot dogs.Crushing is another fetish that just doesn’t work with human-sized women. GiantessBooru has an even bigger collection of Crushing than Vore. The giant chicks actually vary in size a lot. One anime princess has a few would-be heroes stuck to her dirty sock, while a giant Ebony foot destroys a whole city as she gets out of bed.And of course, it wouldn’t be a user-contributed, Photoshop-heavy sex site without some pictures of Scarlett Johansson. The first one I noticed was in the Crush section, a Photoshop of her stretched out on the wreckage of what used to be a city. Typing her name in the search bar pulled up another dozen images.My biggest complaint about GiantessBooru is that the images are displayed without any kind of information. These pics of an overinflated Scarlet are obviously tagged with her name, but I can’t see any of the tags on them at all. Upload dates and uploaders are also among the site’s mysteries. It makes the pages look just slightly cleaner, but makes the whole site a lot harder to browse.The site is remarkably free from spam. I have my ad blocker running, but I don’t think it had to do anything while I was looking at GiantessBooru. Most free sites hit you pretty hard, and sites with deep niches can afford to really stick it to their viewers since there isn’t much competition. It’s pretty kickass that GiantessBooru doesn’t do that. A note in the corner said it’s sponsored and hosted by Giantess Katelyn, so props to her for giving it out for free, even if just to lure you to her premium content.While GiantessBooru may be of interest to edgy 4chan shit-heads who like a good freak show, their real audience are the pervs who want a girl who is a solid match for King Kong. The girls on this site are big enough to pick you up, crush you, pop you in their mouth and eat you. If that’s your type, I guess you’re shit out of luck in the real world. GiantessBooru.com may be one of the only places to get your fix.