Looking for a hypnobooru? Want to get hypnotized at Hypno Hub? If you could hypnotize a bitch into fucking you, would you do it? Rhetorical question of course, why the hell would you not!? There's something beautiful about a dazed and confused girl absentmindedly sucking on your cock, no matter how much she regrets it later.Dangerous words I know, especially with all this #MeToo bullshit going on, but it's true. How do I know? Cause Hypno Hub is a popular porn site that is all about hypnotized bitches getting fucked like it's going out of style.You'll find all kinds of hentai girls with blank or hypnotized eyes, caught in a strange trance where they suddenly feel the need to get naked and head straight to the nearest cock. Of course, as men, we are only happy to oblige. It’s not my fault that the bitch can't control her own mind.HypnoHub is a Danbooru-style board that caters especially to girls in trance-like states. Most of the images will have hypnotic imagery whether it's spirals, glazed eyes, lifeless bodies, or just hypnotism storylines. Mind control is a common theme where a bitch doesn't seem to have control over her own body.Ever watch the Outer Limits episode where a big black dildo starts emitting smoke that makes Alyssa Milano suddenly need to take all the cocks in town? Well, you watch that shit and you're sure to develop a hypnotism fetish, trust me.As a Danbooru style board, HypnoHub is all about the tags. Every image will have tons of tags, so you can do deep searches into your fetish. Why search for hypnotized cunt when you can search blond-haired hypnotized cunt? Now that's customization.Since this site is more about hypnotism than porn, you'll find a lot of SFW images also. There's a lot of interesting pics about hypnotism like an anime scientist showing off his mind control helmet. Or a story of Tifa Lockheart getting hypnotized by Shinra to masturbate in front of the company headquarters.As I said, this place goes beyond just porn, but is more about the mental shit with regards to hypnotized or mind-controlled girls.All about the tagsWhen you first enter the site you’ll be greeted by a cute anime girl with hypnoswirls on her titties. You can also see there are close to 60,000 posts (as of this writing) all dedicated to this strange little niche. Much like Google, a single search bar awaits your tags to sift through all the mess.There are also links to Posts, Comments, Tags, and Forum. A small arrow will lead you to a full menu page, that has all kinds of other options like sorting by popularity, browsing, history, Random, and more. You can even browse recently deleted content.Whether you search or browse, the main body of the site will be the gallery. You’ll see a bunch of thumbnails for your search results, with popular tags to add to your search on the left. You’ll see some colors too, like purple text showing series title or green text being character names.Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to see some basic information, including rating, tags, title, and uploader.Click on an image to get to the main image viewer. You’ll see your pic or animated GIF, along with the comments below. At the bottom of the page, you can add your own too.Along the left side of the page, you’ll get a bunch of stats on the pic including the source link, the image size, upload date, and what users favorited it. There are also download links, mod reporting, and more. If you want to quickly jump from pic to pic, you’ll see a Related Posts section where you can click Next or Previous image.HypnoHub also has a forum, although it operates more like a Chan-style message board that updates based on the latest comment. Check out the Sticky threads, especially the “New To Hypnohub?” to get a quick overview on how to use this site. Hypnohub also has a Discord channel you can also find in the main links.If you like this type of layout, check out the “Other Booru’s” section from the main links. You can find dedicated Danbooru-style boards for Rule 34, hentai, and more.Hypnotism goes great with Rule 34A lot of the porn at HypnoHub is Rule 34 shit. Popular series here include Persona, Disney, Pokémon, and all kinds of other games and movies. All the major animes like My Hero Academia and Fate are here as well. One of the cool shit you can find is that snake from The Jungle Book, which is probably where a lot of people developed this fetish in the first place.Include “animated_gif” in your tag for all the animations. These GIFs work great with the swirly eyes, creating a bizarre effect where you’re trying to fap to their pussy while not staring at their zany eyes. Don’t take too many drugs when you visit HypnoHub.For such a specific fetish, a lot of the art is surprisingly high quality. I was expecting a ton of MSPaint shit drawn by amateurs for the sake of hypnotism, but I guess this niche is big enough to attract some serious artists.The HypnoHub archives also have pics with stories. These little text stories will usually tell a hypnotism story to go along with the pic. There are also some comics here, although nothing long-running.Sometimes I think this should be called eye fetish instead of Hypno fetish. Most of the pics revolve around some kind of eye manipulation, like spiral eyes, glowing eyes, or symbols in eyes. You know you’re fapping too much when regular eyes just don’t do it anymore.What I LikeHypnoHub is a respectable execution of the Booru-style for a surprisingly popular fetish. This place has really grown throughout its history, and now has a solid community of users that keep HypnoHub well stocked with tranced bitches.I’m a big fan of the style personally, and HypnoHub doesn’t fuck it up in any major way. I love that the tags are color-coded, and usually, the tag list will be organized as such so you can quickly browse the characters, series, or tags all in one list.HypnoHub also puts a lot of emphasis on femsub porn. Almost all of the porn adds female sub situations, whether it’s a harem of sex slaves or mental takeover of just one babe.The content here blends a good amount of story with the actual pictures. The fetish is really mental-based, so the narrative is important to the fap more than traditional porn. You’ll find a lot of porn here that adds dialogue or story to give it a unique twist.What I HateHypnoHub doesn’t have a strict definition of what images belong here, which can lead to a lot of content that doesn’t seem to fit the hypnotism mold.I saw a lot of porn that just looks like generic hentai, and the admins themselves admit that their guidelines for the content here are pretty loose.HypnoHub also has a lot of images that aren’t necessarily porn. You’ll find plenty of clothed bitches here as well, especially when the focus is more on the mind control than the ass and titties. This is kind of annoying when I want to fap, but I do admit the images are categorized by NSFW content as well.This type of site can also be awkward to use if you’re not used to it. New users will be turned off by the use of underscores for spaces, the strict rules that tags follow, and the fact that important features like blacklisting tags requires user registration.HypnoHub also maintains strict rules against lolicon/shotacon. They are really sensitive about loli porn here as well as copyrighted content. Finally, HypnoHub will tolerate but not promote real women pictures, so you won’t find much of that here.A rare niche that’s found a great audienceOverall, HypnoHub fulfills its mission, although I can’t imagine too many of you will really be into this. I’ll be honest, I’d rather stare at a bitch’s tits than her eyes, and enough interaction with real-life bitches have really made me wary of crazy eyes.A lot of HypnoHub is about the feeling of dominating a woman’s mind, where a girl doesn’t even know how to say no let alone where she is.There’s a dedicated staff at HypnoHub that works hard to maintain quality control and rule enforcement. Sometimes you’ll wonder why a pic or GIF got posted here since it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with hypnotism, but the general theme is maintained pretty well overall.With mind regression, mind control, and all kinds of wacky-looking eyes, HypnoHub is sure to please the special few of you who are into this shit. For the rest of us, there are better places to find fap food, especially considering that a lot of these pics don’t even show tits or ass. To me, that is mental torture.