Fap Service? Well, I'm already liking the domain name! While Western cartoons typically don’t have this, Japanese cartoons and comics are famous for having fanservice scenes, where the audience will get a nice moment watching the bitches on the show take a shower, prance around in their underwear, and more.Even the shows that are popular with kids will have these types of scenes, with well-placed soap bubbles and strategic camera angles that give little Japanese boys their first 2-inch boners. The best part about fan service is that since its part of the original show, the voice acting and the art will be on point, compared to the tons of shitty fan-made Rule 34 porn that is commonly found and fapped to.Fapservice.com is a cool little site that completely dedicates itself to fanservice scenes and Ecchi animes. It has one of the internet’s best collection of both anime and manga fan service clips, so you don’t need to dig through episode by episode to get your fap on.Fap Service conveniently lists hundreds of shows so you can get straight to the good stuff. Even classic titles like Berserk and Ranma ½ have every sex scene laid out conveniently for your dick’s consumption. Want to relive the crazy Rapehorse scene? It’s never been easier.While Fapservice.com is great at living up to its name, the content is still somewhat limited, and it’s not the best place to find new stuff to fap to. This place is a lot better if you have an anime you already like and want to fap to the key sexy parts of it. There isn’t any Rule 34 content, and the hentai stuff is really limited.It’s important to keep in mind that this place isn’t just for fapping, but also for anime reviews and discussion. There are huge blog posts that break down the latest episodes of popular anime, and these are as much episode recaps as they are reviews of the fanservice scenes. You can tell that there are some hardcore anime fans behind Fapservice.WordPress at its finestFapservice has a pretty amateur layout but it gets the job done. When you first enter the site, you’ll be greeted by a basic banner graphic followed by a gallery of the latest posts. As you can see, a lot of the posts focus on fanservice reviews of various animes, although there is manga and poster content as well.Along the top of the page are the major links which include Fanservice Compilations, Manga Fanservice Compilations, and Upcoming BD releases. Fanservice Compilations refers to anime scenes, while Manga Fan Service Compilations (obviously) relates to manga scenes.When you click on these links, you’ll be greeted with a huge list of all the animes and mangas that are featured on Fapservice. This is why I think it’s better if you know what you’re looking for going in. The series are conveniently listed in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to quickly find the show that you are interested in fapping to.When you actually click on a series, you’ll get to check out the actual fan service content. For animes, this includes stream clips, a quick description, and download links. Sadly, a ton of the stream links are broken because the site used Vidme as its host, and Vidme no longer exists. Your best bet is the direct download (which uses Mediafire), or the torrent file.The Manga pages are far simpler. When you click on a manga series, you’ll be treated to a huge image dump of all the sex scenes in the entire manga. Luckily for us, Fapservice does its best to update the latest sex scenes when new chapters come out for these manga. Just zoom into the page and get to fapping!At the bottom of any series page, you’ll find a useful Disqus chat thread. There are a lot of big anime fans on this site, and you can always find conversation for the popular series. Users will also post their own Ecchi pics here, for some additional fap ammunition.Other major links include Upcoming BD releases, Donation page, and Chat. The chat link will send you to Fapservice’s Discord channel, which is pretty active and users post some porn there also. Definitely check it out if you love anime.Boobs and Panties galore!Fapservice is both a porn site and an anime site. While the archives have huge image and video dumps of all the fanservice scenes from various shows, there are also episode review posts that go far beyond just porn.A cool feature of Fapservice is that instead of just throwing porn at you, there is also a lot of explanation of the ladies that you are pulling your cock to. Some of the compilation pages show who all the female characters are, as well as thoughts about the anime and analysis of the plot.There’s even analysis on the fanservice itself, which I find hilarious that people read this shit. Like I said before, you can truly feel the passion of the site creator (known as WizardofEcchi), as he furiously writes about his favorite bitch, the quality of the fan service, and other Ph.D. level discussion on how fappable these cartoons are.The site also keeps track of upcoming releases, so true anime fans can salivate over new fanservice scenes in the future.What I LikeFapservice is great for easily finding the fanservice scenes from your favorite Ecchi/hentai. I didn’t realize how great this was until I actually experienced it. For example, Berserk has some fucking amazing sex/rape scenes across its hundreds of chapters, and with Fapservice I can instantly fap to all of them at once.I also have a lot of respect for this turbo nerd called WizardofEcchi, who seems to be behind most of this content. Rather than just dumping a bunch of porn, he goes out of his way to give a laser-like analysis of all the characters, the overall quality, and direction of the anime, and all sorts of other nerd shit.What this does is attract a big audience that goes beyond simple perverts like me. Fapservice actually has some great conversations through its Disqus and Discord discussion forums, and people here are clearly very passionate about anime.What I HateFapservice has a major issue with its video archives. The streamed videos that were hosted on Vidme are all broken right now, and there is no substitute in place from what I saw. So basically, every single anime fanservice section will have a “this video is no longer available” sign blasted in your face.On the other hand, the Mediafire and BitTorrent links are still alive, so you can just download the porn. Also, the manga sections are all working just fine.If you’re strictly looking to fap, Fapservice also isn’t necessarily the best place, especially if you aren’t a big fan of anime. Most of the shit here is Ecchi scenes, meaning it’s not as explicit and hardcore as usual porn. A lot of this stuff is just breast scenes or shower scenes, rather than some legit dickriding action.Finally, although there aren’t a lot of ads on Fapservice you’ll notice that the wallpaper is a big advertisement for a hentai online game. The wallpaper actually fits well with the theme of the website, but it’s hard to overlook that a huge advertisement basically decorates the entire site. Aside from this, the ads are minimal.SuggestionsThe first thing that Fapservice needs to fix is the stream video links. I guess the hardcore fans don’t really care about this, but for someone trying to fap it’s fucking annoying that I can’t stream any videos. Fuck downloading!Secondly, I wish the real fap material was more accessible. Fanservice is cool, but a lot of times it is just nipple shots or upskirt shots that don’t really inspire a grade-A boner. I understand that Fapservice isn’t a hentai site, but it could still use some hentai to live up to its name.One recommendation I would have is to gather all the best stuff into one easy-to-find section. All the content is categorized by series title, so even if there is a random grade-A sex scene, it’s impossible to find unless you are a huge anime nerd. A collection of the best scenes would go a long way.I just…I just want to bust a nut goddamn it!Great for anime reviews and fanservice, not much elseOverall, Fapservice is the best fanservice site I’ve seen, although not necessarily the best site to stroke your dick to. If you are a hardcore anime and manga fan, you’ll definitely appreciate that all the sex scenes are gathered into one easy to find area. I never realized how much I needed this until I found Fapservice, especially because fanservice scenes are so spread out in the original series.The site could use some work, and it looks like its fans look to it for anime reviews and conversation rather than fapping. The owner, WizardofEcchi, also seems to focus more on the anime rather than just fapping itself. There’s nothing wrong with this, and true anime fans will love this place, but if you’re looking for a quick jerk Fapservice might not be for you.