The Internet is a fucking amazing place. I’m always seeking out the seedier, dirtier, kinkier places out there on the web, and sometimes I’m really surprised where I find pornography. I recently discovered an extensive and growing collection of really freaky-ass porn art on an online community for artists. I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised about all the hentai, since this Internet art community is based in Japan. Once again, I have to extend my gratitude to The Land of the Rising Sun for bringing extreme perversion to what would otherwise be a wholesome hang out for art fags.Pixiv.net has been around since 2007 and it’s a pretty fucking hopping community. They get well over 200 million visits a month, though it’s unclear how many are jacking off and how many are just posting their clean, non-pornographic drawings of anime teens, manga action dudes, and cute little kitty cats. I’m the kind of guy who will compulsively pull his pud to just about anything, but I’ll definitely be heading straight for the R-18 section.Sign Up or You Don’t Get to PlayPixiv may be a thriving community, but damn, they ain’t very inviting. The front page doesn’t even really tell you what the site is all about, it just demands that you login. If it’s your first time, then you have to sign up.I used a disposable email address and registered in a few minutes. I tried to get to the R-18 section via the link in the header, but Pixiv told me I wasn’t allowed to look at that yet. I scoured the confirmation email for something I’d missed. Eventually, I found the filter options in my user profile. The grown-up stuff is blocked by default, so you have to unblock it if you’re looking for the hentai.Once I got my filter situation set up, it was off to the races. The front page of the R-18 area shows the newest adult material on the website. It’s displayed as you’d find on any imageboard, with thumbnails leading to bigger versions.I’ve always got to give it to you hentai motherfuckers for coming up with the most perverted shit out there. I say that as a jaded pervert who looks at hardcore porn literally all day, every day. I watch teenagers get their anal cherries popped all the goddamn time, and I’m still surprised by the porn art I find on sites like Pixiv.There are fetish sluts in red PVC bondage gear, and big-titted anime princesses all tied up but with less enthusiasm about the situation. There are thick girls getting pounded by cock and horny teens baring it all. There are airtight orgies and naked mermaids with beautiful asses, manga girls getting choked and fucked at the same time, and explicit but cartoonishly drawn gay butt sex. And I have even mentioned the fucking weird shit yet!As Filthy as Hentai Should BePixiv’s adult community is so active that by the time I typed the above section and refresh the page, the entire thing was full of new material. Let’s talk about some of that weird shit now, the stuff that separates the smut on Pixiv from the dirty pornography you can find almost everywhere else.One of the newest images is a clean-lined manga drawing called Mom of the Year. Mom is getting a deep dicking from behind, her son putting his dingdong back in the hole from whence he came. I really appreciate that even though this is a Japanese site, the big veiny penis and shaved cunt are both clearly visible, not censored or obscured in either way. I also really like that this is Mom of the Year and not Stepmom of the Year, doing away with that whole not-really-related dance you get with most incest porn.But explicit incest porn isn’t too kinky, is it? I’ve got a whole section of Incest Porn Sites, and there are a handful that dispense with the stepfamily bullshit. What you can’t really find on typical porn sites is the freaky futanari bitch with the horns and the tail of a devil, the titties of a goddess, and the enormous wiener of King Kong. Most sites for adult perverts don’t have any princesses with inverted nipples, manga girls shitting on the floor, or green-skinned giant bitches about to eat tiny little dudes in vore porn.Rabbits Fucking People and Nipples Getting PenetratedI clicked on a thumbnail of a girl with huge boobs getting fucked right on her nipples. The title of the pic is simple, straightforward and to-the-point: Viola Nipple Penetration. The thumbnail brought me to a bigger version of the CG smut so I could feast my eyes on every dick ripple and droplet of sperm.The community element of Pixiv is on full display here. The artist posted a little blurb about the set he’s working on. Apparently this kinky broad getting fucked in her nipples is part of the series of freakishly weird porn this dude has been making. He posted a link to a poll where fans can choose the next character he draws getting violated in some bizarre fashion.I followed a link back to this dude’s profile. Pixiv gives artists a platform to post their work and provide a lot of info to fans and potential fans. This guy’s an English speaker with a couple of patrons on his Patreon. He creates his furry butt sex, giant cock milking, and monster lady semen inflation images with 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Aspiring hentai pornographers, take note!There is a big +Follow button next to every image, right under the creator’s name and avatar. If you find an artist that does really good futanari sumo wrestlers or the best lolicon foot fetish hentai you ever have seen, it’s easy to set up a personal stream of your favorite porn art. Speaking of personal streams, yeah, there are definitely a ton of golden showers on this website.The Most Popular Amateur Hentai Every DayThere is a sidebar on the front page of Pixiv’s R-18 section that shows the most popular shit in the adult area. It defaults to what’s popular with dudes, but if you’re a chick or a queer you can switch it to the Female Demographic mode. That brings up lots of drawings of handsome princes, gay-ass warrior dudes making out, and sad little emo boys looking like they’re going to cry.I’m mainly here for the dirty pictures of broads, so I stick to the default dude mode. The Daily Ranking shows the overall most popular content in the R-18 area, including Illustrations, Ugoira, Manga, and Novels. Until now, I didn’t even realize this site had novels. Based on all the other weird shit I’ve seen on Pixiv so far, it seems like it’d be a veritable freak show of Literotica. Let’s check it out, shall we?Most of the stories are written in Japanese. Since I have to rely on my browser’s built-in translation, the text isn’t always that smooth. Still, it’s easy enough to understand what happens in one of today’s most popular stories, The Story of the Eldest Daughter Who Made a Mistake. It’s all about people getting off with the demons, embryos and ecstatic fluid squirting all over the fucking place. Yeah, that’s exactly what my browser’s built-in translation called the juice squirting on the walls in the climax to the sexual epics.There’s such a wide variety of unexpected, balls-out crazy depravity on Pixiv’s R-18 section that even a sightseer with their dick in their pants can get a kick out of a visit. There’s such a high level of activity, though, that it’s clear most of the users are very sincere in their appreciation for extremely perverse hentai and other sex art. The site is set up to really encourage artists and build a community, and they succeed at that goal. If you’ve been looking for a place to post your original BBW inflation renders or fox lady masturbation drawings, look no further. Fans are highly encouraged to join the community as well.