Naughty Machinima

Love SFM, CGI, FUTA and 3D animated porn? NaughtyMachinima is not your typical pornographic website – as soon as I landed on the home page I was exposed to some pretty nasty R34 sex acts which impressed me as far as porn goes, but there’s one thing that this website had which made it completely unique: All of its content was made from video games! Every single video on here is pieced together by some incredibly horny animation experts who take the most popular game characters and make them sodomize each other in all sorts of nasty is a real video game nerd’s paradise, because it depicts all manner of video game characters, from big-boobed heroines to sexy seductive villainesses, gaping their holes and getting fucked in every position imaginable! I must say, it truly is a spectacular time to be alive because the technology of today can create some incredible things, including fully-animated 3D porn featuring the most popular video game characters in existence. If you’re a big video game fan then you’ll probably want to check this site out because it offers you more than a few ways to play when it comes to video games, regardless if you’re into triple-A titles or online MMORPGs.3D Sex GaloreThe highlight of this website may be seeing your favorite video game characters like Samus Aran getting drilled by Skyrim’s Dovakhiin while Kitana sits on her face, but there’s much more to it than just popular game characters sodomizing each other. A good amount of the content here is created from 3D animators using original 3D models which aren’t associated with any video game franchise or otherwise. There are tons of videos and photosets here featuring 3D characters doing all sorts of unspeakable acts to themselves and others, set in believable real-world settings that give a sense of realism to the whole 3D theme.I think it’s refreshing to see 3D characters based on real-life people making each other cum instead of the usual video game heroes and villains because it breaks away from the hyper-fantasy settings made from video game character-based content that’s made as fan-service. You can animate literally any kind of scene with any kind of character models when it comes to 3D porn, because as far as legality goes, it’s all legal since it’s not real, allowing visitors of this site to jerk off to 3D-animated bestiality porn, incest, and other taboo fetishes which may find themselves on the wrong side of the law.They Go Hard in the Photo DepartmentOnce again I come across a website that dedicates as much effort to its image-based content as much as it does to its video-based content because some people like to admire the scenery more when jerking off instead of having to keep up with overly-stimulating moving pictures. Image-based porn is a dying facet of the porno industry, but brave souls like the guys behind this website keep it alive by supporting a wide image-based category that receives new uploads of individual photos and whole photosets on a near-daily basis.There’s a whole lot going on in the image department of this website, including popular franchise characters like Elsa getting raped by huge monsters, nicely-drawn comics with original or well-known franchise characters, and even erotic pictures of ‘My Little Pony’ ponies going at it. Most of the images on here are in 3D, but some of them are drawn in 2D with a rare portion of them being actually hand-drawn – there’s also the occasional photoset of a real-life girls, but these are almost always private so your best bet is to stick to jerking off to fictional babes while on here.The Categories don’t go as Far and Wide as they couldOne of my rules when determining whether a XXX site is good or not is to judge them based on their categories. With these guys, I was a little disappointed to see that they didn’t include as many categories as they could seeing as how 3D porn has no physical (or judicial) limits to what it can portray. There are 16 categories on here, and their variation is pretty inconsistent because they go from stuff like ‘Gay Males’/’Girl on Girl’ to ‘MMORGY except for SL (Second Life)’ and ‘Tentacles & Robots’, which if you ask me is a weird combination in any porn website.They’ve made up these categories with mostly sexual orientation/preferred pornographic theme and video game setting in mind, completely disregarding the limitless potential of 3D porn and failing to categorize the extremely wide assortment of kinks and fetishes which are already on their content. Instead of categorizing all the stuff they already have like ‘Bestiality’, ‘Incest’, ‘Forced’, and so on, they took the easy way out and only categorized a bunch of sexual themes and kept the other stuff based on video games – I know that naked female protagonists might turn the occasional gamer on, but it’s pretty fucking mundane compared to what you can see on any given 3D animated sex video on here featuring original characters.Decent Search OptionsWhile there may not be a whole lot of categories to choose from, with the existing ones already being pretty inconsistent in terms of themes and content, the search options do actually provide you with a number of different ways to find your video of choice. Naturally, there’s a search bar on the navigation bar near the top of the page so if you know exactly the kind of 3D porn you wanna bust a nut to you can find it with ease.But there are also different ways to filter through videos inside the actual ‘Videos’ section itself - you can sift through all public and private videos, as well as arrange them by when they were uploaded, and last but not least, you can organize them by their views, comments, likes and ‘favorites’ ratings alongside organizing them by length. And If you wanna jerk off to something random, you can always just press the ‘Being Watched’ option and be presented with a video that some other lonely jerkoff is masturbating to somewhere in the world. These same search filters also apply to the photos on this site too.It’s Welcoming for Content CreatorsIf you want to get the most out of this site and experience the best of it then you’ll want to go ahead and make an account for yourself and upload some stuff on it, which will inevitably make you popular on here because the people who visit this site will pretty much jerk off to any 3D porn. There are a LOT of members on this site, and you can see them all on the ‘Community’ section from the home page, which displays the most popular members alongside new female and male members. Each member’s profile is something similar to an old MySpace account, with their general information up for display alongside their profile picture (which on this website is always some video game character, naturally) alongside their uploaded content which features all the stuff they’ve contributed to the site.There’s also a ‘Wall’ section where friends and fans can post comments and a ‘Subscribers’ section, which shows all the accounts which have subscribed to them. The most popular members have pretty buzzing account pages, with dozens of people leaving comments on their walls right under the wide assortment of 3D porn which they’ve uploaded to the site themselves – so if you wanna have an active social life on the internet because you can’t get one in real life, then you might just want to take up animating 3D porn and uploading it to this fine website.