Rule 34 Hentai is a porn picture paradise where content is provided by its legion of loyal users. Whether it’s Fate, Frozen, or the Simpsons, you’ll find all your favorite 2D babes fucking and sucking in its huge gallery.The main feature of Rule34 Hentai is the search engine, which is one of the best engines I’ve ever used once I got used to it. Rule34Hentai uses a variety of tags on all its content that makes it easy to find that specific nasty shit you want to see your characters doing.When you type in a term and press Enter, you’ll see that instead of the search going through you just end up confirming the encourages you to use multiple tags in your search, confident that it can dig up whatever you want to throw at it.Another awesome feature is the Refine Search table. Anytime you search something and get tons of results, Rule34Hentai recommends you a set of tags to pair with what you searched. The algorithm they use for this is fantastic, as you’ll get the most popular tags that lead to even better porn.Rule34Hentai also supports animated GIFs and webms. Just include the tag “animated” or “webm” and you’ll get great little clips. Rule34Hentai features thousands of animated content, and a lot of it is really high quality.The main thing to get used to is to underscore your spaces. For example, if you want to see One Piece porn, you need to search “One_Piece”. Searching “One Piece” will just search the two words separately, and you’ll get dogshit results.So bottom line, remember the underscore.Chan-style porn searchingThe color scheme is based on the Chan-style boards, so fans of 4chan, 8chan, and other such boards will feel right at home. Rule34Hentai uses a smart layout that makes it easy to search and browse the porn, and the site admins are constantly improving the place.When you first enter the site, you’ll see a gigantic search bar at the top, with a front-page gallery below. The front page gallery shows the latest uploaded images, so it’s cool to browse but you probably won’t find what you’re looking for here.Along the left side of the page is another search bar, a featured image, and news feed. There are also some ads laying around but they are easy to spot and ignore. At the bottom left of the front page is a list of Popular Tags, which should give your cock some inspiration if you don’t have anything in mind.Along the top of the page are the main links which include Upload, Comments, Picture Tags, and Wiki. All the content at Rule34Hentai is supplied by its users, and there are some seriously dedicated people out there pumping a shit-ton of porn.Looking to be an uploader? Make sure to read the Wiki first. All uploaders are required to supply their images with a ton of high-quality tags, otherwise, the image will be rejected and eventually the user will be blocked.Once you develop a good record of uploads, you can then become a “Trusted” user whose content won’t be prescreened. My point of all this is: Rule34Hentai works hard to make sure all the porn here is high quality and well-tagged. This is a big reason the search engine kicks ass.Anyway, I know most of you are just here to fap, so let’s get back to the porn. As I said, most of you will want to use that big search bar at the top.When you type in what you want to search for, don’t press enter yet. Wait a bit and you should see some tags pop up that have your term inside it. For example, I typed in “Fairy” and Rule34Hentai immediately recommended “Fairy_Tail”, “Fairy_Princess”, and more.You also get to see the number of results you get from these tags, whether it’s the one you typed in or the ones recommended to you. This can help narrow down your search right off the bat. You can also see how many pics they have of the bitch you want to fap to.Let’s say you just want to search your term, so you type it in and press Enter. You’ll see that rather than starting the search, the website just solidifies your term and then asks for another one. To actually search, you need to click on the Search button. This site expects multiple tags.Click on a picture and you’ll get sent to the main content page. First, keep in mind you can always right-click the image to save it onto your computer. You’ll also get important information like uploader, tags, the source, and ratings. Images come from all kinds of places like DeviantArt, Patreon, and more.There’s a lot of comics here too although it’s not well organized. Just search “comic” coupled with whatever you want to see and you’ll find all the comics for that term.Refinement takes search to another levelI want to point out one other cool feature. If you search a popular term, scroll down the left column and you’ll see “Refine Search” at the end. You’ll get recommended a ton of extra tags that can add to your main search to refine it.This works great when paired with “webm” or “animated”. For Webms, you’ll see Rule34Hentai recommend terms like 3D, Dragon Age, or Tomb Raider. These are the popular paired tags, and it’s a great way to see what kind of animations they have here.I’m surprised I don’t see this feature on other porn sites. I found it really useful to see what’s popular and led me to discover some great fap material.What I LikeConsidering how much I wrote about it, you can probably tell I’m a fan of the search engine. I normally ignore picture sites completely, considering we have so much video porn now, but Rule34Hentai actually held my dick’s attention. Searching a title and getting thousands of results is always a good feeling.The plentiful animations, whether its GIFs or WEBMs, keeps me coming back. Rule34Hentai made it so easy to pair these searches with characters or series, so you can know instantly if they have animations for your favorite characters.There are some intro ads on the videos, but nothing terrible.Rule34Hentai also gets a lot of updates every day. It’s a pretty popular site with lots of active users, so you can always depend on the community to add more shit.I’ve seen users average hundreds of uploads a day (!), and based on the number of Patreons I ran into it looks like a lot of nerds make a living off this porn.What I HateRule34Hentai has some limitations as an image board.First, you won’t find any full episodes or even extended clips.Rule34Hentai also isn’t great if you don’t have something in mind you want to jerk off to. Just browsing the porn is limited since they don’t have a "highest viewed" category. You can, however, find top-rated under the Sort link in the main menu. You pretty much have to work from tags to hone down what you want.There’s also a lot of shitty art here. Since everything is user uploaded, and tags won’t really filter the ratings or quality, you can see a lot of shitty weird pictures.When you browse by latest updates, you’ll see a lot of the gallery is clogged up by similar pics from the same series. A lot of the pics will look like they are being spammed, but actually, there are small differences in the image series that leads to the multiple uploads.There’s also limited content when you try to search taboo topics like rape or loli. Frankly speaking, it seems both of those terms are banned for users who aren’t registered to the site. They also don’t allow video compilations.Great picture gallery and underrated animationsRule34Hentai delivers on its name, making it easy to find all your favorite series and bitches. Overwatch, Dead or Alive, Pokémon, and Disney are some of the major series featured here.There’s also a lot of My Little Pony and furry shit if you swing that way. Personally, it ain’t my thing, but whatever gives you that good nut. That’s what I’m here for.There is a lot of 3D CGI porn also, especially when it comes to Overwatch. There are over 100,000 3D pictures on Rule34Hentai. You’ll also find western-style porn like Jessica Rabbit or the Marvel superheroes numbering in the thousands.If you want 100% unfiltered access to the site, you’ll have to register. Rule34Hentai will block more risqué topics like loli or rape to anonymous users, and I’ve personally seen pictures that look questionable taken down minutes after being posted. Whether tagged or not, there are definitely people monitoring all the content.