Sankaku Complex

I’ve got something a little different for you perverts today. At first glance, SankakuComplex may look innocent enough. You may even miss the sex completely if you’re not looking. Once you find it, though, you’re in for a surprise full of silicone hentai buttholes, live-action Hollywood anime rape, and gender-swapped Super Mario cosplay.SankakuComplex.com has been around for about ten years now and has grown a pretty fucking strong following. They’re getting more than 30 million views a month right now. Today, The Porn Dude is one of them.Anime, Manga, Games, JapanIf you’re looking for a typical porn site, you’ve come to the wrong place. SankakuComplex is a blog with a very clean layout. There’s a simple logo at the top, but almost the entire page is covered in blog posts. The eight most Recent Posts are at the top, followed by eight Popular Posts from the last couple of months.This place gets more action than your favorite crack whore. All the Recent Posts on the page have been posted within the last 9 hours, and some of them already have dozens of comments.Posts are listed with a title, a thumbnail, how long ago they were added, and the current number of comments. I’ll have to click through to one of the full posts to read any of them.I’m going to warn you right now, not all the posts are sex-related. I see headlines like Far Cry New Dawn Colorful In More Ways Than One, and Sumo “Autograph” Signing Intrigues the Internet. There’s also stuff like Top 10 Truths About Sloppy Women You Didn’t Want to Know. One thumbnail is curiously blurred out, so I know where I’m heading first.SankakuComplex scales a little bit with your screen width. It looks perfectly fine on mobile. The only extra element on the wider window of a laptop is a simple header. Even without the header, you can get to all the same places on the site via the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.The header and dropdown have quick links to the Forum, as well as the Login and Register areas. There’s a search bar, and access to SankakuComplex’s four main categories: Anime, Manga, Games, and Japan.Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. You don’t read ThePornDude so you’ll know what anime game is coming out next for PS4. No, you’re here because I point you to all the best hardcore pornography the Internet has to offer. Let’s find those naked bitches on Sankaku Complex.Where the Hentai Bitches At?A post from three hours ago has its thumbnail blurred out like somebody tried to flash their dick on TV. The title is Ass-tolfo Onahole - They’ll Never Know If You Don’t Tell Them! I don’t know what the fuck that means, but it certainly sounds dirty. I click it.“You are proceeding to a page containing mature content,” SankakuComplex tells me. “Is this OK?”Is this OK? You’re goddamn right, it’s OK! Show me the tits and the cunts and the puckered assholes, now!After agreeing to have my mind and soul eternally corrupted by mature content, SankakuComplex delivered me to the post. It’s a pretty detailed write-up about a new sex toy based on an anime character’s bootyhole.In typical blog style, the fake butthole just happens to be sold by a site they’re partnered with. Whatever. It honestly looks like a decent synthetic anus. The only thing that really separates it from other premium silicone rectums is the anime schoolgirl on the box.Listen to These PervsActually, maybe I’m wrong. SankakuComplex has a pretty active community, and there’s already discussion in the comments about whether or not it’s a decent artificial poop-chute. Some people are saying it’s repackaged garbage, but someone else is saying the imitation cornhole is based on the best girl.Before you dismiss the commentary as basement-dwelling bullshit, keep in mind that purchasing a simulated turd cutter is a big decision. You want one that’s going to feel amazing on your dick and hold up to a lot of fucking. Before you make a major investment like that, it’s a good idea to hear from a community well versed in anime-enhanced masturbation.These fuckers get passionate. Check out the comments under Boku no Hero Academia Live-Action Hollywood Rape Due. The post is about some anime adaptation that may or may not contain non-consensual sex. The comment section goes on for pages and pages about whitewashing, Hollywood’s lack of originality, and who best to direct. Also, one guy said, “I like the concept of sexual rape towards young women and girls.”There’s also a pretty spirited discussion about some pics of a hot chick dressed up as Bowsette. She’s a fan-invented female version of Bowser from Super Mario Brothers, which really pisses some people off. These knuckleheads are threatening to cut each other’s dicks off over this shit. Personally, I can’t get too angry about a gorgeous young woman in a silly outfit with nice cleavage.I checked out the SankakuComplex forum, which is not nearly as active as the comment sections. It’s probably because you can post anonymously on the blog posts, but not on the forum. Whatever the reason, the forum only gets a couple of dozen posts a day. It’s as good as dead on a site as big as this one.Show Me More TittiesI was hoping Adult would be listed among the Ass-tolfo post’s tags, leading to me a broad sex-themed category. It’s not, which is a bummer. SankakuComplex makes it easy to view all the video game or anime content, but I can’t filter it down to posts with sex.If you’re already familiar with the kind of stuff SankakuComplex posts, I’m sure it’s easy to find what you want to see. Just type it in the search bar and off you go. If you’re a newbie, like me, you’re kind of on your own. I can’t even find a big list of tags anywhere.Of course, you will find stuff just wandering around. This fake butthole post, for example, has a bunch of links to other fake butthole posts at the bottom.This Is What You’re Into?My advice to new SankakuComplex visitors is to check out the Popular Posts. That’s where the good shit floats to the top.Right now, I see a post about schoolgirl photography in some video game. Sure enough, they’ve filled the page with pics of anime teens in swimsuits and surprisingly skimpy school uniforms. Jesus, I was a walking boner in school even without outfits like that.Check out Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Slimes Elf Girls. The whole post is full of screengrabs and animated GIFs that look like your typical fantasy anime. There are warriors, wolves, swords, and bad looking dudes. Suddenly, four elf chicks are surrounding a wad of slime, rubbing their enormous boobies on it.There’s also a post about whores in Las Vegas complaining about sex dolls. Apparently, they steal jobs and also encourage rape. I don’t know about encouraging rape, but I can understand the job-thieving part. I would totally smash the sex doll they used in the pic for the story. I actually thought it was one of the quoted sluts at first.I guess the big question is this: who is Sankaku Complex, Sankaku Channel or Sankaku Chan (chan.sankakucomplex.com) for? Porn fans just looking for something to casually beat their meat to will probably just want to go hit a regular porn site. Even if you’re into hentai or sex video games, there are better places for a quick wank.SankakuComplex is a good blog for people who like sex, but are also fans of video games, manga, anime, and Japanese culture in general. Let’s be real for a second: most gamers and comic book nerds are fans of porno and tits, too. SankakuComplex isn’t afraid to admit that. They’ve rolled adult material into the mix and it feels entirely natural, because these things really do go together. Come get your fix.