Hentai Foundry

Ah, HentaiFoundry. One of my favorites! Puberty is such a weird time. All of a sudden, you’re flooded with hormones telling you to fuck everything you see. A minute ago, you were just trying to watch cartoons, and now you can’t even see an animated pair of breasts without wanting to whack off. It’s no wonder, so many of you pervs grew up still wanting to look at drawings of superheroines while getting your porn fix. If you’re into comics and cartoons cunts, Hentai-Foundry.com, aka hentai foundary, may be the online community you’ve been looking for.The site’s been a respected smut-stop among hentai enthusiasts since its inception in 2006. Since then, it has steadily built its user-contributed collection of art into what has to be one of the Internet’s biggest archives of cartoon coitus.What the Fuck is Hentai?I’m guessing if you pulled up this review, you already know precisely what the fuck hentai is. This section is for the old folks and Internet newbies just joining the class.Hentai traditionally refers to a pornographic subgenre of Japanese anime and manga. Anime and manga sound fancy if you’ve been in living in a box for a few decades, but they’re just cartoons and comics that happen to be from the Land of the Rising Sun.Hentai Foundry doesn’t really split hairs. While you’ll find plenty of art in the traditional Japanese hentai style, it’s not the focus of the site. Every form of art is on display here. The element that ties it all together is the sex.Vampires Sluts, Devil Whores, and Warrior NymphosIt’s obvious the site has been around since 2006. The layout is clean, but outdated. It’s no big deal, and kind of what you expect. Remember, this is a user-run site, not an online platform for some big-money porn studio.What they lack in layout sparkle is more than made up for with the quality of the art. I’ll be honest, I’m much more into flesh-and-blood pornstars than paintings of elf bitches, but even I was impressed. It isn’t the work of a bunch of wannabes. HentaiFoundry is professional-level stuff.The top row of images on the front page is the Featured Pictures. Currently, I see an illustration of a witch masturbating with her broomstick, and another of some warrior chick flashing her ass at the artist. There’s a digital painting of a sad devil chick, exposing her supple red breasts in what we have to assume is an effort to ease her despair.A couple of the Featured Pics made me do a double-take. These were really polished digital paintings of big-busted sluts getting railed by slippery wet, glistening, veiny cocks. As I said, the cartoon stuff generally doesn’t do much for me, but I definitely had some movement in my pants when I saw those.Below the Featured section is a couple of rows of Recent Pictures. The quality isn’t quite as high as what you’ll find in the Featured Pics, but it’s all many steps above the weiners and butts you doodled in the back of your algebra book. These trickle in live, so you’ll get a steady stream of new cartoon T&A if you linger on the site.Things step up again in the Popular Pictures area. The art is top-shelf, but what I found interesting was the content. While the Featured Pics had some dirty stuff, this is where it gets really nasty. Even I had to save a few of these pics for later enjoyment.So, what’s popular on Hentai-Foundry? A babe with massive knockers made the cut, held in the air and fucked from behind by a monster. Another shows a slut locked in the stocks, getting finger-cuffed by a pair of furries. There’s a chick with enormous melons and horns, covered in cum and taking on a sword-sized monster cock. My favorite, though, is the whore being raped by some kind of goddamn tentacle monster.The final part of the main page is a few items of Site News, which isn’t updated very often. I’m reviewing Hentai-Foundry at the beginning of November, and the most recent newsflash is from June. Before that, it was April. These updates are mostly contest announcements, but one is to let users know about their Discord channel.Stuff for the Readers, TooIt’s easy to miss, but there are links beside the Recent Pictures and Popular Pictures to Recent Chapters and Popular Stories. As you have probably already guessed, this is smut in written form.The stuff fits the overall theme of the site, minus the illustrations. You’ll find erotica here about Video Game Vixens, sexy high school teachers, and warrior princesses. Like elsewhere on the site, a ton of it is inspired by comics, games, and movies. I see Harry Potter smut and dirty Overwatch stories.I didn’t delve too deeply into it because, frankly, reading porn stories takes a lot of time. Hentai-Foundry has an extensive library, with some stories surpassing novel length. If you like beating off to words, you’ll be busy for a while.Look at These Fucking CategoriesYou can Browse Users, Browse Submissions, or Browse Categories. I figured "Categories" was my best bet for figuring out how freaky these hentai folk got. I wasn’t disappointedThe Categories page is broken down into Anime & Manga, Cartoons, Games, Misc, and Original. The first few feature sexualized versions of your favorite Japanese comics, cartoons, and video games. Western comics are filed under Misc, along with TV shows and movies like Lord of the Rings.I highly recommend looking up whatever your favorite cartoon was growing up. The picture of Harley Quinn, hands bound behind her back and face in Catwoman’s ass, just may make me a believer in this hentai stuff.If you’re looking for the kinkiest shit Hentai-Foundry has to offer, look no further than the Original category. Here you’ll run into subcategories like those Tentacles I mentioned. There’s also shit like Anal, Beastiality, Incest, and Scat. Furries will be happy to see their interests represented, as will fans of Futanari, also known as Dickgirls.Contests and Curated ContentHey, you know what a foundry is, right? It’s a metal-casting factory. Hentai-Foundry doesn’t produce any metal, but they do produce a ton of hentai. Given the volume of material coming from the site, how can they keep the quality so high?I think those contests I mentioned are part of the equation. You’ve already got all the best dirty artists from around the world contributing their smut to the site. Offer them an incentive for the sexist art, and you’re sure to end up with a fucking goldmine of the stuff.The prizes aren’t chump change either. It looks like they’ve usually got a grand or two in cash and prizes ready for the winners. I almost wish I could draw out my fantasies to share with the world. Then again, if I could do that, I’d probably wither away and die in a masturbatory frenzy.Material on Hentai-Foundry also has to make it past an Approval Panel. They ensure you’re not going to run into some half-ass bar bathroom graffiti tits. No wonder the standards are so fucking high.Don’t Forget the ForumsWhile the news feed doesn’t get much action, the forums are a pretty lively place. The users of Hentai-Foundry tend to be enthusiastic fans or artists of the rule 34 genre, so you’ll find a lot of discussion about comics and porn. It’s a great fucking combination.There is some spam in the forums, but it’s not entirely overrun like some discussion boards on the ‘net. If you want to roleplay Mass Effect sex scenes or get feedback on your nude portrait of Supergirl, this is the place.Given their extensive catalog of curated, high-quality art, and the fact that you can view it at no cost, it’s no surprise that Hentai-Foundry gets nearly 15 million visitors a month. Cartoon smut may not be for everyone, but this site is a free goldmine, just like Ehentai, if that’s what you’re into. The catalog is varied and interesting enough that it’s worth a look even if you don’t think a cartoon could ever make you hard. You might surprise yourself.