Luscious Hentai

At Luscious.net (lu.scio.us), you can choose from a massive selection of both real-life fuck flicks and drawn pornography, and they both delve into some of the nastiest, most perverse fetishes you can imagine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re up for some good old-fashioned lesbian strap-on sex, or if you’d prefer seeing a skinny, wimpy anime protagonist fuck his way through all of his female classmates and teachers in just a few episodes. Luscious.net has both real and imaginary porn covered, and I must say it’s one of the most impressive sites that delve into both categories, because usually when a XXX domain tries to deliver both real and drawn content, they excel at one but suck balls at the other. Not here though – this is one of the few XXX websites which can hit both ends of the porno spectrum right so you can be sure that you’ll get the best of both worlds when treating yourself to a fap on this domain.They Take Image Porn SeriouslyDid you know that back before the internet people actually fapped to pictures? That’s right – your dad and his dad probably rubbed one out while looking at a picture on a Playboy or Hustler magazine at some point in their life. If you want to familiarize yourself with what jacking it was like back when your dad was young then you really ought to cut it out with the videos for once and jack off to some classic image-based porn that will kick your imagination into gear.There’s a shitload of nicely-drawn image content on Luscious (often misspelled as "lucious" and "lushious") which I have to say is pretty impressive – this site takes their image content seriously by offering thousands of single images, whole image-sets, GIFs and mangas to choose from, and they’re separated by a wide variety of categories including but not limited to cosplay, hentai, hardcore, softcore and so on. There’s nothing more wholesome and old-school than jerking it to a still image of a sexy slut, and it’s honestly a dying form of porn-consumption so you ought to pay respects to the very industry that keeps you happy by pulling up one of the many image-sets featured on this site and jerking away.If Mangas Are Your Thing, Then You’ve Found Your HavenAs soon as I entered this site I instantly noticed that one of its biggest sections was ‘Manga’ – This website is without a doubt one of the largest XXX manga treasuries on the whole internet, no wonder ‘Manga’ is listed first on its porn selection before pictures and videos. These guys contain a massive collection of well-drawn manga comics that spans across hentai, video games, and original series, and features a fuckton of different franchises so you can be sure that you’ll find your favorite fictional crush getting ass-raped in several different ways.There are over 14 different manga categories to choose from, including wholesome categories like 3D hentai, lesbian, superhero, video games, interracial, Western (traditional cartoons), and standard hentai. Then there are the more fucked up categories suitable for those who have burned out their porn-viewing receptors from watching 'normal porn' and need something with a little extra kick. These include furry, cross-dressing, incest, monster girl, futanari (dick girls) and the cult classic, ‘My Little Pony’. And of course, there’s also a gay category if you like wieners on top of wieners.The Video Section Is Absolutely BonkersOn first glance, I wasn’t too impressed with the video section because all I saw was a ‘trending videos,’ subsection, which was a mix of both hentai and real-life content, and a ‘new videos,’ subsection, which had all real-life porn videos. I know that when you’re desperately in need of squeezing one out just about anything will do unless you watch porn every day and are sick of the normie shit, or you have some really specific theme in mind – if it’s the latter, then you’ve got a hell of a time ahead of you here because there are a shitton of filters and modifiers to help you find just the video you need regardless if it’s real or drawn. First and foremost, you can choose the type of content you want to see while searching for your video of choice – there’s ‘Pornstars,’ ‘Hentai,’ ‘Amateur Porn’ and ‘Non-Erotic’ content which you can filter through, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.Then there’s the ‘Categories’ section, which allows you to sift through 12 different themes depending on what you want- there’s a weird variation here which ranges from ‘Superhero’, ‘Hentai Series’ and ‘Futanari’ to ‘Trans’, ‘Fakecest’, ‘Ethic Girls’, ‘BDSM’ and so on. There’s also the ever-trustworthy ‘Tag’ section, where you can pick through countless tags depending on what kind of sex, models, fetishes, and themes you want to see in your video (e.g. Blowjob + White Girl + Casting + Interracial). There are also a few other search modifiers which filter through both real porn videos and hentai/cartoon content, these can be 'translation' (depending whether you want your hentai to be dubbed, subbed or with no subs), character (if you have a certain fictional character in mind), duration of video and even preferred artist if you’re looking for a specific content creator in mind for cartoon/3D videos.The Blog is PoppingI gotta say this is one of the most interactive and communicative user bases I’ve ever seen on a XXX domain. You know how most porn sites have blogs that are basically horny basement dwellers asking for sources on various unnamed videos and whatnot? Well not here – this site has a huge fan base of friendly nerds who love all sorts of weird alternate pornography and will gladly chat about their favorite video game characters or even play games of 20 questions with other members when they’re bored.There are hundreds of different active threads with dozens being added on a daily basis, and there are users who are active every hour so you can be sure that you’ll get a chance to socialize with real people even if you’re the loneliest porn addict in the world. You can talk about literally anything you want on here and you’ll probably get plenty of responses in no time regardless if you’re chatting about your favorite hentai or running a thread about role-playing furry porn.The ’Sex Games’ Section Is Actually Just One GameAs good as these guys are at delivering both real-life and drawn content in several formats, they kinda suck at doing the same for porn games. It’s kind of ironic and a little heartbreaking to see that a website with a large number of fans who are lonely nerds that love fapping to video game characters doesn’t have a solid selection of XXX games on offer. After opening up this section repeatedly I found out that the only site it leads me to was ‘Nutaku.net’, where I could play only one game – ‘Chick Wars’.Now I’m a porn expert, not a game expert, and while the gameplay in this turn-based CCG, PVP browser game looks boring as fuck I have to give the devs props for their art. This game sees you playing as a protagonist who leads an army of beautifully-drawn sluts that please you after completing every level or winning a PVP game, and the art does a solid job at arousing you. I’d imagine this game is super hot for nerdy types who love boring card games like ‘Hearthstone’ and ‘TES: Legends’ as well as have an affinity for nicely-drawn hentai.