In the past ten years, Booru-style porn sites have become major players in the fapping world, with tens of millions of horny bastards fapping to their huge collection of images.But all great things started somewhere, and for these websites, Danbooru is the originator. Danbooru (Touhou project) is a hentai and anime image board site that allows users to upload porn for the world to enjoy. The site features a deep tag system that lets you search by things such as character, artist, fetish, and a whole lot more.While famous for its porn, Danbooru has plenty of SFW content as well. Danbooru has evolved into an anime art site just as much as a porn site, but don’t worry, there is still more fap material than you can handle here.Unlike other Booru sites, Danbooru only allows anime-style content. While you may find CGI, JAV, and other types of porn on similar sites such as Gelbooru, Danbooru keeps it 100% 2D anime bitches for you to get off to.Meanwhile, you’ll still find plenty of Rule 34 here, as long as its anime related. All the major franchises including Pokémon, Fate/Stay Night, and Final Fantasy offers plenty of your favorite females to fap to. Meanwhile, you won’t find things like Marvel, Family Guy, etc.One thing to remember about Danbooru is that it has a tiered membership system. If you are a lurker, you’ll only get to search two tags at a time, and not much else. Free registration gets you more content like editing tags, doing ratings, and more.But meanwhile, there are also Gold and Platinum memberships (one-time fees) that unlock how the site is meant to be used. If you want to search tons of tags or get more risky content such as loli, you’ll have to pay up.I don’t know if Danbooru was always like this, but I get a big feeling that this place is very commercialized, and tries hard to run like a business. This means that Danbooru has great features including a newbie tutorial, big and active staff, and constant updates, but it also means bullshit like having to pay to search censored tags like shota, loli, and toddlercon.Is this heaven? Cause there’s a ton of porn and everything’s whiteDanbooru has a very clean layout that sometimes makes you wonder if the website is still loading. With a white background, minimal borders, and a fuckload of porn, it all just looks kind of heavenly.One thing you’ll note when you first arrive is that the gallery includes lots of SFW pictures. Indeed, there are top tags like “puffy sleeves”, “hat”, and “vest” that should tell you that this place is as much about art as it is about porn.Well fuck that art shit, we are here to fap. So get some porno terms in that Search box on the left and click enter to get 100% porn on your screen ASAP.Whenever you do a search, you’ll also get some recommended tags to try on the left. Danbooru also shows you how many images are connected to each tag, so you know what’s popular.One awesome feature of Danbooru is that they explain each tag. On the left of each tag you’ll see a "?" sign. Click on that to get a quick definition, which is useful for those Japanese terms that you might not be sure of, like futanari.In general, Danbooru has a ton of these little things that make it newbie-friendly. There’s a business-like focus to the site that becomes more and more obvious as you browse. Like instead of there just being a comment box, there’s a huge goddamn link to the “How to comment” Wiki so clueless idiots can learn how to comment.Anyway, click on a thumbnail in the gallery to go to the main viewing page. If the post has related pictures such as a parent or sibling, you’ll be told at the top with links. You’ll also get information like copyrights, character, artist, and tags.Pretty strict guidelinesUnlike most porn sites, Danbooru can get pretty picky about their collection.First, the pics need to be reasonable quality. You won’t find any doodles or MS Paint porn here. This is probably Danbooru’s best feature, since we all know how ugly amateur hentai can get.Everything is also anime style. There is no Marvel comics, Family Guy, or even webtoon art styles here. If the bitch doesn’t have freakishly huge Angel Alita eyes, it won’t be accepted.Meanwhile, there is plentiful Rule 34. I don’t know how copyright legal shit works, but Danbooru at least has the decency to allow all kinds of anime Rule 34 to be uploaded. The top franchises featured at Danbooru include Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Fate, and Touhou.As long as it’s anime and drawn reasonably well, you will find it here.As for tags, the top popular porn tags include large breasts, cameltoe, ass visible through thighs, and other creative shit. I don’t recommend browsing Danbooru by tags though, since you’ll be sifting through a shitload of SFW bullshit. I didn’t find any easy way to filter out the SFW pictures either.If you haven’t used Booru sites before, make sure to read the Search Cheat Sheet under the Wiki. Images can be searched by things like age, favorites, rating, source, and all kinds of other “meta” strings.What I LikeDanbooru is a very professional and polished site. Similar to 4chan, what started off as a wild wild west of anime and porn has been cleaned up and organized to try to make it a real business.Personally, I don’t like this kind of concept. I like my porn sites rough and dirty, as long as they don’t have malware or bullshit ads. What kind of tiny pricked faggots actually want to get their hands held when navigating a website?But still, the little details on Danbooru set it apart from the rest. The pictures are very carefully curated, making every porn picture professional quality, or at least really damn good. I can fap to most of the NSFW shit they got at Danbooru.The tags are also top-notch. Like any good Booru site, Danbooru makes sure to pack plenty of tags to each pic to make the searches accurate. There are even meta tags that identify pictures that are ultra-high quality, or Patreon supported, and other random things.The Rule 34 collection is fucking huge. Over 100,000 pictures for Fate, and over 600,000 (!?) pictures for Touhou, like is this shit for real? Who has time to draw all this!? Now, I admit most of these aren’t porn, but the bottom line is that people really love their anime franchises here.Even though Danbooru has a paid membership system, the good part is that it doesn’t have any ads. You won’t find any popups, popunders, banner ads, or anything resembling an ad here. This is obviously super rare for any porn site, and impressive for a site of Danbooru’s size.What I HatePersonally, I find Danbooru’s layout kind of…empty. It just feels weird how borderless and white everything is. It really reminds me of a website that stopped loading halfway, but this is just personal preference.I think Danbooru might be a little overly restrictive to non-members. Only being able to search two tags is really restrictive, and arguably destroys the whole point of going to a Booru site in the first place.It’s also annoying whenever a site will restrict more “controversial” porn like loli, shota, and toddlercon. It’ll cost you $40 to be able to search these tags, which is a pretty steep price tag for something that you can find for free elsewhere.Finally, Danbooru has way too much SFW art. I’m sitting here trying to fap, and yet Danbooru keeps throwing all this…clothes at me. You’ll need to throw in tags like “nude” or “nipples” to avoid the bullshit results.An Internet legendDanbooru shows why it’s not just one of the biggest porn and anime sites, but one of the most popular websites on the internet period.There are millions of high-quality images, with a huge chunk of them being fap-worthy, and has all the anime Rule 34 you can ask for.Although Danbooru (often misspelled as "danboru", "danborru", "dabooru", "danburoo", "danbarou" and "danbouro") is pure anime focused, considering how much content there is I think it’s better they keep it that way. Adding Simpsons, Marvel, and other Western-style porn to the site would make it insanely complicated and unfocused.As I said, there are newer Booru sites that are more focused on porn and fapping. Danbooru tries hard to promote itself as an “art” website, with higher standards for artistic quality and overall more strict vetting process.You won’t get the full experience unless you pay a little cash, but for most of you, the free content will be enough to get your fap on. Just learn a little bit about how the search engine works, and you’ll get the highest quality anime porn of all kinds to enjoy.