Sankaku Channel

Ready for Sankaku Chan? I’ll go right ahead and say it. Hentai is the best shit there is. Pictures, gifs, animations, and everything in between. Nothing gets my dick harder than watching my favorite anime slut getting railed. Give me all the tentacle, monster, BDSM, lesbian, ecchi, and all that kinky fetish content. I can’t get enough of it. You get crazy content that regular porn simply cannot achieve. Riley Reid? Get back to me when I can see her get milked and fucked by a dozen tentacles and maybe I’ll hear you out. And, if you’ve stumbled across this review, then you probably lust after big breasted hentai whores just as much as I do.And there are a slew of great sites to get your hentai fix. But, for this one, I’ll be focusing on gifs, pictures, and short-form videos/animations. You can check out my dozens of other hot hentai site reviews for somewhere with full-length videos, because this site won’t have all that. Today I want to tell you all about A domain that really rolls right off the is a beast of a site. It’s a chan type site, but it looks and works a bit differently than you might expect. Instead of multiple boards and places to post and discuss topics, you get a massive imageboard with tags that you can browse by. It’s more like Imgur than it is like 4chan. And when I said a beast of a site, I fucking meant it. They bring in upwards of 35 million horny weebs to the site every single month. That makes them one of the biggest hentai imageboard sites on the fucking web.Straightforward Site Design and Very Sleek Beta Site Worth Checking OutIt’s a chan type site, so I didn’t expect too much from the site design. I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up. It’s bright white with orange text as accents. Not awful. I’ve certainly seen much worse sites. At least they manage to have organized menus on here. It’s just a little bright is all. And, if you can’t get past that, then check out their beta site option on the header.Now, that site version is sleek as fuck. I love it. Nice dark theme, bigger image previews, and tucked away menus. All in all an awesome site, even for a beta. I hope they end up sticking with it. But, since that shit isn’t official yet, I’ll stick to the main version of the site for the rest of the review to avoid confusion.Loads of Different Options for Browsing Sexy Hentai Pictures and VideosThe homepage may look like a lot at first, but it’s easier to use than you think. The header has a few main options for “Posts, Rankings, Notes, Tags, Pools, Wiki, Forum, and Beta.” All of those have suboptions for basic organizational shit. Posts is your plain old regular browsing option you’d expect on any image site like this. You can subscribe to certain posters to browse a custom feed, view your own uploads/comments, or simply organize your feed by popularity.Notes give you a feed of images with English translations for the speech bubbles of certain images. Fuck yeah. That shit already takes this shit to the next level. Like when you’re over at some bitches apartment and she sticks one of those tail plugs up her ass before letting you fuck her doggy style. It’s those little things that matter. Rankings are pretty simple. It lets you sort by most popular or highest quality artists, characters, or copyrights.Everything else up there is pretty straightforward except for “Pools.” Pools are user-created folders that have certain themes. Like “fellatio videos” or “League of Legends Vore.” Shit like that. And other users can contribute content to those folders if they have something to add. And I’m sure you fucks do. I know you’ve got that extra terabyte drive set aside for all of your favorite hentai.Each Tag Will Have Hundreds if Not Thousands of ResultsBelow all of that, you’ll see a bunch of sexy ass images of hentai sluts doing all kinds of kinky shit. The first row will showcase some of the recent popular images, with the rest being the most recently uploaded pictures/videos. And you can endlessly scroll through it if you want an easy way to browse. Just lean on back and fap to the slews of hentai sluts. But, if you want a more curated experience, then use the left-hand sidebar to modify your search.You can plug in simple terms like “bukkake” or toss in the name of your favorite waifu to get a fuck load of results. The advanced option gives you even more options like image size, megapixels, rating, and options to exclude certain tags you don’t like. What blew my fucking mind was how many results you get. Each tag has a number of photos/videos that are in that section. BDSM, for example, has over 140 thousand results. Damn.Finally, A Site That Doesn’t Shy Away From Extreme Content!And this site doesn’t shy away from any sort of content, so beware of that. If you don’t like certain topics like loli, guro, scat, or torture hentai, then make an account and include those in your restricted tags. That’ll make it so it doesn’t pop up in your feed. But, if you’re like me, then you’ll be happy to get some extreme content here that other sites shy away from.For each image, you get a small preview that doesn’t really tell you much at all. I mean, I can’t blame them since they have millions of pictures and videos on the fucking site. Though hovering your cursor will tell you everything you need. File type, author, poster, etc. All that good shit.And you won’t be disappointed by the quality of content. The images are fucking massive, and you get art from nearly every popular hentai artist out there. You can save pictures or videos without issues as well. No bullshit memberships that stop you from housing this good shit in your spank bank. And I mentioned videos. They aren’t your full-on hentai episodes. It’s more of a WebM style deal going on here. Short videos up to a few minutes long that are usually fan animations, sometimes even with audio, of sexy bitches like Ochaco Uraraka riding some dick.Definitely Use the Beta Site for MobileThe mobile site isn’t worth using unless you ditch the regular site and smash that Beta button. That version lets you add the site to your desktop and browse anytime you want with ease. It’s fucking great and works just as well as the Beta desktop site does. It’s sleek, scaled perfectly for mobile, and provides you with easy to use bottoms for flipping between photos of sexy anime sluts. There are even buttons for quickly saving content to your device. And, on mobile and desktop, you can enable a safe mode if you want to look at SFW photos while you’re out and about.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI feel like I barely scratched the surface of this site. Most of the site could be considered a favorite feature at this point. So, I’ll keep it short. The variety in content was the absolute best part. Tons of videos, pictures, and gifs of nut-bustingly amazing content. And they don’t censor uploads nearly as much as other sites. Enjoy your dark, twisted, fetish hentai all in one place.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d suggest they go ahead and launch that beta site ASAP. It’s so much better than the standard site, and the standard site is pretty fucking great. Other than that, I haven’t got any complaints, except that I don’t have much more room to keep raving about this fucking site. Definitely take the time to check out some of the other areas I couldn’t cover here. It’s worth it. Trust me.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I think you know what I am going to say here. This site is up there in my favorites for sure. It’s got everything a waifu loving degenerate could love. It’s free. It’s got HD pictures that you can download. There are kinky, fetish filled videos that you can save without issue. The mobile site is great. I’ve got nothing left to say. Go jerk off to the awesome content over at