Fur Affinity! They say pet ownership is one of the greatest joys in life. A dog or a cat can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, make you feel less lonely and give your life a sense of meaning. That’s cool and all, but wouldn’t it be better if they had really huge tits, pretty faces, human minds and wanted to fuck all the time? I get the feeling the furry freaks over at FurAffinity wouldn’t be satisfied with normal animal companions either.FurAffinity.net is a wildly popular furry community site for sharing artwork, writing, music, as well as crafts, including the art of making furry costumes (fursuiting). They’ve been around since 2005 and get nearly 20 million visits a month. While I was taking a look at the site, there were 42,000 users online.Hold Up, Where’s the Furry Sex?Load up the front page of FurAffinity and what you see? Well, if you ain’t logged in, you aren’t going to see any of the good shit. Initially, all I could see was a bunch of boring cartoons, totally suitable for the whole family. I didn’t even realize this was an adult site until I learned the secret. Yeah, a couple of the gender-swapped Pokémon and kangaroo girls on the front page had big breasts and slightly suggestive poses, but you don’t get to see anything even remotely explicit without taking a few steps first.You’re going to need a free account, which means you’ve got to register. I know a lot of you fuckers are worried your wife will find out you jack off to drawings of furry shemale foxes, but you can always use a temporary email address to avoid the paper trail.The registration email comes through in a few seconds, and then you just need to choose a name and password. Once you’re logged in, click the My FA dropdown in the upper right corner and go to Account Management. There you’ll find a setting to Enable Adult Artwork. You have the option of filtering out the Adult stuff while including the Mature stuff, but we already know what kind of pervert you are. Honestly, as a fan of the nastiest, most explicit shit you can find, I wish they had a filter to only show the Adult material.Now Just Look at All This Furry FilthOnce you’ve enabled the Adult Material, you’ll see what FurAffinity is really all about. It’s kind of funny how much the front page selection of Recent Artwork changes once you’ve adjusted your settings. Now, most of the drawings are pretty dirty. I see a dog man being jerked off, a couple of dragons fucking each other with hermaphroditic sex organs (they’ve both got a dick and a pussy), and a warthog bitch spreading her cunt and asking if you’d like a taste. Of course, this wouldn’t be a furry site without some pornographic My Little Pony material on the front page; one little horsey has a string of beads in her cunt, another is stretched out on a rack for easy violation.Click on a thumbnail and you’ll be taken to the full-size version. The first one I checked out turned out not to be a furry image, but just a general hentai thing with a princess getting her stinky feet sucked on. The artist writes up their piece in a little blurb below. In this case, it’s a commissioned piece but the artist has a real thing for the barefoot broads in the drawing.FurAffinity has a sprawling list of tags to help users find exactly the furry content they’re looking for. Somebody drew a hugely fat, giant-titted furry bitch they apparently invented out of a few different Pokémon. That image is tagged with Female, Breast, Thick, Spooky, and Fusion. The dragon lady riding the young dudes face, on the other hand, is tagged with Dragon, Face Sitting, Wings, and Hifu.The website has such an active community that the selection of Recent Artwork is updated every few seconds. If you wait five minutes and refresh the page, you’ll have an entirely new selection of rabbit girls humping pillows and squirting all over the place, giant tiger BBWs eating people in vore fetish drawings, and muscular lizard women at the helm of a giant ship, steering the wheel with their futanari dicks.Read Kinky Stories About Animal PeopleThe artwork is so loud and freaky that it draws attention away from the other content on the page. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find a selection of Recent Writing. As you might expect from the drawings, this is some pretty depraved shit, too. The newest story is an MMF paw worship and growth fetish tale. Another story, Hunger and Hospitality, offers Oral Vore, Permavore and Weight Gain perversion with a villainous lion warlock.I read a short story called Discovering Our Desires. In it, a female Pikachu and her best friend, the Mudkip, go to a party. As often happens at these things, they end up getting drunk pretty quickly, which leads to loosened inhibitions and eventually some really kinky shit. When the Pikachu can’t find a restroom to ease her aching bladder, Mudkip offers the use of his face. She does, he gets hard, and then they fuck.The pieces here aren’t all stories; a dude named Al regularly posts anime reviews. His reviews aren’t terribly dirty, but they are incredibly detailed. While they are probably pretty hard to beat off to, they’re a really good example of just how invested the users of FurAffinity are in this community and in the type of material on display. Very few adult websites have this kind of tightly knit, deeply invested user base.Furry Music for Cat Ears and Dog BallsNext on the front page is a selection of Recent Music. I grabbed my headphones and listened to a few, hoping somebody would rap about anally raping an armadillo woman or something. I didn’t find anything perverted or even unsuitable for kids. I was certain a commissioned piece with an anthropomorphic and sexy camel for a thumbnail would be a bit of furry erotica, but no, it’s just another piece of bad techno.Fursuiting, Crafts, and Dragon DildosFinally, the page rounds out with some photos of Fursuiting and Crafts. Before I logged in and changed my settings to allow Adult Material, I’d seen a few photos of friendship bracelets and Bambi stickers, as well as a few humans dressed in elaborate but nonsexual animal costumes.I look at the freakiest, nastiest, kinkiest shit in the entire world, all day every day. Furry porn, in general, is some pretty weird stuff compared to the rest, but I was genuinely surprised by some of the depravity I saw filed under Fursuiting and Crafts. The front page features a human of indeterminate gender wearing a fat cat lady suit. It’s got an enormous butt and boobs, with huge nipples that look almost like goddamn traffic cones.It’s crazy shit. I’m sitting here cracking up at this anthropomorphic BBW feline standing in front of a Confederate flag, and I know half of you perverts out there have a raging boner just hearing about it. Well, just wait until you get a look at the homemade silicone feline dildos with multiple piercings.Chat It Up with Likeminded FurriesAs a tourist, I mostly spent my time on the site perusing the wide selection of images and dipping into the stories a little bit. Since FurAffinity is a massive community and not just a porn site, there are a lot of active discussions going on in the comment areas and also in the extensive FurAffinity Forums.The forms are broken down into broad categories so users can chat fandom about conventions, costuming and comic books, or get into the more technical elements of art, writing, and music. As with the TV and gaming forums, everything revolves around anthropomorphic animals.Only a select demographic is going to be able to masturbate to the content at FurAffinity. For those furry perverts, this may be one of the best communities of likeminded animal-people fans. Even if you don’t want to interact with anybody, the massive archive and constant stream of new material should be enough to get any fan of the genre going for a good long time.