E621 animated, zootopia, pokemon, mlp... Man, there’s a lot of degeneracy in porn. Things like pregnant porn, amputee porn, fatty porn…people are fucking strange. Well, fucking strange is one thing, but then there are furries. Furries have a special place in my heart because it’s the only major fetish where you move away from humans. And what’s really amazing is how fucking popular this shit is…amongst humans!I blame Disney, brainwashing kids with walking and talking animals making fuckfaces from a young age. Those sick fucks knew what they were doing when they made Beauty and the “Beast”. Anyway…When it comes to E 621, we have a popular Danbooru-style imageboard dedicated to furries. Danbooru imageboards all follow a similar template that makes it easy for users to upload their own content, while allowing people to search images using keywords. Danbooru is the name of the original famous website that used this template.The good thing about these types of boards is that once you learn to use one, you can check out a bunch of other Danbooru-style porn sites and navigate them easily. This template has become super popular over the years, still existing since its origination in the mid-2000s.Going a little bit into the history, this site replaced a similar board called Sidechan in 2007. It was apparently attacked many times over the years from hackers. e621.net also has a sister site called e926, which is basically e621 without the porn (why even?), so I guess you can go there for the community and more “artistic” part of furry faggotry.A solid Danbooru siteThe layout of e621 is a standard Danbooru set up. The front page is like Google with just a search bar. Since they don’t even give you sample pics or categories to browse, you should know that this place is all about keywords. Keywords are the best system these nerds have figured out so far to browse the absurd amount of content quickly.There’s also a really small menu with links for login, posts, comments, tags, the Wiki, and the forum.Once you do a search, you’ll get the usual layout with the gallery on the right and the search/keywords on the left. For e621, the trending tags are shown in this toolbar so you can happily jackoff alongside other furries worldwide.There’s a lot to explore on this site that I don’t have time to get into. The Wiki will give you key articles on how the website functions and how you can become a good contributor. There’s always little technical shit you need to know when using these sites.The board also has a huge community, and there is a chatroom as well as a forum to get to know your fellow furry freaks. I don’t have a login so I didn’t check out the chat, but I’m sure it is very wholesome and not degenerate at all.One thing to note is that the site features various furry artists on their own posting board. You get an easy to navigate list of the name of the artist, along with all the posts that have the artists’ photos. This is super convenient to check out a bunch of the artist’s work immediately, and it looked like the artists have dutiful fans who are constantly uploading their shit.There’s a lot of furries in this worldOver 1,500,000 furry porn pics can be found on e621.net. There must be a ton of furries out there based on how many pics there are, and I’m sure a lot of them know and participate in e621.net. All Danbooru-style boards get their content solely from user uploads, and e621 is no different. This means you’ll get a ton of content that is really varied, but there will also be a ton of shitty ass shit as well as the occasionally fucked up shit that you wish you could forget you saw.The site also has these things called “pools”, which gather all the related pics of a theme into one gallery. This is great for comics and exploring an artist’s work. It’s super annoying when you search and find one really interesting page of a comic, and then you have to go dig for the rest.Pools make it so much easier to find that type of linked or related content. The best thing about pools is that it has a search function, so you can find pools of the weird particular shit you’re looking for and go to town. I found this more fun than just browsing generally.One final note is that there is a lot of SFW content. That means there’s a lot of non-porn content, which I think is fucking dumb cause they have a sister website dedicated to that shit. But either way, just keep in mind that you’ll run into a lot of animals wearing clothing as well. There’s also a lot of cool and high skill art cause of this, but seriously, aren’t we just here to jack off?What I LikeIt’s great to see when a group of like-minded people can really come together and share their resources to make something great. The degenerate twisted version of this wonderful concept would be e621.net, where crusty eyed freaks wearing fox masks and fake tails jerk off to cartoons of animals with huge cocks and big ole titties.The amount of content itself is sure to be unrivaled on the internet for furrydom. The site also has a ton of animations, which believe me are really entertaining and surprisingly high quality.The best one I saw is this 3D animation of this roided out horse with a two-foot cock intimidating another roided out horse handcuffed to a chair. You spent two years in a community college digital art class to make THIS shit!?What I HateThese types of image boards always have a learning curve, not just for using the site but also getting used to its culture. This can be annoying at first, and I think a lot of people either get frustrated or too weirded out to stay long-term. This Danbooru-board was set up to be much more user-friendly than other ones I’ve seen, but newcomers might get confused.I also didn’t find any real videos, and I believe the platform doesn’t allow for it outside of things like webms and gifs. This is standard for image boards, but for me porn just isn’t porn without video. We have the technology for it, let’s use it!I can’t hate on the board for how they placed ads, but just be warned that there are ads sprinkled around. Also, all the ads are for weird furry shit, and are hilariously shitty.How do you say “more categories” in Wolfspeak?There is a major category for popular, but not for ratings. The site may want to implement more broad categories to browse the place with. Especially noticeable is that the main site toolbar keywords are entirely “trending tags”, while for other Danbooru sites I’ve seen the links are much more varied and interesting.The problem with this is that it’s hard to browse and discover new content. If you’re searching by keywords…well…you only know the keywords you know. If you’re searching by trending tags, that shit doesn’t tell you anything about whether it’s good or not. All you know is that its popular at that moment, which doesn’t mean much.I also think the site should try to find a way to do away with ads. Don’t communities like this support each other like crazy with donations? I’ve seen furry porn artists make fucking doctor salaries from Patreon! Less ads are always better.The funny thing about my suggestions is that e621 and Danbooru users will probably scoff at them. And honestly, I would agree with them. This is the type of site where the users get off on their “exclusivity” and culture, similar to 4chan. I acknowledge all that. But I’m here to review a site, so fuck it.It’s all Disney’s faultI don’t know what the fuck furries are thinking with their strap-on tails and weird humping noises, but they make a damn good website. e621 is a solid Danbooru clone in terms of navigation, speed, and layout. Although ads exist and are annoyingly furry-related, they are tastefully placed and never excessive.Anyway, what the fuck is there to even say? Either you fantasize about fucking animals, or you don’t. There is no in-between! If you don’t like it, why the fuck would you ever come here? But if you DO like it, e621 is one of the best, believe me.It may also do you some good to learn about Danbooru boards. These image boards are the best when it comes to speed and finding the content you want. There are lots of porn sites based on this template, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen for non-video content and community.