You’ve got an awesome computer setup. Dual monitors, maybe even three. Or, hell, you might just have an awesome laptop with killer resolution. And you probably live alone. Oh, and you love high res pictures of kinky sluts. You love them so much that you could just sit back and stare at their plump asses and perky tits all day. Sound like you? I mean, most of you degenerates probably fit that profile. But I’m getting specific this time because the site I have is for you horny fucks out there with pretty specific tastes.The site is called ftopx.com (previously known as ftopx.ru). Name doesn’t really help here does it? Pictures is kind of in there at the end with “px,” but I don’t know about the rest of that shit. But I’ll stop beating around the bush here. It’s a sexy wallpaper site. You read that right. Throw away your shame and plaster that shit across your 4k 144HZ curved monitor with pride. Let’s be real, you’re not expecting company anytime soon anyway. Even if you don’t want to use these pictures as wallpapers, the site is a great gallery site on its own.And it brings in a fuck ton more traffic than I thought it would. Over 3 million views every month. Damn, for a pretty narrow site about wallpapers that’s impressive. But I guess more people like having busty babes on their screen than I had thought. Who can blame them? But I don’t know if I could handle that shit. I’m horny enough as it is. I don’t think I need some slut spread eagle across my desktop to tempt me even more.Minimal Site Design with Big Previews Makes it an Easy Site to BrowseI like the home page. It’s not nearly as cluttered with bullshit as I thought it would be. Image galleries usually try and throw as many previews in there as possible. But here they are centered down the page in neat rows of three that you can organize and filter by “Date, Rating, Views, Downloads, Comments, and Bookmarks.” Other than the previews, there is a header up top for “Add Wallpaper, Profile, Wallpaper Categories, and Video.”To use the “Add Wallpaper” feature and upload your own content you’ll have to make a profile. It’s easy enough. Just an email, username, and Пароль. That’s Russian for password. It’s the only piece of Russian I found on the site. I have no idea why it’s there instead of “Password” but whatever. Apparently, there are different ranks of users and, using the profile tab, you can follow certain posters, check top authors, view the most recent comments, archive wallpapers you want to come back to later, and pm other people. A surprising number of options for a free wallpaper site. Pretty fucking cool. High-Quality Wallpapers all the Way up to 1080p!But let’s talk wallpapers. That’s what all you lonely fucks are here for. The previews tell you most everything you need to know. You get resolution, rating, and you sort of get a title. But it’s usually vague shit like “XXXWalls,” or “Celebrities” that are just category names. Even when you click through you only sometimes get a model name for the dime pieces spreading their ass and showing off their dripping pussies for you. But at least the wallpapers are actually HD. Most of these have resolutions going up to 1920x1080. Not too bad for being free and all.And the downloads are in site and feel, for the most part, pretty safe. I didn’t have any weird download redirects happen to me, despite the fact that this site has quite a few ads. Dancing girls on your screen, banners, gifs, redirects, and more. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good. The redirects go away after a while, and the site says that contributing 100 wallpapers to the site will get rid of the ads. Also, watch out for the ads that try and blend in and look like galleries. I accidentally clicked on a couple. They are pretty convincing on this site.If you’re looking to contribute that’s not a bad incentive. Also, a feature worth mentioning really quick is that when you click on wallpaper a color palate can be seen over on the right. If you click on one of the colors it shows you all of the wallpapers associated with that color scheme. So, if you’re trying to match colors on one or more monitors, or just really like that color, then that’s an awesome option. Especially if you don’t know how to edit photos. It can be pretty infuriating having two awesome wallpapers that just don’t quite match with the same shade of purple.Solid Selection of Categories and A Bonus Video PageThe categories tab is pretty well put together. There’s nothing super hardcore on here, which is to be expected. I’m not sure how many of you out there want a wallpaper of some whore getting her ass fisted or choked or something. I’ll take the petite chick posing on the black couch any day. Despite that, they do have a decent variety.There’s a “fantasy girls” section for all you pathetic weebs out there. But the rest of the selection is pretty standard. Stuff like “Girls & Cars, Celebrities, and Asian Girls.” But if you don’t see exactly what you want there, I would give the search bar a try. Some of the more popular porn stars are easy to find, but some of the wallpapers were mislabeled or had like 10 names on there for some reason.They have a video section. It’s not much of section really. It’s just kind of tacked on at the end. You won’t get full-length videos here or anything that nice, but there a few 1080p video clips here. It’s enough jerk off too, especially if wallpapers are your main source of pleasure. But the downsides are that there’s only 15 videos on the site, there aren’t any video times, and you can’t download them in site (don’t believe the ad below with “download links.” But, hey, look at it as a little bonus on top of their massive catalog of wallpapers.Mobile Site is Designed Well but Cluttered with AdsThe mobile site works fine enough, though most of the wallpapers are made for desktop. The ads are still fucking annoying and a lot harder to avoid on mobile. But at least the mobile site is designed well. The menus are hidden with drop downs, the previews are easily scrollable, and you can login and download all the sexy mobile pictures you want.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about ftopx.com is definitely the color palate organization feature that they have. That’s pretty fucking unique. I’ve never seen it on another porn site before. Or even another plain old wallpaper site with it. I also like that they actually have categories on here. So many wallpaper sites just throw thousands of images onto a site and basically say “go find ones you like” without tags or anything. Fuck those sites. This one does it right. And I like the little video page they have. It’s not much, but hopefully, they expand on it in the near future. They have a solid audience already. More videos can’t hurt them, that’s for sure.ThePornDude’s SuggestionMy main suggestion for ftopx.com is a simple one. Include model names in the preview, or at least on the wallpaper page. Being able to search by model would be an excellent feature to include here. Some of the wallpapers include the more popular pornstars in the tags, but a lot just seem to throw a bunch of names in there that are incorrect. Better moderation regarding the tags would help users immensely.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, ftopx.com should be your first stop for hot, HD wallpapers. It’s free, the site is put together well, and it has a lot of cool user features. Contribute your own wallpapers, pm other users, subscribe to content creators, and much more. It’s a fun site. Yeah, you have to put up with some annoying ads, but it’s fucking free. Now, go replace that grainy picture of some chick you found on Google Images with some of the 1080p wallpapers from ftopx.com. If you’re going to be that guy, at least do it well.