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I used a Porn App (AIO Streamer) this morning, loading up some lesbian strap-on buttfuck movies before I’d even had my morning cup of joe. Stroking my dick always helps me wake me up in the morning, but I think the Uber driver was kind of weirded out. Then again, maybe he was just jealous, as it’s harder for him to whack off on the job. Hell, I’m typing this one-handed, because whacking off is my job!Porn-App.com is the home of AIO Streamer, an all-in-one streaming app for watching a ton of porn sites on your Android device. (Sorry, Apple cultists, but this one ain’t for iOS, and your AirPods still look stupid.) I’m a sucker for anything that’s going to make my fap sessions more convenient and exciting, which is why I blew all that money trying to develop an automated dick-sucking machine. I have a feeling this porn app is going to be a better investment, with far fewer potential injuries during the testing phase.Turn Your Phone into a Sex Box for FreeI usually go over the basics before I bring up the pricing, at least when I’m reviewing your typical premium lesbian site or silicone butthole shop. I know a lot of you are probably wondering how much this Porn-App costs, because that was one of my first questions, too. The good news is that the app is free to download and use, though you can score some extra perks with a Pro account. (If you’re not planning on going premium, you don’t even need an account to use the app.)AIO Streamer is ad-supported, which ain’t surprising since that’s the model most free porn sites are running on. The main perk you get for upgrading to Pro is a more ad-free experience, though you’re still going to get some spam coming through on the tube end. It’s cheap, too, running three bucks a month or $25 for a year. That’s a few dollars cheaper than a month at a paysite.Whether you pay or not, you get the same basic features. Porn-App.com goes into details about all the bells and whistles that are included, but the big, glowing, number-one selling point is that it gives you quick access to the flicks on over 90 different porn sites. The developer is always adding new shit, too. I saw a Reddit post from 10 months ago hyping the app, and they only had support for 50 sites back then.Installation is easy as hell. Just click the Download button on Porn-App.com and save the APK file to your Android phone or tablet, open it, and install. It only took a minute or so to complete the whole process, and then it was time to shake my dick at my phone.Supporting a Ton of Your Favorite Porn TubesAfter displaying a screen listing all the latest AIO Streamer updates, the Porn App offered up a grid with all those included porn sites. I’m not sure how the sites are sorted by default, but they’re broken into some broad groups if you hit the menu button in the corner. I’ve reviewed most of them here at ThePornDude.The first group of supported sites are listed as Premium HD Porn, and include a lot of big, popular sites like PornHub, HQPorner, DaftSex and PornKTube. Then you’ve got the Alternative HD Sites, including joints like ePorner, YesPornPlease and TrendyPorn. There are Sites Based on Hosters like Siska and Porn4Days, and Cam Porn sites like Chaturbate and CamWhoresBay.Moving right along, Porn-App has an Amateur Porn section, including sites like XVideos, xHamster, YouJizz and Motherless. There’s Family Porn like MILFnut and IncestFlix, Japanese Porn like JAVfinder and JAVguru, and a hentai aisle with entries like HentaiMama and MioHentai. There’s one site under 3D Porn (NaughtyMachinima), and everything else is filed under Other, including PlusOne8, LetsJerk and PerfectGirls.If the sheer selection is too overwhelming for you, or you just have particular fetish tastes that can’t be satisfied by most tubes, you can create your own Favorites list. There’s also a Hide Unwanted Sites option if you dig into the settings. AIO Streamer’s designed to be customizable to your own tastes, so it’s worth poking around the app to see what’s going to best suit your masturbatory needs.To get the full Porn App experience, you may need to change a couple of the permission settings on your phone. The menu will walk you through it, unlocking full-screen mode and downloads with just a few taps.Stream, Download, or Watch on Your TVI tapped the PornHub button in the Porn-App, which pulled up video thumbnails of sexy sluts riding backwards cowgirl, stuffing cocks down their throats and scissoring with their girlfriends. I think the video selection is pulled straight from the front page, with buttons at the bottom to reshuffle the content by New, Hot, or Most Viewed. There’s also a magnifying glass to dial in your preferences with a search.If you’re using the free version, you’ll see a video ad playing at the top of the screen, muted by default. That goes away when you go pro. It was probably a coincidence, but I also seemed to get less of the pre-video ads from the tubes themselves when I was using my Porn-App.com pro account.I noticed a hot teen Latina giving a footjob in one of the thumbnails. When I tapped it, I got a moving preview of interracial anal with gaping, so I knew I had to see the full version. When you hold your finger on a thumbnail for a second, you’ll get a menu of view and download options. I usually used their Standard Video Player, but there’s also a Popup Player if you want to do other shit on your phone. You can also use a VR Player, or even download the videos through the app.I chose to open the movie in the Standard Player. After a couple of seconds of buffering, the porn app asked what resolution I wanted it in. A couple of seconds later, I was watching Harmony Wonder get her ass boned in 1080p HD. Fucking nice!You can also watch the flicks through your TV if you’ve got Chromecast. I spent five minutes trying to make it work before I remembered I switched to Roku recently. Damnit! Maybe it’s better this way, because it’s always such a pain in the ass to get my TV set up when I’m beating off in the McDonald’s restroom.Fun Things to Do with StreamsBesides the AIO Streamer, the developer behind Porn-App.com has some other fun stuff up his sticky, crusty sleeves. There’s a new Tik Tok porn site, for example, and also an M3u8 Downloader that you can get via a link to Google Play. It’s funny how you’ve got to download the Streamer from the Porn-App.com website, but the Downloader is in the official Android store. They’re both for porn, only one is more obvious about it.The documentation is a little sparse, but the main point is you can use M3u8 Download to save media streams from sites like Pornhub and Chaturbate. I guess you could theoretically use it to record some G-rated stuff, but come on, we all know what kind of a raging pervert you are. Using the app is pretty simple; just find a video using AIO Streamer, then tap the Download button to open M3u8 Streamer.It’s hard to find serious fault with Porn-App. When I heard the premise, I honestly expected a lot of spam on both the website and the actual app. The truth is it ain’t bad at all, and is arguably better than the spam situation you get fapping your way through the tubes. If anybody’s going to complain about anything, it’s the iPhone users who are missing out.Porn apps can be really hit or miss, because people will put up with some serious bullshit if it means they get to see some free titties. Porn-App.com and AIO Streamer go above and beyond, delivering X-rated content from nearly a hundred sites with a shit-ton of convenience. You can stream and download from a ton of your favorite websites right from one app on your phone, which is some pretty incredible power for the asking price of free. I think the pro version is worth the three bucks to avoid the ads, but the ad-supported version isn’t too intrusive. This is definitely worth a look if you’ve got an Android and a boner in your pocket.