Alright, honestly? I feel stupid that I even have to talk about Google Chrome with you guys. Unfortunately, though, there are many people who are still using fucking Internet Explorer. I mean I don’t know what to say about those people except the fact that they’re a completely lost cause. Alright, perhaps not completely. This review is actually meant for people like that. So, if you think that you found yourself in that previous sentence and you haven’t switched over the Google Chrome yet, then just know that you’re missing out on a lot here. You really should download this browser since it’s pretty much better in every way.One of the fastest browsers on the planet and it’s freeRight, so Google Chrome is probably the fastest browser that you’ll ever come in contact with, and it’s FUCKING FREE. I mean the review should end right here. I know why you’re here. You want to watch porn, and you want to watch porn as fast as possible. Well, Google Chrome is the solution to that, and in my opinion, you don’t need any other browser other than Chrome in this case. I mean you could make the case that there are even faster browsers, but Google Chrome definitely offers the most tools to make your stay even more enjoyable. Anyway, Google Chrome is a great browser and we’re about to get into the nitty and gritty of what makes it so damn amazing.You’ll reach browsing speeds you thought weren’t possibleHonestly, for the most part, it would have to be the speed at which it operates. You think you’ve seen porn at top speeds? Then you haven’t seen Google Chrome yet. You’ll love what this place offers you. The fact that you don’t have to pay is just icing on the cake at this point. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that these browsers don’t just come out of nowhere and there are real people behind everything that Google Chrome is capable of. In that regard, I should probably mention that the Chromium engine that Google Chrome runs on is developed by people from all walks of life. It’s one of those open projects that anyone who is smart enough can jump into. Don’t worry you won’t have to do any of this, you’ll just have to use Google Chrome and enjoy everything it has to offer you.Most people use it because it’s so damn fastListen, I’ll be frank with you. My browser of choice has to be Google Chrome. It has pretty much everything that I need, and it offers it quickly and without any delays. I open up my laptop or computer and the last thing I want is for my browser to load forever before I can start using it. I mean, no hate towards Firefox, but that one always loads forever before I can even start using it. I have porn to watch, I don’t have time to mess with all of this opportunity cost that I have going on in my life. I want to watch as much porn as I possibly can online. I mean they don’t call me The Porn Dude for no reason. And so, Google Chrome does all of this for me and it does it really well.Autocompletion and smart search results amongst other thingsThe address bar in Google Chrome is not just an address bar. It knows exactly what you’re going to search and constantly finishes your address bar searches and often just sends you to the correct website straight away. That means that you don’t even have to waste time by looking at the search results page at all. You’re sent straight to the goal of your search and you get to do whatever you were going to do on there without any trouble whatsoever. Anyway, you’re going to love the fact that Google Chrome seems to know exactly how to finish your searches in a meaningful way and not randomly like some other search browsers and engines out there. Anyway, this just adds to the fact that you get to save a lot of time on Google Chrome.Great computational logic for faster page loading and download speedsAutocompletion is but a single fact that you get from a myriad of other things. Yes, I say myriad, fucking deal with it. You don’t get to where I’m at without being smart as fuck and I can tell you that I have all the smarts. The only thing I don’t have is Google’s smarts. That’s why I have to use Google Chrome for everything that deals with computational logic. If I’m looking to finish some business online and I’m looking to finish it fast, then I have to go with Google Chrome. I honestly can’t say anything bad about this web browser. I love the fact that it has all of the logic that it needs to complete the tasks that you need it to without any extra work on your part.Very secure, but has been more susceptible than other browsersThen there’s the fact that Google Chrome is pretty secure. And sure, I know that some people are going to jump the bus here and start screaming that Google Chrome isn’t as secure as you might think, or at least it’s not as secure as Firefox for example ore Brave or Opera and so on. And sure, it’s one of the most widely used browsers so of course, it’s going to have more security breaches than the other ones which aren’t used as often, but Google Chrome has the perfect tools to keep your safe online. The only problem that you might have is that everything is integrated into your desktop app for Google Chrome. Your profile and all your data are on one big pile just waiting to be exploited.Everything you need is in one place with Google ChromeHonestly, the fact that it’s all there is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes everything super simple to do and find, but at the same time, you’re more liable to hacker attacks. You can avoid this with some good internet practices such as strong passwords and not opening up fishy links. I mean if the links are fishy, then they might be phishing. Hey, I just thought of that. I think I’m gonna patent it, don’t fucking steal this from me cause it’s one of the best things that I’ve thought of all day. Anyway, let’s talk some more about the fact that Google Chrome is the go-to browser when it comes to almost every platform that you run. It doesn’t matter the OS or the device that you’re on, Google Chrome just works, and it works really well too.Pretty much every existing device supports Google ChromeEverything from mobile devices, through tablets, and even desktop PCs, Google Chrome is the king when it comes to internet searching. And at the end of the day, what you really need is a fast browser that will be able to load up all that porn quicker than the competition and that’s what Google Chrome is really good at, at the end of the day. It’s better for multiple reasons when you compare it to all other browsers, but the metric that you’re going to feel the most is the speed at which your porn videos load up online. And then there’s also the fact that there are so many malicious ads on porn sites. Luckily, Google Chrome usually prevents you from visiting any sort of malicious website that you might come across.So yeah, Google Chrome is just one of the best browsers out there on the market and it’s free. Need I say more? Honestly, you won’t need to worry about any other browser once you download Google Chrome. All you need is in one place with this one and you will definitely experience a huge speed boost especially when it comes to viewing and downloading porn, both in video and image format. I mean the browser is known for its speed after all, so that’s the thing that you should definitely notice immediately. Not to mention that you can customize Google Chrome to fit your needs with all sorts of themes so there’s that as well. Check Google Chrome out today!