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Do you need a porn video download browser extension? Ever wondered if there’s an easier way to download all of your favorite porn onto your PC without having to make an account on various porn websites, or without having to visit other sites where you have to copy and paste the link of the video in question? I’ve sure thought about this problem a million times and you can bet your ass that there’s a solution out there that ThePornDude has found for you. is the perfect tool that’s going to help you download any video you need, from any porn site, for absolutely free.An extension for downloading videos that’s absolutely freeNow I know you might be scratching your head right now. For free? But how the hell can it be free if it’s that useful? Well, the good guys over at Download Helper made it free and you can use it as much as you want or need without spending a dime. Now if that isn’t a good deal I don’t know what is. You’re basically guaranteeing yourself that you can download any porn video from any porn site that you want without having to battle with making accounts or trying out other methods ever again.One site where you won’t be able to download from (at least if you’re on Chrome) is YouTube, but luckily that piece of trash website doesn’t even have a lot of hot videos on it anyway. I mean, it can be useful to download other videos in your spare time, but why would you even need that. At least downloading porn is useful since you are always guaranteed to have it on your PC if it gets lost in the sea of other porn that gets uploaded all the time these days. You just can’t be too sure about what videos are going to stay up and which videos are going to fall beneath the radar.Nearly 500 porn sites are available and supported by this helps you with all of this and lets you download from so many different porn websites that it’s just insane. There are close to 500 porn sites that are supported by this add-on so you’ll never have to worry about running out of porn material ever again. You can choose whichever porn site is your favorite, download every single video if you so desire and have the time for that, and you’ll still have hundreds of other porn websites just waiting to be explored and downloaded from.Honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking about the prospect of trying to download everything that’s available to be downloaded with because it’s simply not feasible. I’m not going to say that it’s impossible, but it’s pretty much nearing that area of probability. Basically, just stick to your guns and only download the videos that you’re sure that you’re a fan of, cause anything more than that is simply overkill, and you’re basically just testing’s limits, and there’s no need for that since I’ve already told you that it’s pretty much got no limits.All of your favorite porn tube sites are hereYou’ve got all the big dogs here. PornHub, XHamster, PornHD, RedTube, heck there’s even Tumblr up in this bitch if that’s more to your liking. I know that there’s a lot of weird shit going on over at Tumblr, so I completely understand if that’s more your niche than the more regular websites that I’ve mentioned just now. But basically, none of that matters since you can download porn from every single one of them and you won’t need to pay anything for the service either.Downloading and installing this extension is incredibly simpleAdding it to your browser is as easy as clicking on a button and you’re on your way to expand that porn stash of yours tenfold. It’s available as an extension to both Firefox (for the big boys only), and Chrome (if you’re a filthy normie). Whichever one of those browsers you’re using, you can rest assured that this extension will follow along and allow you to download whatever porno you want from pretty much every porn website that you come across without fail.Intuitive to use, so you won’t have to waste time looking at the manualSo yeah, installing the extension from is easy, but so is using it. You’ll basically get an icon in your browser that you can click on whenever you’re on a page with a video playing on it. Then you’ll get a drop-down menu with all the options when it comes to downloading videos from the website itself. There might be different resolutions available to be downloaded as well as other videos that you missed while you were watching the main event in the primary video player.After you decide which video is the one that you want to download, all you need to do is click on the little download icon next to the video and it will be saved to your computer. It's as easy and simple as that. And on top of all that there are even some settings that you can poke around when it comes to this tool to customize it to your likings. There are plenty of settings to poke around and you can change them up until you’re completely satisfied with your experience.Download whatever video you want, whenever you wantEither way, expect to be able to download whatever you want when it comes to And if you’re unsure to which websites are supported, you can always go to and check out the Video Sites tab where you’ll get a full comprehensive list of all sites that are available. The only thing that you need to do in order to show the porn sites (which are hidden when you first check out the list) is change the Show all sites, to Show adult sites.Sort all of the supported websites on the list however you wantThere are even several ways in which you can sort all of the sites. You can sort them by default, or you can sort them by popularity which will let you see which sites are the most popular amongst users. Then you can also choose to sort the porn sites according to the recency of them being created. You can also sort them according to their rating, as well as according to their name or interest rates if that’s more along the lines of what makes you think a website is good for you.A great design though you won’t be seeing it that oftenThe design of isn’t really that important since you won’t be spending a lot of time on it. You’ll just need it to get redirected to the download link of the extension. After you’ve done that you’ll rarely ever go back to again. But it’s also not a bad thing to mention that this place has got a great design and you can expect everything to have a great layout here and good graphics so that you can intuitively make your way around the website. The only problem with it is that a few pages seem to be incomplete, or maybe they haven’t been updated in a while.When everything is taken into consideration, is a great site that hosts a great tool that will help you immensely in your quest to have some of the hottest videos downloaded on your PC from various porn sites. No more fucking around with the download options on porn websites, and no more copying and pasting porn site links into other websites which may or may not be so secure. All you need is the extension from and you’re on your way to having all of the porn videos you want on your computer.