Don’t you just love developers that make their software open source? You can use it to do whatever you want with it and you can even modify it if you’ve got the brains for it and make your own personal application out of it. JDownloader.org is one of those programs that helps you with your downloads, and it’s completely free as well as open source. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a user looking to make your life easier by managing your downloads better for whatever reason (that reason probably being porn), or if you’re a developer looking to develop your own framework, JDownloader.org’s got your back.Very useful download manager, and it’s yours for freeI’ve always respected what people like the team over at JDownloader.org do. They allow you to use one of the most useful download managers that they’ve made for absolutely free. Where has this disappeared in the age of commercialism? You’ve gotta pay for everything these days. I’m surprised we aren’t paying for air yet, though you can even buy air off of eBay if my sources are correct. It’s not that I’m annoyed by it, it’s just that I don’t get why everything has to be so fucking damn expensive.Huge community that supports the projectAlright, so word for word, what JDownloader (2) is, is that it’s a free, open-source download manager that has an insanely huge team of developers behind it. In fact, it’s not your regular team of developers, but rather the entire community comes together to make this tool possible and available to you. Isn’t it amazing how much effort some individuals put in their craft just to make the life of other people easier without getting compensated for it? Of course, you can always compensate them with a donation.You can control the speed of your downloadsBut what the tool does, actually, is that it makes downloading super easy and convenient. Not only does it make it as easy as it should be, but it makes it lightning fast too. Actually, it can also control the speed of your downloads if you want to give a certain download a smaller bandwidth. You can set any bandwidth that you want on any download and it will give you the optimal speed for downloading that file. Well, optimal in the sense that you know what the most optimal regime is so it’s all on you.This can be incredibly useful if you’re downloading a large porn movie and you want to download some smaller porn images in the meanwhile. You won’t have to wait for your browser’s downloader to set the bandwidth automatically for everything you do, instead, you can simply set the porn movie’s bandwidth to something smaller so that the pictures can get downloaded without any issues whatsoever. You see the practical implications of JDownloader.org yet? Cause I do.Use it to start, stop, and pause your downloadsNot only can you control that aspect of your downloads, but you can also start, stop, and pause your downloads so that you can quickly manage which files get priority with the internet speed that you have. Oh, and you’ve even got the option to auto-extract archives. There are some other functions that JDownloader.org has going for it, but you’re going to actually download the tool and see those for yourself. The most important ones are listed right here, and these are probably the ones that you’ll use the most.The design could be better on the primary siteThe design JDownloader.org leaves much to be desired, but you can’t really say anything too bad about it since they do offer all of their services for free on here. Sure, the design looks old and they could’ve done a better job with many of the aspects of the design. A lot of things here look pretty confusing and you’re probably going to get lost a few times as you’re looking for something on JDownloader.org. Their FAQ section really doesn’t help either as it acts more like a Wiki and it doesn’t really have the answers directly available to you as most other FAQ pages do.Can’t take away from the fact that it’s completely freeThe graphics definitely look dated, but at the end of the day, they do this for free so you can’t really expect them to invest too much time into the design of the website. It’s a miracle that they’re even giving all of this away for free, so I think it’s safe to say that we should just shut our traps and enjoy what they’re giving us here. I mean you can use it for porn too and these guys will basically say: “yeah, go ahead, it’s free”. How cool is that? I gotta take those guys out for a drink.Oh, now I hear you saying: “holy smokes The Porn Dude, it’s 2018, you can’t be that insensitive towards women. Women can be developers too you know”. And to that I say: fuck you. There is no way in hell that a woman would ever make something like this FOR FREE. For money? Maybe. But I can bet my hand that you won’t be able to find a tool like this one that a woman made that’s completely free and that you can even modify if you’re a developer yourself, it’s just not gonna happen.Check out the Board and Support tabs for help with the toolAnd if you ever need help with JDownloader, there is plenty of support out there on two places. You definitely don’t want to look for it in the Wiki/FAQ tab since that one is just too confusing to use. However, there are two places where you can get some really helpful tips as well as an actual FAQ that is going to be useful to you. That would be the Board and Support tabs. On the Board tab, you’re going to get a forum where there is plenty of useful information that will aid you in your journey of using JDownloader.You can send an inquiry, or browse the FAQThe support tab on JDownloader.org is actually even more helpful since it will transfer you over to their Support.JDownloader.org page, which is exponentially better than their JDownloader.org page. This one is not only useful with its FAQ as well as the ability to contact the support team that makes JDownloader possible, but you also get all of that packed up in a very beautiful design that actually looks like it was made in the last few years. I have no idea why they just didn’t incorporate this design on their primary website.Basically, it’s got two tabs. The Knowledgebase tab, and the Submit a ticket tab. Both of these are very self-explanatory, but to put it bluntly, all of the information you need about anything concerning the downloader tool itself will be located in the Knowledgebase. If, however, you just can’t find a solution in that section of the site, you can always submit a ticket for ultra-specific questions about JDownloader and you’ll get a reply as soon as someone is available to support you.Overall, JDownloader.org is a site where you can download one of the most useful download management tools on the entire market right now, and you get to download it for free. Now if that doesn’t amaze you on its own, you should definitely look up what the functionality of the actual downloader is. After that, you’ll be more than tempted to downloaded since you’ll be able to see in which ways this amazing tool will make your life easier as you’re downloading all sorts of porn content (as well as other content) onto your PC.