i Stripper? Well, it's good old VirtuaGirl (2) and their virtual desktop strippers! What do you do when simply watching porn is no longer enough? When you’ve seen all the sites, played all the games, jerked off to every known porn star in the industry? Sometimes simply watching porn when you have the urge just doesn’t cut it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to stop looking at sexy ladies on your computer, even after the porn has ended and you’ve closed out all the tabs on your browser?Well, luckily, thanks to iStripper.com, now you don’t have to. Chances are, you’ve seen the iStripper aka Virtua Girl before, whether or not you have registered what it was. You know, those ads that sometimes pop up on porn sites, the ones of the beautiful girls dancing for you, right on your screen, as if a little stripper was living inside of your monitor? Okay, maybe that is a creepy way to think of it, but it is also the most accurate way to describe it.Any true porn addict has come across the i Stripper on a site at one point or another, whether or not he was aware of it. Well, what you might not have been aware of is the fact that you can actually download the iStripper onto your PC or Mac. In doing so, you won’t only get a tiny stripper at the corner of your web browser, though, she will take over as much of your screen as you desire—anywhere from down in the corner, to a full-screen option.Turn Your Computer Monitor Into Your Own Personal Strip ClubThat’s right, you can actually have a sexy stripper dancing just for you on the foreground of your computer, dancing and stripping, nonstop. Forever. Need a quick wank and don’t want to have to go through the trouble of choosing a site and hunting down the right video? No problem … your iStripper is right there to fulfill your need.iStripper is super easy to use. All you have to do is go to istripper.com and, so long as you have at least Windows XP or Mac OS 10.7 and 32 MB of free space available, you are good to go. Just download the file and start getting everything set up in a matter of about five minutes altogether.Once you have the program installed to your computer, you will instantly have over 3,000 shows to choose from, performed by 600 models. What’s more, iStripper updates with new shows every day, so you’ll never grow bored with what they have to offer. That means you get a brand-new porn star every day, stripping just for you, without ever having to step foot outside of your bedroom. No more dealing with sleazy strip clubs and spending exorbitant amounts of money to get a personal champagne room-level performance. Just pop open your laptop and enjoy!Although the iStripper program is free to download, you will have to shell out some cash in order to enjoy it fully. Not unlike camming sites, iStripper works on a credit-based system. New girls cost about 25 credits, but you only have to pay once in order to have access to that particular show over and over again. 25 credits, by the way, cost $4.99, but, as is the case with most things, the more you buy, the more you get for your money. Purchase 100 credits for $14.99, 250 credits for $29.99, or 500 credits for $49.99. Each purchase tier also comes with complimentary credits, which will help you on your way to collecting all the girls iStripper has to offer.If you are anything like me, chances are your next question is likely to be, but who are the girls anyway? Are they really sexy enough to pay that kind of money for? Well, according to the iStripper website, they hand select their international porn stars from top-notch French and American porn studios, so they are sure not to disappoint.As far as the quality is concerned, I was very impressed. These aren’t just some grainy videos. Impressively, iStripper has managed to provide the highest quality video for your desktop strippers. All content is shot in ultra HD 4K video, allowing you to pick the resolution that works best for your needs. Choose anything from 720p to 4K.Super Easy to Use and CustomizableThe program itself is also really easy to use, not to mention very customizable. Once you have everything installed and the program launched, a sample girl will automatically start dancing in the corner of your screen for you. The program will then lead you through a very helpful tutorial on how to use it (although it’s all pretty intuitive anyway), and you will have the option to view girls and purchase new shows.Basically, iStripper is a standalone program that, when the program’s window is closed, leaves just the girl you have selected to strip for you wherever you place her on your screen. The program window itself, though, comes with a ton of options and things to explore. Let’s check some of them out, shall we?At the top of the window, you will find a simple navigation menu bar. The first section is Featured Girls, which will give you a carousel of girls to scroll through. In the Featured Girls section, you can also narrow down your options by category. Choose from Popular, Blondes, Busty, XXX, Redheads, Costumes, Brunettes, and News (behind the scenes info on the shows and the girls, etc.).Or, feel free to select Girls Store, which will bring you to a customizable search of all the girls that iStripper has to offer, allowing you to easily purchase as many as you please. Filter results by Discounts or Wish List, Quality (Standard or Crystal Clear), Release Date, Hair Color, Ethnicity, and Category. There are plenty of category-themed shows to enjoy, from students to lingerie.There’s also a Previews section, which allows you to choose from all of the free previews that you’ve accumulated. According to the program, “A free non-nude preview is added ever 10 minutes. Buy their full-length erotic show and watch them as many times as you want!” This allows you, at least, the ability to see a sampling of what iStripper has to offer before you make a purchase (if you are still on the fence).The program also helps you conveniently keep track of and organize your girls, offering a “My Collection” feature, in which you can select and rearrange cards of all the girls you have purchased. I believe this is how you schedule shows, by rearranging the order in which girls appear in this part of the program.If all of this wasn’t enough to get you on board, iStripper also has a users’ forum that you can access from the iStripper control window. Here, you can become acquainted with iStripper in the “New Users Corner,” partake in some general banter about girls and shows in the “Everything About iStripper” thread, report bugs in “Bugs and Fixes,” throw out some suggestions to improve iStripper in “Ideas and Suggestions,” post and discuss fanart in “User Artwork,” discuss random shit that has nothing to do with iStripper in “About Everything Else,” or, finally, learn more about the backstage, behind the scenes, and upcoming stuff in the “Studio” thread.You can also, of course, buy credits with a single click from the program window and toggle your iStripper show on or off. In settings, tweak your shows to be exactly to your liking: change the max number of girls from 1 to 10, change the default size, and choose your own keyboard hotkey for quick deactivation (wouldn’t want your boss catching a glimpse of the hot shows on your screen while you’re at work). You can even set your shows in conjunction with your favorite shows. Just click into the music section and create a playlist to accompany your favorite porn stars’ sexy displays.All in all, if you have the money to spare, really enjoy strip shows (who doesn’t), meet the minimum software and hardware requirements (not hard to do at all), and want a customizable porn star experience right on your computer screen, I would definitely give iStripper a try.Personally, I found that when I had iStripper on, I was way more productive in doing my work than I normally would be. I guess there’s nothing like having a beautiful woman right there to motivate me to get my work done. How great would it be if iStripper could make this another feature? So that the girl actually reacts to how much work you’re getting done. The more you accomplish, the more she shows. I would definitely buy that.Either way, great work, iStripper (often misspelled as "istriper"). I definitely recommend checking it out.