uBlock Origin

I just had a really weird experience that I might have avoided with uBlock Origin. My breakfast Viagra was kicking in hard, so I pulled up a lesbian tube. After watching Abella Danger eating pussy for a while, I tried to skip ahead to the scissoring. I got a spam pop-up for my trouble, but I was so engrossed in my fapping I ended up cumming to an advertisement for fake Rolex watches. I think I have a new fetish, as well as a newfound appreciation for cheap plastic watch bands. Metal chafes the dong way too much, no matter how well-lubed.Spam is one of the web’s biggest dealbreakers. I’ve got over a hundred free porn tubes listed here at ThePornDude, but those are a drop in the cum-bucket; most tubes don’t make the cut around here because they’re just minefields of dick-pill pop-ups and sexy dating pop-unders. Of course, I ain’t a dumbass. I cover my dick when I bang crack whores, and I use a spam blocker when I review porn sites. Today, I’ll be taking a look at uBlock Origin, a free, open-source ad content blocker.Block Dick-Pill Spam for FreeAh, free! It’s one of the best prices you can get on anything, whether we’re talking about used Fleshlights on Craiglist or spam-blocking browser plugins. uBlock Origin is free and easy as fuck to download and install in seconds. Just point your browser at uBlockOrigin.com, click the Get uBlock Origin button, and then automatically install it with another click. Even your grandpa should be able to do this without calling tech support and yelling at the phone.Then again, if grandpa is still using Internet Explorer like some kind of fucking dipshit, he’s out of luck. uBlock Origin is compatible with modern browsers for sophisticated masturbators and anybody else with half a brain cell. It will work on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. It will even work on lesser-known web browsers like Chromium, so you hipster geeks will be happy. It worked on older versions of Safari, but I guess Apple’s just giving their customers the middle finger now. What’s new?The front page at uBlockOrigin.com lists their open-source status and their cross-platform, multi-browser support as a couple of the plugin’s main perks. The third major selling point they’re hyping is that they’re CPU and memory-efficient as hell. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that worried about my ad blocker eating up system resources, but they’ve got some interesting statistics. According to their study, the app could save consumers more than $1.8 billion a year, thanks to energy conservation. Bullshit or not, it certainly sounds impressive.A History of Blocking Animated Boner GIFsuBlock was first released back in 2014 and added the Origin part of its name in 2015. The plugin exploded in popularity right from the jump, which sounds about right. If your options are downloading a free plugin or sitting through a bunch of hentai game ads during your fap session, which would you choose? They already had 15 million users by 2016, and their status and reputation has only grown in the intervening years.One of the things that really blows my mind about the plugin is that it’s legit free, like no-bullshit free-free. Your ex might promise you no-strings-attached sex if you let her come over just this one time, but you and I both know she’s going to lock herself in your bathroom, drunk and sobbing loudly enough to wake your neighbors at 3 AM. There’s nothing like that with uBlock Origin.This anti-spam extension is so free that they straight-up refuse donations. I consider myself a pretty goddam noble dude in my pursuit of delivering perverts to their preferred masturbatory content, but I ain’t above collecting an affiliate commission here and there. The team at uBlock would prefer you donate to the block list maintainers.In case you’re wondering, block list maintainers keep up-to-date lists of every known server out there in the wild that serves up spam. When you’re running uBlock Origin, the plugin checks the block list and filters out anything coming out of the spam factories.Testing Out the Spam-Blocking PowerI had the plugin installed within the first 30 seconds of visiting uBlockOrigin.com, so I was ready to test it out immediately. Incidentally, I also had a raging hard-on, so it only seemed right to do my spam test on a porn tube. I chose XKeezMovies, a site I currently rank at #70 on my free tubes list. They’ve got good content, but like a lot of other tubes, they’ve got more spam than I like.First, I pulled up the site with uBlockOrigin turned off. A sidebar ad featured a half-second GIF loop of a dude holding his BBC next to a Pringles can, offering an extra four inches guaranteed. A video ad hovered in the bottom corner of the screen, offering paid porn when I came here precisely for the free stuff.I got a pop-under with my very first click and had to try again. The second time I made it through to the Exploited College Girls scene, draped liberally with Viagra offers and ugly girl hookup sites along the top and sides. When I clicked the video, I got a pop-up. I clicked it again and had to watch a video ad before I finally got to watch those college sluts. Jumping around in the video activated more pop-up ads.I was able to get off, but those ads were annoying. I took a short break to recharge and then went back to the main page, this time activating uBlock Origin first. The sidebar ads and hovering video I saw earlier were gone, the page instantly cleaner and easier to browse.This time, I picked a Czech Casting flick. I clicked through to the video page without any pop-ups or pop-unders. When I clicked the Play button, the video started playing immediately with no added bullshit to slow down my wanking experience. I didn’t get any random pop-ups while skipping around the video, either.No shit, uBlock Origin completely obliterated the spam I’d seen on my earlier visit to XKeezMovies. It really improved my experience with the site, so I ended up browsing for a few hours and stroking my cock until I ran out of lube.But Does It Always Work?I took a quick tour of random sites among my list of free tubes. By and large, that bad motherfucker I downloaded from uBlockOrigin.com crushed almost every ad before I even knew it existed. If you click the uBlock icon on your browser, you’ll see a tally of how many ads it struck down without you even noticing. After an hour of browsing, the total was already in the thousands.Like I mentioned earlier, though, spam blocking is a cat-and-mouse game. Occasionally during my leisurely drive along the pornography superhighway, an ad did make its way through uBlock Origin’s defenses. Sidebar ads were the most common, and I had a video ad play before a Latina movie I was trying to watch. Pops were largely eliminated, which is fucking rad.Before trying uBlockOrigin.com, I’d been using AdBlock Plus for years. The two spam extensions have pretty much the same basic set of features. Is uBlock better than ABP? Honestly, I’m not sure. They seem pretty interchangeable. Now that I’ve got both installed in Chrome, I can switch between the two or use both at the same time. Spam and the plugins that block it change all the time, which means there will sometimes be bad days for one or the other. There’s no really good reason not to have both.Installing a plugin like uBlock Origin should be a no-brainer to anybody who uses the Internet. It’s especially important to porn viewers who love cranking it to the free stuff, since the tubes are some of the worst offenders when it comes to ads. uBlock has been one of the industry leaders for a while, and for damn good reason: it’s free, it’s simple as hell, and it fucking works.