Tor Browser

If you're a cautious man or woman who likes keeping all of his/her browsing history as private as possible, then you've most likely already heard of Tor, but what do you know about the browser and the way it works? Well, The Porn Dude is pretty familiar with it, your porn daddy is going to explain to you the way it works. All in all, there aren't many flaws when it comes to using this little software right here. I mean, I haven't run into any significant issues up in here, seeing as people work on this little project of theirs day and night, even though it doesn't bring them money.To be quite honest, I truly admire them for what they're doing, so I have to say that they really have some guts putting this much effort into something that doesn't sell. Now, it would be a shame if we didn't use this little piece of software for work, seeing as someone out there put their heart and soul into it. That's what I think, at least. Now, it is best that you don't download anything through this browser, seeing as it is not meant to be as fast as your average browser. After all, the thing with Tor is that it is meant to provide you with absolute privacy, and not to help you surf the internet.So, then, there are a few things that we have to talk about. While they might not seem too important to you people at first, it will help you realize just how this browser works and which kinds of things it can be used for. So, you'll find that this little page right here lets you download their software for free, and there are also no ads on the page, which is pretty neat. It seems that this website works off donations and nothing but that, which is pretty amazing, seeing as most people aren't willing to throw cash at things that are already free. Well, that's at least how I see it in my head. People might be malicious and selfish by nature...but that's just my guess right there.However, whoever started using Tor ended up liking the browser so much that they throw tons of cash at the screen. I'd like to let you folks know that this browser right here is based off a build of Firefox. So, the interface pretty much looks the same, but the color scheme is a tad bit different, so look out for that. I mean, it's not like it matters too much, but if you want to familiarize yourself with the interface and the way it works (and trust me, you seriously do), then it is best that you know about the "lore" behind the browser.The way Tor worksThe very first time you open TorProject.org, you will find that the browser doesn't tell you a lot about how you're supposed to use it. However, the gorgeous homepage is there to tell you about the basics...if you're willing to pay attention. Now, what does it say here...this software is supposed to protect me from censorship and also surveillance. Well, that's pretty neat. I sure as hell do not want people looking through my search history. I'm sure as hell not ready to come out of the closet and tell the world about my unconventional sexual practices!Now, this browser can be downloaded on windows, but it also works on your Mac, iPhone, or your android phone, which is pretty neat. I mean, if you have a VPN and you browse the internet on your phone while using Tor, you're literally invisible to the world. You can even kick it up a notch, and join a public Wi-Fi network somewhere far away from your home, put on a hoodie or something like that, and then you will truly disappear.If you're willing to take all of these measures, then you are most likely a very paranoid person...or rather, your country is very, very authoritarian and they don't like the fact that you want to look at pictures and videos of two girls kissing, which is pretty sad. I think the Islamic world has countries like that...but I just might be wrong about that.Something you probably already knowNow, you know how certain governments like to stop you from watching porn? They want to increase the birthrates or they just straight-up think watching pornography is immoral and that no one should really watch it. All in all, a whole lot of bullshit things can fuck up your pornographic experience, but thankfully, this browser is here to help you out.One more thing that Tor is famous for is the fact that it allows you to wander through the deep web in search of horrors that the world has never really need. Now, this place right here is not that scary as people like to make it out to be. In the end, it is just a place where a lot of weird folks like to hang out, so yeah. However, I recommend that you do not try and go there, seeing as it would be a waste of time.I mean, if you're reading this article right here from ThePornDude's website, then you are most likely at least a little bit horny right now, are you not? Even if you're not, you're probably looking for things that are porn-related, there's no doubting that. So, you are probably wondering as to how you're supposed to utilize the Tor browser in the best way possible. How do I use this browser to enhance my porn watching experience?Well, the one practical use it has when it comes to watching pornography is hiding and defense. While Google Chrome's incognito mode really doesn't do much, even though it promises that it will not leave any search history, the privacy of Tor is actually real, and you don't need to worry about a single thing when you're using, especially if you have a VPN at the moment.So, if we take everything into account, we know that this browser is the best when it comes to watching porn anonymously. I mean, who wouldn't want that? You will surely find that this browser is quite helpful, so it is best that we give it the respect that it deserves! I mean, I am sure as hell worshiping it at the moment, but I've yet to build a shrine to this wonderful piece of art. However, this will be done when the time is right.The way it worksI have already explained it to you that this browser right here is essentially a re-skin of the Mozilla Firefox, so we should treat it as such. Now one thing I did not explain is exactly how does the privacy of this browser work. See, the data that should come to your computer from the internet is directly transferred to random computers from all over the world, and then all the connections are "scrambled" in a way, like this, there's essentially no way for you to recognize where certain signals come from. So, all in all, there really is no way for people to find out about the kind of porn you like to watch.Personally, thoughI mean, if you're going to download this browser only to watch porn with it, I think that you're taking things a tad bit too far, seeing as there's no reason to be that alert, for the most part. I've already told you about the other things you can do with your browser, so let's not talk about that right now. I mean, if you know how Mozilla Firefox works, then Tor will feel and look amazing to you.A few finishing touchesSo, now that I've told you about the way this browser works and all the ways you can use it do you feel like I've missed out on something important? I sure as hell do not feel like that! Now, I'll repeat myself and remind you lads that I appreciate the aesthetics of the browser. Hell, even the design of the website you get it from is pretty great, too. They do seem to like purple quite a bit, which is great because I like purple a lot as well. Now, the only thing left to say is: Click on one of those four buttons in the middle of the homepage and get yourself this amazing browser to start downloading to your computer.