ENF-CMNF blog! What could be hotter than a bunch of naked chicks? how about naked chicks in public that feel embarrassed by it? It’s sort of taboo when you think about it, but this is exactly the kind of content you’ll find on ENF-CMNF.com. This place is all about this kind of content and you’ll be scrolling through an endless supply of it while you’re browsing the website. It operates as a free blog, so everyone can check the content out if they so, please.The beginnings and history of ENF-CMNF.comHow about some background on this place? ENF CMNF was made all the way back in 2010 by a dude who really gets off to chicks that get shamed and embarrassed in public by getting nude. So the entire point is that chicks in the content on this blog should be naked while other people around them are wearing clothes. This leads to them being shamed and that leads to the guy who made this site getting hard and horny. I mean, honestly, it is kind of sexy to think about that entire situation since it’s pretty taboo, but to dedicate an entire blog to it and to regularly update it since 2010? The madman!But to be fair, he doesn’t do all the work by himself. In fact, he only uploaded content to this site alone for the first few years and then other visitors jumped onboard the entire ordeal and started uploading their own ENF and CMNF content to this website. That’s exactly why the site is called ENF-CMNF.com, since all the content on here has something to do with these niches. What do these acronyms mean now that we’re at it? Well, I’ll try to explain as simply as possible.What the hell do all these acronyms even mean?ENF means Embarrassed Nude Female which is pretty self-explanatory. You have a chick that is really ashamed cause she’s naked in a situation when she shouldn’t be. CMNF, on the other hand, means Clothed Male, Nude Female and this one has more to do with the worship of women’s bodies. They can be embarrassed but they don’t have to be. the important thing is that she’s completely nude, while the dude keeps his clothes on at all times.Anyway, the dude came to the brilliant idea to put these two together since they do kind of work together when you think about it. The genres are so tight in a bundle that you kind of have to look at them as a whole, and not separately. The fans know this too and that’s why around 2016 the admin started accepting uploads to the site from Forum posts. The ENF-CMNF Forum section was added around that time and all the admin has to do now is optimize the content for the viewing pleasure of the blog’s visitors.I wish things were less brown on hereThe design of ENF-CMNF.com is pretty basic, to say the least, and it kinda looks washed out if I am to be completely honest with you. I’m not a really big fan of the brownish colors that plague this website and I think they could’ve done a much better job with that, but what can you expect from a niche blog such as this one. ENF-CMNF.com probably doesn’t really care about what we think about the looks of the site as long as they pump out the kind of content that they’re satisfied with. I could’ve said “the kind of content that they’re CONTENT with” but I didn’t want to be misconstrued as a pun guy.After all, this place isn’t about puns, it’s about porn. ENF-CMNF.com does deliver in this regard with all of their posts having something to do with the theme of the website itself. The theme? Embarrassed naked chicks being checked out by complete strangers. You know you like it when chicks are shy and reluctant, and that’s exactly what they’re like on ENF-CMNF.com. You can expect to find some of the most taboo content in that regard right here on this website.Standard blog layout will leave you scrolling for days on endWhen it comes to the layout of the site, you should expect everything that you would from a regular old porn blog. The posts are placed linearly one after the other and the only way to go through them is to scroll down. Sure, you can use the search bar, but other than that you’re just stuck with scrolling down so that’s not so convenient if you want to cover a lot of ground at once. Other sites certainly do it better than ENF-CMNF.com, and I hope that they give users more options for browsing this place in the future.The search bar is king here, since you’ll need to browse aroundI mean, you can narrow your search down to the type of media you want to see such as Images, Videos, and Stories, and you can also filter the search according to a specific tag. These tags act as categories on this site and this is the best way to find the perfect content for yourself. If there wasn’t this tag filter, this entire site could be used in only one way unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. This way you get to define what kind of embarrassed chicks you want to watch today, both when it comes to formatting as well as genre.How does the search stack up against other niche porn blog websites though? Well, there are some really nice videos on here, but some are really loosely connected to the niche. I mean, it’s pretty broad when you think about it. All you need is one fully clothed man, and a chick that’s naked and boom, you get to upload that content to ENF-CMNF.com. Some scenes here are just cuts from porn movies that just go up to the point before the dude gets naked.Asian chicks, Asian chicks everywhereA lot of the content on ENF-CMNF.com seems to be from the Asian porn sphere as well. I guess Asians do get really freaky with these things, and public nudity is a really popular genre in Asia. All you need to do is think about all those damn public transport porn videos from Asia to understand their love for this taboo. So, I guess that makes sense. You can still filter these videos out by selecting a different ethnicity from the tag filter under the search bar.A forum with a thriving community is included here as wellAs previously mentioned, this site has a dedicated Forum section where users can upload all sorts of content that the admin can then approve and upload to the main part of the site. Aside from that and the About tab, the rest of these tabs are just ads basically for other websites. ENF-CMNF does lack a lot of functionality that you’d find on other porn sites in that regard as well, but you can still have a good time if you’re a really big fan of the niche that’s presented here.All of that being said, you can still expect to have a really good time on ENF-CMNF.com. As long as you’re okay with some stronger and more taboo content than you’re usually used to on other porn sites, you should enjoy yourself a lot here. Just don’t wimp out to the slightest sight of the women being uncomfortable in some of these situations. However, if you’re completely cool with that, then you’ll have no problem with enjoying all of the pictures and videos that get uploaded to this blog. Go ahead and check ENF-CMNF.com (often misspelled as "cmnf enf") out if that’s something that you’d enjoy.