Do you miss bondage é BDSM tumblr? Well, it’s official – Tumblr porn is dead. For those of you who don't know, as of December 2018, the webmasters at Tumblr, in all of their wisdom, decided to permaban the posting of all erotic content on their platform. Of course, that means that all of the existing porn is being systematically removed meaning that the only thing of substance left on Tumblr are purple-haired, angry SJW feminists screeching about the oppression of the patriarchy.That means that there’s even more server space for even more Tumblr vomit.Super, right?*eyeroll*So, in response, the interwebs are a-buzzing with articles linking to sites which can give you your Tumblr-style porn fix. Some of them are okay, a few are good, and some are just meh. Most of these new sites are just getting off of the ground, so there isn't much to look at. Of course, trying to get niche porn on a Tumblr-like site is going to be even harder.However, I think that BDSMLR might be one of the better Tumblr-style fetish platforms on the web so far.How Does Joining This Site Work?When you sign up to this website, all you need to include is your username, email address, and create a password. There’s no need to put up any money or separately confirm your account. Once started, you can finish setting up your profile in the same window without any extra bullshit.Once you've got that, set up the website will show you how to set up your account and publish your first blog posts simultaneously. For each post, you can upload an avatar picture to rep your account, post a cover photo, and all of the basic startup stuff that you need to do.After that, BDSMR will get to the big question: what are your intos? Pick one or a few (or all of them!) and you'll be given a series of suggested pages you can follow. Despite being so new, there's a good deal of variety both when it comes to categories as well as the posters (and by that, I mean people who post, not memes or anything) and the stuff that they’ve put up.So far, there are sixteen categories which, as you might guess, generally have BDSM content, but have a unique spin on that same theme. To give you an idea of what you are in for I put together an excellent little summary for ya below:Femdom – Being a classic subculture in the domination world the pages here feature loads of pics and gifs of dudes being whipped, flogged, and chained by lovely ladies. You'll find both women expressing their desire to be some subby guys dom and dudes expressing their wish to be on the receiving end of some lasses stinging lash.While it’s not my favorite, the people who run these pages are clearly super passionate about this kind of kink. Posts of powerful women and beta male cucks abound here with new ones being added every week, so if that’s what you’re into, enjoy.Maledom – Being the opposite of femdom porn, the pages here feature posts of women getting tied up, spanked till they’re red, and otherwise humiliated by alpha men. There ain’t any sissy dudes or fragile females on these pages – just big-titted sluts who can handle being manhandled and guys who know how to do that like it’s their day job. Hell, looking at some of the posts, for some of these people, performing this kind of kink probably is their day job. How crazy and kinky is that?Lesbian – There really is nothing like seeing one or two (or a whole room) of lovely ladies licking lips and lapping up the moisture coming off their damp labias, right? Well, I suppose if you've got a sexual dark side, or perhaps I should say leather side, there is one thing that might make it better – seeing one girl be roughed up by her sisters with some cute toys and wicked-looking tools. That's what you'll find on the pages here, and since this is one of the most popular categories, you've got loads of posts to look at.Latex – What would BDSM be without latex? I mean those of us who're into light kink can get by without it just fine, but for those who're into intense BDSM, latex is practically a necessity. Some people use it to mummify someone or themselves and get off on the sensation of being completely immobilized, others use just a little to enhance their features, while other people find It a useful material to spice up their bondage play.On BDSMLR's Latex pages, you'll find the versatile kink substance used in all of those ways and many more. After all, with so much new stuff being added, there's bound to be even more creative ways to include latex in kink play which you may never have seen or even dreamed off. Stay tuned.Gay – Yep, there's something for the gays, too. Just like the Femdom, Maledom, and Lesbian sections, it's the same rough and tumble kink, just with two or more dudes instead. And like the Lesbian section, there is a surprising amount of content uploaded in this category.Sissy – Being not quite the same as Femdom, Gay, or Maledom, yet overlapping with all of them, the Sissy category features both men and women who have an intense need to be shown who's in charge. This can happen a number of different ways whether it's being flogged with a whip, tied down to a bed to be teased or punished, or just given a good ol' fashion rough fuck.GIFs – What would Tumblr or the internet be nowadays without graphic interchange formats? I don’t know what it is, but seeing these short mini-vids especially when they feature fine, young honeys. Well, if you want a complete resource to find it all on BDSMLR, follow all of the pages on this section when you sign up.Extreme – You knew this was going to be on here, right? When perusing these pages be sure to close your doors from prying eyes and turn out the lights for full effect, because the kink here is on another level. Some of this stuff might be a bit intense even for seasoned BDSM aficionados so buckle up when you check this section out. Just remember, no puppies or kitten were harmed in the making of this smut.Vintage – This section is all about old fashioned kink from yesteryear. And by yesteryear, I mean porn which was released decades ago and just about twelve months ago. No matter how old it is, the stuff in this section is still pretty steamy, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of posts which tickle your pickle.Art – The stuff posted here is a bit eclectic, but it is worth looking at. Sure not everything here is super sexy, but instead focuses on stuff that will tickle your funny bone rather than your boner. Some people might not get it, but to me it makes sense. After all, it's always fun to spice things up with some humor to get you "there," even when you're hot and horny.The posts in this section are certainly unique and fun to look at, even if you’re just casually surfing, and aren’t looking for sexy stuff at the time. While some stuff is funny, other posts are a bit more serious and cerebral. In either case, a lot of these posts will make you think with both of your heads.And who says that erotic entertainment can’t also be art?Funny – Speaking of funny, there’s a whole section for that, too. Granted a lot of it overlaps with what you see in the Art section, but I still recommend following the pages listed here as well.Hentai – And now for something from the orient. For those unaware, hentai refers to animated porn drawn or animated in a Japanese anime style. While I and I’m sure some of you think that this stuff is pretty hot, there hasn’t been much actual hentai loaded so far. I assume that more will be as more people sign up. So, if you’ve got any BDSM hentai, what are you waiting for? Get an account and start posting.Journals & Quotes – Like a lot of the Art posts, the stuff here tends to appeal both to someone's higher reasoning and their base, dirty desires. Unfortunately, there aren't as many posts as I'd like. However, as more people join, I'm sure that these two sections will fill up for more inspirational and degrading posts.Cartoon – Some people may not be into it, but I recommend at least giving it a look. Yeah, wanking it to animated characters may seem a little weird at first, especially when one of them is drawn in a cute manner but is also n a dungeon scenario. Still, I recommend giving this stuff a look anyway. You might actually like what you see.Other – This just a mix all of the miscellaneous posts on the site which are hard to classify. They are all BDSM related, of course, but a bit unusual even for a site like this. For that reason, I think most of you will have a good time sorting through the wacky, wank content found here.All you need to do is follow a few blogs per section you like to move forward and finish completing your account.This Site's Webmasters Are Just As Passionate As You AreSince this site went up just as Tumblr decided to ax erotic stuff from their website you'd think that they'd still be having problems ironing out the kinks…or should I say glitches on their site. However, from what I've seen, this website runs really smooth and never had any problems using it. This, I think, speaks to the dedication of the web designers who run BDSMLR have to create and maintain a platform like this, especially when you can join this site for free!Furthermore, this website saw a spike in registration during December and January both with people joining and uploads. This did briefly cause a few problems with registering accounts and slowed down how quickly new users could use the site. Fortunately, the site designers leaped into action and got most of these problems sorted.As of writing this review, they do warn that you might have an issue when setting up your account. However, I should mention that when I set mine up, I had no problem. Even if you do have an issue getting started with this site, just contact one of the admins and you'll hear back with someone with a solution to your problem.Talk about commitment.Your Personal Information WILL Be SecureOne of the problems I think that most people who are into kink run into is worrying about rubes and squares finding out about their attraction to light or extreme sexual fetish stuff. For this reason, I think that some people are less keen to not only post but even participate in the online kink community, even in small ways.Good thing though, that BDSMLR posts a guarantee to keep your information safe. While they do collect basic personal information (an email address) for the purposes of setting up an account and personalize the experience, this site will never release your information to anyone else for any reason. And I did check third-party sites to see how safe and secure using this platform is and am happy to say that the odds of a data leak occurring via hacking is pretty low.(Mark Zuckerberg could learn a lot from these kinksters.)As long as you aren’t posting anything which is illegal or scaring the horses (the non-human ones, not people doing pony play) you don’t have anything to worry about.Should You Join?Obviously, this Tumblr-style website is intended for people who "get" or are at least open to kinky porn. So, all of you who are put off by intense, sexy stuff, this isn't for you.If you are into this kind of smut, despite how young this user-content driven website is, you’ll find a fun range of kink to whack it to. And since you can so easily post your own porn pics, gifs, and clips, you’ve got a great opportunity to get a following on this rising kink platform.All things considered, its awkward website name included, I give BDSMLR four out of five hands.Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.