WTF can we expect on Damp Lips? There are so many fucking porn sites on the internet; it can be almost impossible to choose just one. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to! A lot of the reviews you’ll find on my site condone looking through the maze of porn sites out there and picking a few go-to websites for the most efficient fap sessions possible. I guess I assume that you all probably have lives outside of porn. But maybe you don’t. Perhaps I’m giving you too much credit. It’s not outside of the realm of possibilities that you have no life outside aggressively fapping in your mother’s basement. And that’s ok … actually, no, it isn’t. You should probably consider getting a real fucking hobby already!But my point is, you don’t necessarily have to have a default set of sites to visit when you’re horny. There is something to be said about playing the field, trying on a different porn site every time the urge to fap beckons you to your computer. There’s nothing wrong with that! It might have its benefits when you think about it. For one, you’ll be able to see way more porn than if you just go with the same site every time you need to stroke yourself to satisfaction. Also, there’s no arguing with the fact that you will become privy to a more significant amount of diversity, both in types of sites and types of porn that you see. You see, most porn sites tend to stick to one or two robust niches or aesthetics that they specialize in.Therefore, if you only go to porn tubes like Red Tube or Porn Hub every day, you’re only going to see a couple of types of porn. Eventually, it gets old. It becomes the same girls, the same situations, the same film styles, over and over and over again. You have to mix it up! Variety is the spice of life. And porn is the spice of … I don’t know … loneliness? Either way, it can’t hurt to explore a little bit, try new sites, check out new things, watch new girls. You never know what you might discover. Maybe there’s a whole category out there that you would never have known you were even into had you just played it safe. You’ll never know until you try it out, right?But if you just stay in your little comfort bubble, how will you ever expand your pornographic vocabulary? How will you increase your sexual appetites? We must evolve since we human beings prosper in change and advancement. It’s in our nature. So, it is only natural, then, that you should do the same thing when it comes to your porn consumption! Give it a rest for a day and try something new. Let’s take a look at a site that is not like the rest of the typical porn tubes on the web – similar, sure, but definitely, with a different approach, a different style, if you will.A Porn Tube with a Little More to GiveThe site that I am talking about is called Damp Lips. What a unique name for a porn site, no? It’s vivid, direct, immediate, explicit, and sexy. I only say “kind of” because there’s something about the word “damp” that has negative enough connotations to be considered an odd choice. Maybe Wet Lips was taken? “Damp” is a word associated with many other things before it is associated with sex. Swamp ass, for example, is “damp.” Wet socks are “damp.” Sure, I suppose pussy lips are “damp,” too, but it’s definitely not the first synonym for “wet” that I would think of in that context. It’s kind of like the word “moist,” not the most attractive associations.Anyway, let’s take it for what it is. And what Damp Lips is, is a porn tube that operates a little bit differently than all the other porn tubes out there. Damp Lips, instead of giving you just the typical tube site design, offers multiple ways of viewing the site. There is their unique classic layout, in which you will find oversized thumbnails with lengthy descriptions below each one, allowing you to scroll and scroll and scroll and only pass through, say, maybe ten scenes.To the right of these large thumbnails with descriptions, you will find a few easy to locate sections to choose from as well, enabling even quicker browsing of the entire site than you might be used to. First, you’ll find a list of popular porn stars. Keep scrolling down, and you’ll find “Best Videos Today.” Here, you will find a list of … well, you guessed it … the best videos of the day. The only problem with this is the fact that, unfortunately, they are not linked … just titles with a brief synopsis. I’m not quite sure why this is the case, but it isn’t particularly helpful. Next, you’ll find an archives section, Trending Videos, Most Viewed, The Hottest Girls, Upcoming Videos, and a list of categories.Customize Your ExperienceIf you’re more into the porn tube aesthetic, though, Damp Lips offers an alternate site layout made to look and function a little more like what you might be used to. All you have to do is locate “Tube Site” in the site menu bar and, voila, Damp Lips becomes a porn tube! But even their take on the porn tube site design is a little bit different – it has their characteristically unique spin on it. Instead of a horizontal layout, with thumbnails organized into sections that change as you scroll down, one on top of the other, Damp Lips has opted for a vertical design. They still have some of the usual porn tube sections (Recent, Random, and Watch Later), but the categories are separated vertically, with the categories titled all at the top of the page.It doesn't matter how you prefer your porn experience, Damp Lips has you covered, and that is fucking cool. I hope that more porn sites get into the habit of making customizable / personalized user experiences like this in the future. Whether you are on the tube or the blog, the site menu bar at the top of the page stays the same. Choose from the banner (which also doubles as a home page) that simply reads “Naked Girls – Naked Women and Naked Girls.” In case you needed to be reminded of what you’re looking at [also, is it just me, or is it a bit disturbing that they differentiate between women and girls??].You can also select Tube Site, Best Porn [a list of sites that Damp Lips has deemed the best, including Brazzers, Girls Cum, Step Family Porn, Crazy Girlfriends, I Know That Girl, Exxxtra Small, and others], Damp Lips [info about the site and how to use it], and Sex Chat. The Sex Chat section is particularly original. I 100% expected it to bring me to a third-party site, probably one of those spammy ‘get laid tonight’ bullshit sites. But it didn’t. Instead, Damp Lips attempts to provide a sex chat classifieds section. Look, don’t get your hopes up, it’s nothing special. It's just a quasi-comments section to which you can choose a username and post a comment regarding what you’re looking for. It is weird. And I can’t imagine it's useful. But, hey, at least they made some attempt at helping you get laid, which is more than most porn sites can say!I would like to see Damp Lips expand upon this Sex Chat component, though. Especially since it appears to be pretty active. I mean, it’s mostly just dudes posting their contact info and dick measurements, but still. I don’t see why they don’t expand it or instill something a little more elaborate and/or easy to use. It wouldn’t be hard at all to just turn it into a message board or something aimed at the same goals. Or, better yet, if they could implement a basic social media function, that would be awesome. That way, pics can be involved! Although to be fair, I prefer to read a dude’s dick measurements than accidentally come across his dick pic set as his avatar. So, I suppose there’s a silver lining in that cloud.The porn on Damp Lips is extremely high quality, and professional studios make most of it. They definitely don’t have any quality control issues. My biggest problem with the site is that I could not seem to find any full-length scenes. Everything I saw was an 8 to 10-minute excerpt, much like most “free” porn tubes. So, if you’re not into heavily cut and excerpted porn, this might not be the site for you. But if that doesn’t bother you, well, I may have just given you your new favorite porn site! You’re welcome!