Who’s ready to have some Phun? If anybody else asked, you might think I was offering up a family-friendly game night or maybe an evening of getting sloshed with the boys. This is your old buddy ThePornDude talking, though, so you know this has got to be some perverted entertainment I’m suggesting. Funny spelling or not, my idea of Phun pretty much always involves whipping my dick out.The fine folks who run this next site seem to have the same idea. According to the motto at the top of the page, “Girls Just Wanna Have”, but we all know that desire ain’t limited to the fairer sex. Since 2004, their blog has been offering up a mix of dirty pictures, funny pictures, and dirty funny pictures. It sounds simple enough, but how many blogs do you know that have been around this long? I’m determined to figure out their secret sexual formula.How Does a Blog Last This Long?Generally speaking, blogs are one of the easiest types of websites to set up. You’ve probably even got a sister-in-law or an ex-girlfriend who’s got one hyping MLM diet pills or leopard print leggings. In that sense, Phun’s longevity perhaps isn’t that noteworthy. I’m sure there are a shit-ton of long-running blogs pecked out by boring old people with readerships in the half-dozen range.The thing is, Phun hasn’t just been around a long time. It’s been around a long time and maintained popularity over the years. They’re still getting over 15,000 visitors a day. That’s a feat for any website, but it’s even more impressive for a blog. Their competition includes massive free porn tubes, masturbatory video games and cutting-edge VR fuck flicks. Meanwhile, Phun’s posting pictures and text like it’s 1995 and we’re all still on dialup.So what the fuck is the appeal? Well, for starters, there are handwritten, hand-assembled updates every day. So many websites are automated these days, simply scraping content from other online porn libraries. There’s a human element at play here, so it feels like tuning in for a daily message from your perverted friend on the Internet. What’s he offering today? Naked celebs, hilarious GIFs, or is it time for another thong contest?I wonder how many of’s readers have been visiting the site for a long time. The format was more popular back in the early ‘00s when they first got started and might make some of you old perverts a little nostalgic. Very few sites like this have survived, and the survivors have mostly adopted newer formats. StileProject, for example, is another free tube now but looked a lot like Phun in its heyday.Is It Funny or Is It Sexy?A hand-typed post and handpicked daily collection of nudes wouldn’t mean all that much if the content was crap.’s big-ass userbase tells you they’re probably posting enough high-quality shit to keep people coming back. (Spoiler alert: they’re consistent as fuck at delivering funny or fappable content, never half-assing the posts to save time or effort.)Today’s Phun post was a small collection of funny photos. There’s a margarita that looks like Yoda, a piece of cauliflower cleverly added to a jack-o-lantern to make it look like it’s blowing up, and a cringe-worthy screengrab of some ugly chick bragging on social media about all the guys who want to be in her. It’s a couple of dozen pics in all, mostly funny but not fapworthy in any sense.Yesterday, the daily post was a small, hand-collected assortment of links. This time, there was plenty to jack off to. A stunning German blonde in a witch costume sucked a dick before riding that bad boy in the first link, followed by a SFW video montage of people doing badass tricks of all kinds on bicycles, skateboards, cars and their own acrobatic feet.In just this one post, they’ve got links to a range of funny and perverted shit. A curious vulture flies with some paragliders, and then Kendra Sunderland fucks a couple of BBC. A car drives on a river, and a Latina has an absolutely obscene party on her webcam. Some guy yells at a manakin on the subway, and an amateur babe stuffs both of her holes with toys.I’m sure most of you have figured this out by now, but let me spell it out for the retards in the class: Phun’s got a really fucking wide range of material. I could see people disliking the SFW content on the site if they’re just trying to rub one out before the boss gets back to the office. On the other hand, some of you are going to find it personally relatable. It feels almost like a daily message from your funny friend who also happens to have a debilitating porn-and-Viagra addiction. Hey, that sounds a lot like my website!Finally, a Club That Will Have You!Since has been around for so long, I kind of assumed there’d be some kind of active community or user involvement. I wasn’t wrong. One thing you’ll notice is that the comment sections have actual back-and-forth interactions between users, instead of the usual illiterate fuck-me pleas and spam you find on most free porn sites.There are multiple ways to interact with the community here. Porn is typically a spectator sport; I get it, so most people don’t ever write comments on any site. A ton of people do vote on one of my favorite Phun features, the Thong of the Week. This week's winner with a couple of thousand votes has a beautifully round ass in a black thong, while the runner up is a beautiful black ass in a pink thong.If you really want to get down and dirty with the perverts, the site’s also got its own dedicated forum. It’s not bullshit, either; there are almost 20 subforums, nearly half a million members and almost 10 million messages. Registration is free, easy, and only takes a few seconds.You can shoot the shit in The Lounge or post your milk-drinking accidents under Funny Videos. Personally, I like the babes posted in the Model Forum and Amateur Model Forum, or the whole section of celebrity sub-forums. The Sexy Video forums break down into Pro, Pro HD and Amateur, with each one getting a fair amount of activity and fresh smut every day.It’s kind of hard to overstate the value of the forum on a site like Phun. It’s the kind of thing someone might not notice if they’re just passing through for a quick wank and laugh, but it’s arguably one of the site’s biggest strengths. Community involvement is key to the longevity of a blog, which also tells you how much people enjoy being part of the forum.And There’s Free Porn Downloads, TooFrom time to time, I’ll have a friend ask me how I’m able to review porn sites all the time without getting totally distracted by porn. Well, the truth is that I can’t, which is why I’ve been writing this review for days. The biggest productivity-killer? I found a huge collection of full-length porn downloads in the forum. Sometimes a 5-minute fap break turns into a full-movie wank fest turns into a week of staying in bed, my sheets increasingly crusty and the smell growing worse by the is a really unassuming site, but that’s probably just because it’s a blog. The format looks a little antiquated on a modern Internet full of advanced video players and 4K felching. The thing is, you don’t need a fancy-ass setup to do what Phun is doing. On the contrary, the simple design helps keep it accessible as hell. You can spank off to some amateur nudes, steal some memes to show your friends, and then go share bukkake flicks in the forum.Phun is a good name for the site, because that’s what it is. It’s loosely defined, sure, but that’s definitely part of the appeal. This is the kind of blog you can load up as part of your usual routine, checking out the new funny/sexy offerings while you sip your morning coffee and take the first bong hit of the day. You should definitely check out the forum while you’re here!