Sexy And Funny! Welcome to a place that’s full of laughs and full of wanks. The site SexyAndFunny.com focuses on both the funny and sexy as the name would suggest and tries to bring it to your screen as authentically as possible. Now, I don’t know about you, but I love me a bit of banter when it comes to sex. It helps keep things fresh. I’ve gone through so many women that I would certainly have gotten bored with sex if I didn’t use a little bit of humor here and there to spice things up.Want to jack off or laugh frantically? You can do both hereYou’ll notice that Sexy And Funny has plenty of both types of content so entertainment is never too far away. A few clicks and you’ll be either jerking your dick off, or you’ll be laughing your ass off. Either way, you’re expected to have a good time here, so loosen up and enjoy yourself, because fun is what SexyAndFunny is all about. There’s always amazing content waiting for you around the corner here so let’s take a look at both the sexy and funny sides of this place.The best way to find the separation between these two types of content is if you take a look at the submenu of the Videos tab. You’ll notice that you’ve got a choice between Sexy videos and Funny videos here. Now, depending on your mood you’ll choose one or the other and this will open up a whole entire new universe to you. I say universe cause the number of videos in both of these categories is absolutely MASSIVE. I’m not making this shit up, these repositories are just huge.Sexy videos galore, over 500 pages of themLet’s start with the Sexy videos tab which has over 500 pages of amazing porn videos. Here you’ll find all sorts of stuff, ready to suit any need that you might have. One thing stays the same though, this place is all about explicit content. You’ll find some safer for work videos in the Funny videos tab which we’ll talk about later. This place still has some amusing videos though, and they’re not all just regular porn either. These are some very amusing plots so you’ll definitely owe these videos a chuckle or two when you watch them.One thing that’s specific and unique to this site is the inclusion of two rating systems. You can both rate the videos on the Sexy scale and rate the videos on a Funny scale. This way the users will know what they’re getting themselves into when they open the video up. Now if you’re like me, you’re going to want those ratings as high up as possible, and I mean both of them. There’s nothing The Porn Dude likes more than a good laugh while staring at the most amazing pair of titties I’ve ever seen.Less funny videos, but they’re quality contentAlright, so what’s up with that Funny videos tab? Well, it’s a lot tamer than the Sexy tab. If all you could see in that other tab was naked chicks and porn, then here it’s going to be more concentrated on sexy joke videos. You’ll notice that there’s a lot less content on this tab as well. Just below 30 pages of videos is enough to get you by, but there’s obviously no balance between this place and the Sexy videos tab. So I think that this site requires a lot more Funny content in order to be balanced out.You’ll also notice that most of these funny videos are up on YouTube and that these are just embedded links for the videos which means you’ll get the adequate speed for the video every single time. The other video player that’s made in this site can be a bit more sluggish, but it gets the job done and you can still enjoy all the content with no problem whatsoever. It would still be nicer if porn video players could match the speed of the YouTube player, but that’s still wishful thinking.The design is iffy, but the colors are niceAlright so let’s talk a bit about the design of SexyAndFunny.com. You guys know that I get off on the design when I like it. Sadly, I can’t say that I like the way this website looks. First of all, just take a look at that low-res logo. I mean, come on guys, you couldn’t even make your logo a high enough resolution? I can count the pixels just by looking at your site at the vanilla proportions, I don’t even have to zoom in. The whole presentation of the logo on SexyAndFunny.com is just messy and blurry and looks more like an art project that a 6th grader did for computer class than an actual logo made by a legit graphic designer.Other than this, I don’t like the bad 3D effect that they went with then it comes to the look of the tabs. This look is so early 2000s that I don’t even know how it’s possible that anyone uses it still. Lose the gradient colors guys, we don’t need the thing to “pop” or anything, we just need it to be minimalistic. Remember the phrase: “less is more”. People should start using that phrase for more than just makeup tutorials I can tell you that much.But okay, at least the color scheme is okay, and I like the overall neutral tone of the website. You’d expect that with a website called SexyAndFunny.com you’d see a lot more bullshit such as image backgrounds or even stupid color patterns and shapes. But luckily, at least they weren’t THAT dumb and went with a simpler theme. That’s always a plus in my book, so overall, I guess you could say that the design here gets a pass.If you’ve used one porn site, you’ve used them allThe layout is similar to other porn websites with all of your tabs sharing a place along the navigation bar near the top of the screen, just under the banner. Every tab here has a submenu as well, so you can easily access the subset items of any tab on SexyAndFunny.com. This is great since there’s no point in buffering an entire page if you could finish all your business just be redirecting from a tab into a tab-specific link. I like this, and so should you since it will make your life on this website that much easier.You’ve got the classic Home tab, but on SexyAndFunny.com it’s a bit more useful since it has a lot more in the submenu. When you hover over this tab you’ll find the options to Login, Register, Contact Us, Featured, Show All, Site Index, Site News, and also Best Of S&F. Needless to say, this place is packed. Then you’ve got the Videos tab which we went over, but you’ve also got the Most Viewed and Most Loved options under here. You can even sort the videos according to their Views, either one of the ratings, or even Favorites.The photo battles can be really hot and entertainingAfter that SexyAndFunny.com presents you with the Photos tab which has a few interesting options, but the most interesting one to me would have to be the Battles tab. Here you’ll see some of the hottest chicks in specific categories battling it out in order to claim the thrones as the sexiest pic in a specific category. Categories range from Shower to High Socks, to even School Girls. Plenty of stuff to see, and plenty of content to choose from here folks.And with the addition of a few more tabs such as Models, More, Free Cams, and Forums, SexyAndFunny.com definitely has a lot of ways of keeping you occupied and it will definitely make you come back for more in the future. Every piece of content here is great, so there will always be something new and interesting to see here that will make you super horny, or super amused, or even both. Check this place out at SexyAndFunny.com.