Sex.com Captions

Most of you guys already know of Sex.com. I mean, it has one of the most recognizable domain names in the world, so it would really be weird if you didn’t know about it. I know that some of you must have at least once in your lives, maybe when you were younger, typed in sex.com into google and ended up on this website. When you were on it, you might have gone to the videos, but today I’m not going to look at those. I’m not even going to look at generic gifs or pictures either. What I’m taking a look at today is a much more obscure and weird section of Sex.com that deals with captioned images. Buckle up, kiddos!More context to porn pictures = more funNow, I’m all for weird expressionism when it comes to porn. I’ve watched my fair share of weird shit just to bring it to you guys, but this is some next-level crap right here. With captioned porn images, it’s like the wild west and you never know what you’re going to see. You might find the most beautiful woman in the world captioned with something like “I want your cock inside me so bad” or you might find a huge limp veiny dick captioned with something like “Reblog if this big penis made you stop scrolling”. Anyway, you get the idea of what kind of wild west territory we’re getting into now. I’m just saying you should be prepared to see everything that you might have expected as well as shit that you didn’t expect at all!Captioned images allow the user to tell a story along with the porn image accompanying it. This can be quite useful when someone is trying to make an image hotter or more taboo by adding context to it. For example, I saw this one image of a naked young girl with her wrists tied up in a closet with another woman looking at her inside. The caption was something along the lines of: “Now you stay in that closet and think about what you’ve done. When your father gets home, he’ll think of a suitable punishment”! You have to admit, that’s pretty hot if you’re into incest shit. Captions make porn images more alive!Some captioned porn pictures are really fucking weirdUnfortunately, while some captioned images can be really hot, others can be really weird. And I’m not talking about the big dick that made you stop scrolling; that shit is trivial when compared to some of the other things I encountered here. Are you ready for this? Cause I certainly wasn’t. Okay, here goes nothing… For some reason, the captioned image section of Sex.com is full of this hypno sissy content. If you don’t know what that is, let me introduce you to some of the weirdest shit that the porn industry has to offer. Apparently, the images can influence men into doing things to make themselves feminine.For example, a captioned sissy hypnotization image might show you a sexy young girl and around her would be words that imply that you should dress like that, be like that, act like a girl and so on. And then somewhere you would read the word "sissy" too. This is some next-level weird shit and I don’t know if some guys actually do this, but I know that the sissy category actually exists in porn, so I guess that’s where all those guys come from? I just know that you have to be pretty submissive as a guy for something like this to happen to you. Anyway, some of the captioned porn images are just plain weird.You’ve also got high-quality captioned porn imagesBut okay, I’m pretty sure you were expecting some level of weirdness anyway. After all, we’re looking at a porn site that is known for all kinds of porn. Eventually, you’re bound to stumble upon something dodgy. Well, if you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll find a lot of good content too. For example, some of my favorites have to do with some of the hottest girls revealing a bit of their pussy or just a touch of their tits and teasing you while the caption reads something like “I’m so horny for you right now”. That shit just feels like you’re a part of the moment with that woman and it’s pretty damn to imagine all of that.So apart from the overly weird (and sometimes gross) captioned porn images, some of them can be pretty hot and high-quality even! It all depends on your luck of the draw. Sometimes you get the hottest captioned pictures that you could ever have hoped for, and at other times you might not be so lucky. It all depends, really. With Sex.com, it has always been like that. It’s like a pit of porn where everyone posts whatever the fuck they want and it just ends up being a complete mess. Anyway, when you look through all that crap, you might find a diamond in the rough every now and again. Exciting stuff, isn’t it? But yeah, you’ll be searching through a lot of mud before you find that amazing content here.Countless captioned porn photos free of chargeOne thing that you should already be aware of is that all these captioned porn images are available to you for free. You don’t have to pay for any of it. You just come to the website and start browsing through all the pictures like you own the damn place! Just strut through the uploads and posts and decide what you like and what you don’t like. Nobody can tell you shit. You’re like the man of the hour when you start looking through all these captioned porn images. The entire website of Sex.com is your oyster, and you don’t need to pay a single penny in order to enjoy any of it. Phenomenal, I know.But that’s something that we have grown used to with many porn tube sites. I mean, let’s be honest, if you were looking through some of these pictures and you realized that you were paying for that content, then I’m pretty sure you’d write an angry email to the website asking for your money back. Well, here you won’t have to do that. If you don’t like the free captioned porn images, you can just close the website and do something else. There is an endless well of content waiting for you on Sex.com, so don’t think that you’re limited to just the first few pages of what you find in the captioned section on the site.Pretty modern experience with some flaws, like adsAs for the design of the website, I don’t know what to tell you. I know that I would like to see a dark mode when I’m using the computer at night to jerk off. At the same time, I do like many of the modern options and filters that you can choose in order to get a better narrowed down selection of porn to enjoy. All of this adds up to a pretty good and modern experience. The obvious exception to the “goodness” of the experience are the ads. I mean, you all knew this was coming, but I have to say it. I hate the ads on this website. They are sprinkled among the content, so they can be really distracting.In fact, I think that the ads really take away from the captioned porn pictures section because the pics are stationary and you’re trying to read the text while there is a gif of a girl jumping on a cock sped up 200% right next to that. How the heck is anyone supposed to concentrate and read what the caption has to say with that kind of distraction on the sidelines? Apart from that, once you get over these few inconveniences, I do have to admit that as a whole, Sex.com is one of the more modern and better porn website experiences that the internet has to offer. Trust me; if you saw some of the sites I’ve seen through my review career, you would be praising Sex.com for the way it looks, works, and functions.