ImageFap Captions

It’s time to talk about weird-ass types of porn, again. This is easily one of the most original types of porn I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even think there was a market for this crap, but I tried fapping to these damn images and I have to say, they kind of work. I don’t think they’ll be replacing conventional porn any time soon, but they’re damn interesting and a fun way to switch things up when you’re a bit bored of giant titties flopping around on screen. How you could ever get bored of real-life hot chicks moving on screen is beyond me, but here’s caption porn for you in case you do.What is caption porn, I hear you asking? Great question. It’s when random fappers online get their hands on some pictures of nude chicks doing hot stuff like taking a cock down their throats; then they caption the images to give them a backstory. I’m not shitting you; that’s the whole fucking point of this entire section. ImageFap is a huge site, so naturally, they cover every type of image porn known to man. It was only inevitable that they’d make a dedicated section for this crap. I think this genre was born on imageboards, where dudes would get together to try and make each other hard by using the power of their minds and creativity. It sounds kind of gay, but what the fuck do I know? I review porn for a living.If you’re into sexy images with story captions, this is the place you’ll want to bookmark and keep coming back to. As for how good the actual captions and photos are, well, your mileage will vary depending on the actual day you come on here. ImageFap is a community-driven aggregate site. That’s code for: People will dump whatever the fuck they think is fap-worthy onto this site and sorting through it is going to be a nightmare. Let’s just dig in and see what these perverts consider fap-worthy, all right?Cuck Captions Are All the RageThe very first caption porn image I saw on 4Chan was cuck themed. The next 100 were also cuck themed. I don’t see how the two are related, but they seem to be inseparable. That’s not the only theme, for sure, but it seems to be the most popular. Guys really want to fantasize about their girlfriends cheating on them with dudes that have bigger cocks than them. That’s the impression I’m getting here. I don’t get the appeal. I thought the whole point of sticking your dick in a cum receptacle was knowing that some other dude hasn’t deposited his seed there. I’m not saying you should only ever fuck virgins, but wanting to see your girlfriend fucked by another dude just seems weird to me. I don’t know how cuck brains work. I’ll never understand them.Either way, if you’re a cuck or you find these kinds of captions arousing, my boy, you’re in for a treat. There’s a metric fuckton of images on ImageFap that have these kinds of elaborate captioned stories. Most of the actual photos and gifs show hot chicks either being fucked from behind or inhaling cocks. The captions will usually tell a story about how your long-distance girlfriend is cheating on you while she’s pretending to be loyal. Maybe the moral of the story is that you love her so much that you wish she’s being sexually satisfied, even if you’re not the one providing the schlong. That sounds dumb as fuck to me. You’d be better off just getting a side whore to bang while your main chick is away, but I guess this works too?Incest and Weird ShitThere’s a whole lot of step-bro tropes among these images. Ever since PornHub started shitting out incest videos en-masse, they’ve been fucking unavoidable. I know hentai always had that weird in-house vibe, but mainstream porn seems to be losing the fight too. Granted, it’s step-bro instead of bro, but that’s just to avoid getting blacklisted. We all know what’s going on here. These weirdos get turned on by the idea of having a hot sister, mother, second cousin, whatever, who wants to suck them off. I’m willing to bet that 99% of these perverts don’t even have siblings. Either way, I’m not here to judge. There are tons of captions that tell these kinds of elaborate stories.The images don’t really matter at this point. Most of them are just stills of chicks taking cock. That’s all there is to it. It’s not like the creators go far and wide to find appropriate content. They just see titties, open up MS Paint and put text over them in Impact font. Ok, that last part was a joke. These are not memes. They use sensible fonts. But, the incest themes are definitely rampant. They’re the second most popular as far as I can tell. If you thought that was weird, though… Oh boy, do I have a surprise for you.Gender Swap FantasyIt just keeps getting weirder. There are literally thousands of captioned images on this site that tell the story of you, the reader, being turned into a woman and either experimenting with yourself or getting dicked by a black dude with a giant cock. Again, I don’t understand the fucking appeal. If you’re gay, then just jack off to gay porn. If you like the babes on screen, why do you want to be dicked by a guy? Is this bisexual porn? Is that what’s happening? I feel so out of the fucking loop. Maybe I’m getting old.These kinds of gender swap captions are usually magical in nature. Like, they talk about powerful pills that turn you into a woman overnight and then you spend the whole next day satisfying all your male friends with your newly acquired female body. I don’t know about you, but sucking off all of my male buddies isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. I am pretty damn sure that most of the dudes that make these kinds of captions are straight, so I have no idea what they’re smoking. Call me old fashioned, but my idea of a romantic evening is gagging her mouth, so she doesn’t say dumb shit, lubing up her asshole and going to town on it until she’s sore for weeks. I’m a gentleman.BDSM PlayOk, we’ve finally hit a sub-genre of caption porn that I can get behind. I’m not much of a reader; I prefer watching the titties, not reading the text right next to them. So, if I could get off to these captions, I’m sure you can too. So, they put a picture of a hot babe with a domineering face, next to a caption of her talking to you in a demeaning way. I love this crap. Assertive babes are the fucking best. Some of these are kind of mild. The girl will be telling you that you don’t get to cum until you’ve satisfied her. It’s a nice story to get you in the mood.Others get a little freakier. Like, the girl will talk about how she’s put you in a chastity device and she’s masturbating, turned on by the idea that you can’t enjoy yourself. It’s really good stuff for long edging sessions. You can bust your load to whatever kind of smut you want, but these kinds of captions are a great way to get all hot and bothered. Hell, you could avoid touching your dick throughout the first few minutes, to really get into the chastity fantasy. I personally don’t like chastity belt play, because it usually lasts days or weeks and I’d never actually allow a woman to control my penis for that long. But, if you enjoy this kind of shit for an hour or two, it can be really fucking arousing.My VerdictImageFap is a great porn image aggregator. You know that already. I do hate the fact that the sorting and tagging is left up to the community, because a lot of these people do a shit job of actually categorizing the smut that they upload. But, the upside of the captions section is that most of this shit is actually original content. I don’t mean the images; those are obviously just random smut pics from around the web. I mean, the captions are original. Anyone can make a captioned porn image in under a minute. Naturally, all the perverts are motivated to crank out as many of these as they possibly can. I think it’s a great system.They can live out their wildest sexual fantasies, in-text and slap on a sexy image to go with it. Then, they submit that shit to ImageFap for you to enjoy. Hell, if you’re feeling creative, you could make your own caption porn and upload it to ImageFap. I’m sure there will be someone out there who’d be willing to jack off to it.