Humor On! Porn is better when funny. The internet is filled with strange, bizarre, and weird porn, and your boy has gone to the darkest side of the internet to find it, and I’m not even asking for something in return. Fuck the mainstream porn that every other XXX site is serving you, right? Today I’ll be using my expertise to tell you all about the hardcore, bizarre porn, and shocking videos in general that are to be found at or simply Humor On.Even a blind man and his dog can tell that is all about the weirdest sex videos and, in some instances, crazy and funny events that happen to involve girls having their meaty twats rammed hard and fast. There are loads of cringy, WTF moments to turn your insane fantasies into reality, but does this place hold up to a site like eFukt?Think of a slut that fucks five Tinder guys in one day and a crazy client emptying his nut on an escort’s face. Or what about sluts who never knew anal porn hurts until a dude with a gigantic cock stretches their assholes to the limit, banana fucks gone wrong, accidental anal, motherfuckers eating a stripper‘s pussy on the table and so much more. Let’s delve deeper into the depravity stacked up in this bitch.Nasty ass design for startersThere is no better way to say it;’s design fucking sucks, but it certainly doesn’t bite. However, I simply don’t like it, and that’s quite a statement coming from someone who reviews XXX sites for a living. Think of it like that sexy whore in your neighborhood that you’d give everything to bang, but you know she has some STI. That’s the kind of vibe the site gives you.There's tons of X-rated content, which is definitely a good thing considering there are sites out there who fill their homepage with eye-catching titles and links to some shit that’s not even legal, but one that attracts the eyes of curious motherfuckers. Clicking on the links in some of these sites directs you to some half-ass sites with loads of ads that fucking ruin your experience. At least here, you will find some legit shit and in quite the variety. However, I don’t like that the homepage is a thin orange blog with the content availed in tiny photos and even smaller fonts. Do these fucks want users to browse the site in fucking specs?With that in mind, the top navigation bar allows you to sort the content by funny, shocking, cool, sexy, other, pictures, and WTF pictures, among others. Just below that is a basic search feature whose importance cannot be overlooked. By default, the site starts by presenting the latest updates where posts get creepier as you browse. Near the bottom of the page is a useful browsing menu. At the same time, further below is a list of the most recent searches where you will see stuff like Indian father rapes unwilling daughter, small dick embarrassed, brother sister cumshots, nervous car fucks, bestiality, and more. Fuck, what kind of pervs patrol these pages?!A skeptic eye into categoriesLike you will find out, the videos have been divided into a few categories including funny, shocking, cool, sexy, and other stuff the self-righteous might look at like something the cat dragged in. But if smut of the weird and funny variety tickles your fancy, there is a lot of ball tingling fun to look forward to.When it comes to the shocking stuff, there is a lot to see. I saw a video of a homeless man’s penis eaten by maggots, a crazy ass dude feeding his prick to a baby alligator, meth-heads fighting over stolen tampons, a Brazilian whore being stripped and beaten silly by an angry mob, a crazy dude biting off his girlfriend’s lips for cheating and much more. Some of the shit here is cringe-worthy.For instance, a rapist being hanged in the town square, a mechanic being crushed to death by the failing hydraulics of a truck he was repairing or a priest slapping a small baby in the face. Or what about a pretty looking girl beheaded by a rival gang among other SFW/NSFW videos that will give you fucking goosebumps. Whether that’s "in a nice way" is upon you to find out.There is also a solid collection of porn for the average man, including babes bouncing on massive dicks, sluts choking on dicks as they give sloppy blowjobs, actual orgies, painful anal among others. But why would you settle for the ordinary type of shit when there is crazier, more depraved porn to check out like on CrazyShit?A whole lot of nasty stuffMany sites will put sensationalist links to trick sickos into clicking. But what you find at is legit nasty, and you will find whatever is on the link upon clicking. If you see something like ‘blowjob gone wrong’, that’s actually the shit you will find. This place is fucking heaven for people who prefer the freakish kind of videos.Think of a girl trying to suffocate a wasp inside a glass beaker only for it to escape and bite her fucking nipples, dude passing out from the pain of cock torture, another having his ass whopped by a prostitute for failing to pay up and so much more. Damn, where do these fucks get some of these videos for crying out loud?As you delve deeper into this site, expect the flicks to get even weirder. How does the clip of a human body decomposing appeal to you? How about an Asian chick cutting off her hands looking for attention? Or maybe you’d prefer seeing a drug-addicted bitch climbing up an electric pole only to be electrocuted to death? I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to react to some of these videos. Are they supposed to give me a hard-on? And to think that some of you crazy motherfuckers derive pleasure from these weird-ass clips! No, thank you, is all I can say.Like you will find out, the clips are 100 % legit as they are submitted by sick freaks like you for whom ‘normal’ is simply a word in the dictionary. What motivates people to record themselves performing some of the decadence here is still a mystery. At least to me.Those looking for some kind of antidote to all the weird-ass content can head to the ‘free cams’ section on the top navigation. However, be warned that you will be directed to outside sources, and those looking to avoid being taken to other pages better avoid this option like the fucking plague.Reasons to like Humoron.comLoads of user-submitted material; the content found on this site is 100% user submitted and what you will be seeing is shit that happens in everyday life which adds a level of authenticity to the weird and absolutely depraved content.No false advertisements; while other sites are loaded with misleading links, its quite the opposite at Humor On as each one of the links directs to the content indicated. No false advertisements to fish for clicks.Regular updates; think the site is satisfied by the moral decadence already in their archives? Think again. There is always fresh content to check out courtesy of multiple daily updates, which is definitely music to the ears of you pervs.A few drawback pointsNot 100% dedicated to porn; not all the content is adult-oriented, and users will come across videos/photos that have nothing to do with adult entertainment.Average quality content; this is to be excepted seeing that the content is user submitted, but some of the content here features absolutely garbage quality. Can’t some of these fucks invest in better phones, cameras, or whatever?What I think should be doneI wonder why I have to point this out for the team, but isn’t it clear for all to see that the site design is a shambles? It needs a revamp as soon as yesterday!To wrapping it up!Looking for strange and weird videos that will arouse differing emotions? (often misspelled as "humeron") is what you are looking for, fellow perv. There is enough weird and shocking material here that could cause a miscarriage as well as hot porn that will leave you horny. The materials have been arranged in categories so users can pick whatever gives them a throbbing deep inside their pants, and I have to admit, few sites on the internet match the shocking nature of the bulk of the content here. Curious much? Visit them today!