Want to laugh your ass off at Shoosh Time? A long time ago when I was younger, I came across this random amateur porn video. The video showcased a group of sluts teasing this fat slob- who clearly had no idea what to do with the sudden attention his johnson was getting. The video ended when one of the ladies pulled down his pants, wrapped her lips around his two-inch pecker, and then started laughing as he immediately started pre-ejaculating all over his XXL undies.I remember sending this to my friend, who immediately started laughing while commenting at the smallest dick he’s ever seen. It was a good time, although definitely more funny than sexy.This is the kind of shit that ShooshTime can offer you at its best. At its worst, it is just a collection of standard teen porn that tries to make itself sound interesting with clickbait titles like “yes, I AM 18-years-old!” or “TOO MUCH CUM MOTHERFUCKER!”.I think Shoosh Time has seen better days, considering a lot of porn is fairly standard teen shit that you can find in a lot of other places. Half the links are to videos that aren’t even hosted on the site, and there are annoying ads covering half the page as you browse around.ShooshTime tries hard to convince you that it’s edgy, interesting, and different. But I’m here to tell you that most of the time it’s not, although once in a while you’ll run into some solid fap material. If you want to get to the heart of, you’re best off browsing their “Bizarre” section just to check out some weird shit you might want to show your friends for a laugh or check out their celeb section for a decent nude scene gallery.Can’t trust any linkShooshTime’s layout makes me want to rip my eyeballs out and beat the site’s creator with them.The left half of ShooshTime is typically the content, while the right half is devoted to ads. From that Brazzers promotion link that haunts every goddamn page to the nude granny advertisement fucking my shit up on the right, you’ll be running into a ton of annoying ads.The videos are categorized in a lot of standard ways, including amateur, anal, babe, HD, pornstar, etc. What’s weird is that not only are the videos categorized under the videos section, but there’s a complete duplicate tab called “categories” that has the exact same shit (although with accompanying photos). I really don’t get what the fuck the point of that was. I guess it’s nice to have the categories laid out in pictures for those who can’t read?There’s also a porn star category where you can browse their content for various porn stars. A lot of the porn stars will have a handful of videos you can check out. Finally, there’s a section called ShooshTime’s Dirty 30 that shows random amateur porn pics and videos.One word of warning: the Live Sex Cams link is a fucking bullshit ad. Don’t click on it.ShooshTime is a strange messIf I had one word for ShooshTime, it would be schizophrenic. This site does not know what the fuck it wants to be, and you won’t know what the fuck it’s trying to be either. Is it a shock site? A teen site? An amateur site? Who the fuck knows. But there is some solid fap material, mostly of the teen and amateur variety, if you’re willing to do some digging.One of the highlights of ShooshTime is the “ShooshTime’s Dirty 30”, which is thirty random amateur pictures and clips that they release monthly. This is the one area that feels like the site creators put some effort into, since the porn is pretty good and shit you won’t find elsewhere.I also want to give a shout-out to ShooshTime’s “Bizarre” section, which is another redeeming part about this confusing site. Bizarre is, as you might guess, weird fucking porno that is funny to watch.The video I saw started with a pretty standard peep of an amateur chick through a keyhole. She was pretty fine.But then her titties started to grow. At first, they were baseball-sized. Then they became basketballs. By the end, they were each the size of those fucking gigantic yoga balance balls that bitches like to use for exercise, and in truly bizarre fashion, she begins to titty fuck this guy who then proceeds to bust a nut for like a minute. I didn’t fap to it, but it was a worthwhile experience nonetheless.Another good gallery is what they call “Hollyrude”, which is basically a porn gallery for Hollywood bitches. You’ll find this shit in a lot of places on the internet, but ShooshTime does a decent job of collecting them into one place and making it easy to browse. Most of the videos are sex scene rips from movies.In general, though, ShooshTime seems dedicated to providing teen amateur content in a unique way to catch your interest. Rather than just calling a video “18-year-old teen”, it’ll title the video some shit like “innocent teen makes a terrible mistake…”. It’s a fucking mental trick! The content is the same shit you’ll find anywhere else. But I guess you gotta give it points for firing up your imagination or some bullshit like that.What I LikeShooshTime does stand out for being a little more interesting and edgy than the usual porn site. All those clickbait titles give the content flavor and personality, which goes a long way when there’s so much porn in the world to browse through.Like I said before, the Dirty 30 and Celebrity galleries are worth checking out. The organization of the content is a mess, but it’s fun to browse through. And of course, there is the “Bizarre” category that got a couple of chuckles out of me.What I hateFirst, ShooshTime does not tell you which videos are linked to 3rd party sites, and which ones are hosted by ShooshTime. So a lot of times you’ll click on a video and be sent to a whole different site to view the content. This is annoying as fuck because you are basically getting hit with ads twice just to watch a video.Second, once you get past the clickbait title the content is very standard shit. You’ll find this kind of teen amateur porno in any tube site, and there isn’t much unique or fresh porn here other than the weird shit. ShooshTime relies a lot on stirring up your imagination through its descriptions and thumbnails, rather than giving you that real good Grade-A fap material.Finally, this site is a bitch about misleading links. In addition to the random links that go off-site, the Live Sex Cams link is just an embedded advertisement, and the Porn Discounts link sends you to an entirely different page as well. There is also that so-called “exclusive ShooshTime offer” for Brazzers that follows you everywhere you go that you can’t get rid of.SuggestionsSince I have so many complaints about this site, I’ll be generous and offer my solutions as well.First, make it clear which videos are hosted off-site. If a video sends you elsewhere, write which site the video is hosted on. A lot of portal tube sites do this because users don’t want to end up in some spyware infested shitstain that ends up fucking their computer up.Second, the web hosts should put more effort into showcasing unique content. ShooshTime made a name for itself by featuring funny or weird content throughout its past, but today much of the videos are just standard teen porn pretending to be something epic. There’s plenty of crazy shit out there, and I’m sure ShooshTime could feature them better if they made the effort.The layout also needs some work. Having ads cover half the screen everywhere you go is not good for the mental health of your audience. It’s a pain in the ass and seems lazily done. I appreciate that the popups are minimal, but I think there’s a better way to advertise while also showing the content.Shooshtime (often misspelled as "swooshtime", "sooshtime", "smooshtime" and "shoostime") also has a user registration function that allows users to rate videos and whatnot. I really don’t see how registering is worth it. They should think of ways to develop a community or something like that.In the end, it’s still a good timeOverall, ShooshTime is a decent site for finding celebrity porn, weird porn, and teen amateurs. Everything is unorganized and messy, so don’t come here expecting a professional experience. The porn is pretty good quality, and the celebrity section is solid for a fap or two. Finally, there’s a lot of non-porn content here also. This is shit you would find in places like Liveleak, such as people setting themselves on fire, police brutality videos, and other weird shit like that.