Daft Porn! Talk about having a place where you can see some of the most bizarre porn out there. Daftporn.com really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having some of the most interesting porn in pretty much every regard. You can find some funny stuff here, but not just that you can also find some of the most extreme porn here as well. The site prides itself on its versatility, and I can see why since it has a lot to offer. Is it all that good though? Or are there some things that can be improved upon?Some of the weirdest and most bizarre porn out thereWell, let’s start with the positives. The place is packing a lot of heat for a site that looks like a blog porn site pretty much. It gets updated daily and you can expect new content to pop up every time you visit Daft Porn. Every time something surfaces here, you can rest assured that it will be interesting in one way or another. It might be because it’s the next most bizarre thing you’ll see in the porn industry, or there might be a different reason behind it. I mean this is some weird shit I’ll say that much.Honestly, I really like a lot of the content here. It’s wacky, it’s crazy, and it really gets you going. And when I say it gets you going I really mean it. You’re basically going to experience the brunt of Daftporn.com’s content head-on and you better be prepared cause there’s some weird and crazy shit going on here, and you’re going to be a part of it really quickly. Hey, let’s check out some of this content and go through it together. It’s not that I’m holding your hand through this site, but it totally is like that when you think about it actually.You can’t really find the categories of the site at first glanceThe biggest problem with the content is that there aren’t really categories for it at first glance. Sure, I can tell you that there’s a lot of extreme porn on here, a lot of domination, abuse, pissing, throat fucking, etc. But there isn’t really a way in which you can check out any of this stuff individually unless you use the search field that’s this tiny little search bar in the top left corner of the screen. It’s pretty shameful to even look at, but then again most of this website is when it comes to the design, but we’ll get to that in a moment.Get tricked, those tabs on the right are just adsYou might be tempted to think that those tabs on the right-hand side of the site are category tabs and that by clicking on them you’ll be transported to the countless collections of videos in that specific category. Well, I understand why you’d think that, but you’d think wrong since all of those are just links to other websites. Basically, they’re ads, and that’s the last thing you’d expect since they all look and seem like categories. But nope, just ads masked as a functional part of Daftporn.com.And that’s not the end of the story when it comes to deception. After a few banner ads on that side of the screen, there are some other links that also look like categories. Are they though? No, same thing here, these are just links to other websites that are masquerading as categories. For instance, if you click on Creepy videos you’ll be redirected to- well I’ll be damned… MrPornGeek, I should’ve known. Yeah, it actually makes sense that he would be in on this crap since deception is the only way he’ll ever get traffic to his website.The actual Categories page is hidden, unintentionally most probablyEnough about that sorry excuse for an omega male. After all, you’re reading a review that’s written by the biggest alpha male in the business. I mean it’s not that I’m bragging, it’s just the natural state of affairs here at ThePornDude. Let’s move on though since there’s a lot more to talk about here. So, there actually is a place where you can see the actual categories of the website. And it’s hidden in the most inconspicuous place that’s half covered by some stupid ad anyway. We’re talking about the Videos tab at the top of Daftporn.com.When you click on this you’ll finally be able to tell what you’re dealing with here. And holy crap, there’s a lot of sick shit going on here on Daftporn.com. Amputee, Pregnant, Puke, Scat, Torture, these are just some of the things that you’ll find as a category here. Yeah, there’s a lot more where that came from, so you’ll need to explore this stuff by yourself you sicko, and find the category that makes you the horniest. There’s none of that vanilla shit here though, so get ready for some extreme stuff.Some really unique genres but not that many videos to choose fromSome of this stuff is just so questionable that even I’d be uncomfortable watching it. But hey, to each their own am I right? The only problem is that they made this page so inaccessible that you basically have to have the worst sort of intuition in order to stumble upon this page with all the categories, and that’s the case with most of the site since it’s just so poorly designed. There’s just so much that can be made better here that it’s difficult to figure out where to start even.Just one more detail before I barrage the design of the website with “constructive criticism”, and that’s that there aren’t that many videos here. You can expect a few hundred videos as of the writing of this review, so I don’t know if that’s enough to justify this horrible design to you, but it sure as hell isn’t enough for me. I know that extreme videos like these are hard to come by, but there certainly has to be more than a few hundred of them, especially some categories where there are only tens of videos in them, and that’s a large number of categories on Daftporn.com as well.The design is simply put, atrocious to say the leastAlright, so what of that design then. Well, it’s just complete bullshit I can tell you that. It looks like something that’s made in nothing but HTML and CSS. No functionality whatsoever and things clip over each other, like that ad at the top of the side that covers the buttons. It might be different from the resolution of your screen but that’s what it looks like here. Daftporn.com really needs to sort this stuff out if it wants to be taken seriously.And it’s not just the functionality of the site either. I can safely say that Daftporn.com just looks bad. It doesn’t look good at all with the blocky buttons, and the washed-out coloring and all that. It can be improved upon in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to begin even. How about with spelling Galleries correctly when you hover over the “More” tab? Damn this place is just a really wild mess, I don’t think you’ll have a really good time here no matter how big of an extreme porn fan you are.So, with all of that being said, the website Daftporn.com is good for only one thing, and that’s then pictures and videos of some really creepy porn and not that much of it either. You’d have to seriously have run out of material on other websites to resort to having to use this monstrosity of a website as your go-to supplier of extreme porn. Yeah, I’m not pussyfooting it, Daftporn.com just isn’t that fabulous, though it does offer a fair bit of unexplored weird porn for you to check out.