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r/PornMemes, aka Reddit PornMemes! You know, I think of myself as a pretty witty, smart motherfucker. I spend my days jacking off to online porn and writing up reviews for my site, and I make sure to pack in a fair share of dirty jokes about dick sizes, felching, and the different types of bacteria you can swap through ass-to-mouth contact. That said, I sometimes wonder if my joke style is getting a little old-timey for you fucking millennials out there. I feel like some kind of old, dead fart like Rodney Dangerfield or George Carlin trying to spray dust from my ass while you’re all chuckling at some YouTube stars with a completely different format. The memes you’ll find on Reddit’s PornMeme board are another example, racking up the laughs with simple captions on dirty pictures, which is something I just can’t do with my all-text format.Most of you are already at least a little bit familiar with Reddit, but if not, congratulations on finally escaping the cult your parents raised you in. The site is basically an Internet super-forum with discussions on just about everything under the sun. The site gets a whopping 60 million visitors every fucking day, and the PornMemes subreddit is pretty fucking popular, too. This particular board has been around since 2013 and currently has about 52 thousand members. When I checked out PornMemes on a Monday morning, over 200 neckbeards, virgins, and general deviates were ruining their productivity in this haven of dirty jokes, pretty girls, and geeky shit.Jokes About Buttholes and Memes About SexYou’ve been to Reddit before, right? PornMemes looks like any other subreddit on the site. A list of just four rules graces the sidebar on the right: don’t be a dick; no soliciting, asking ‘who is this?’ or non-memes; keep titles meme-related; and all images must be SFW. That last rule is a major disappointment, and not just because I’m a Porn Dude who really prefers the most explicit depraved shit I can find at any given moment. I’m also fucking annoyed because just above the rules, the sub is labeled as being NSFW on account of the Adult Content. So which is it?Scrolling quickly down the page for an overview, I don’t immediately see any exposed nipples, mouths full of cock or buttholes penetrated deeply by dicks. The default view shows the Hot content first, based on a combination of upload date and user upvotes. The top image right now, with 680 upvotes, is a picture of a hot chick with an unamused look on her face. The caption reads like this:Her: I like a guy who uses toys during sex.Me: *shoots nerf gun at her butthole during sex*Her: (unamused looking pretty girl)Misspelling of a classic children’s toy aside, it’s an alright meme. The girl is pretty enough that I dug into the comment threads to find out her name (Sarah Gadon), but she, unfortunately, doesn’t have any real porno out there on the web.The next Hottest piece of content right now is a porn meme that’s been making the rounds lately. I saw this same exact one on 9GAG this morning, and it’s just as popular on Reddit. It’s a closely cropped porn screengrab with the dirtiest, most explicit bits chopped out. A man’s leg, labeled “Fire” peeks out of the side of the image. Above the leg, a woman’s screaming face is leaning into the shot, her legs over her head. She’s labeled “Australia”. Oblivious to the hard fucking going on just offscreen is the girl playing video games in the middle of the shot, labeled, “All the other countries watching USA vs Iran fight”.There’s nothing more fun than politics in your porno, am I right? Hey, I’ll stop complaining about it when Donald Trump’s Russian pee tape comes out, but until then, it’s all a big fucking yawn-fest to me. At least the Redditors are a little more knowledgeable about the content or at least more willing to share info than the fuckers at 9GAG. I dug into the comments to find the source, and then followed the helpful link to XVideos to watch Lexxxus Adams and Vanessa Phoenix in a scene called Nerdy Gamer Hotties.Genuine Original Sex Memes All Day LongI switched the sorting method to show me the Newest content first. Reddit as a whole is a thriving community of Internet users, and the PornMeme sub represents a particularly perverted and kind of funny microcosm of that. With 52 thousand members, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the subreddit is updated damn nearly constantly with fresh material. A lot of it is stolen from other places, but a lot of it is genuine original content created by Redditors.The most recent addition to the board is a meme somebody made by pasting a cartoon of a masturbating dog onto a photo of a laptop showing a porn scene. The dog watching the cowgirl ride is captioned as Me Today, but Me At School Tommorow says, “My dog ate my homework”. That’s funny, right? Because it’s a dog masturbating, you see? Clever stuff right there. (Or maybe not, since nobody has upvoted the pic!)Another photo shows a girl in nothing but a POLICE shirt getting nailed from behind. The dude boning her and grabbing her ass took the shot. However, it’s cropped, so we don’t see any penetration or even much of her ass. I guess it technically lives up to their bullshit rule about how “images must be SFW”, but honestly, it depends on how your boss feels about seeing an amateur photo of a girl being fucked on camera. You might end up with an appointment to talk to HR, or you might just make a perverted new friend to do coke and bang strippers with.Maybe I’m just too old to understand the Internet anymore, but I’m pretty sure that last pic wasn’t a meme. It’s got upvotes, though, so other Redditors clearly like it as much as I do. They also like a more obvious meme added a few hours ago, featuring another closely cropped porn shot with the explicit parts removed. An old dude leans over a much younger, much hotter babe. I’m sure he has raging wood that might well be inside this moaning bitch in the full thing. The caption reads, “When grandpa gives you a good night”. Another porn shot has a girl’s face being pressed into a pillow. She’s labeled as “You”, while the hand pushing her down is “My Love and Support”.I have to applaud the perverts here for the kind of sex jokes they can make starting with all kinds of material, not just porno screenshots. An old Rembrandt painting of a fancy dude touching a fancy bitch’s tit is captioned with a joke about fancy pants thinking he’s feeling the baby kick. A photo of a store shelf full of Finger Marie cookies is labeled as Step 3, with the first two being listed as “Ask Marie Out” and “Buy Marie Coffee”. There’s a shot of some teenage broad with nice cleavage covered in green Nickelodeon slime. Beneath her, the Incredible Hulk says, “Hulk Sorry”. Based on that sheepish grin, I don’t think he really is.One of my favorite PornMemes images from the last 24 hours features a porn screenshot of a broad’s face as she says, “Oh, fuck yeah, shred it!” The screen has been superimposed fucking perfectly on Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel’s body as he shreds on stage. I didn’t pop a boner or anything, but I did laugh like an absolute fucking idiot for a few minutes. It’s absurd and ridiculous and features a pornstar’s face as she’s filled with cock. That’s a recipe for comedy gold if you want my opinion.Reddit’s PornMeme board may not be a great place for an actual masturbation session, but it is a pretty thriving community of jokesters with their minds in the gutter. You can spend all day browsing the constant influx of original content based on pornography, current events, and classic cartoons, with plenty of really juvenile jokes mixed in. It’s free to browse, and there’s no spam, making it a decent place to kill some time. It’s technically supposed to be SFW, too, so don’t let your boss give you any shit about the pretty girls with their titties hanging out.