Tokyo Face Fuck

TokyoFaceFuck! As a major world city, Tokyo is known for all kinds of shit. The weeaboos over at Reddit get wild for the anime and waifu body pillows, while tourists revel at the cube-shaped watermelons and coffin-sized hotel rooms. I was planning a trip and bought a guidebook pointing out the best Tokyo restaurants, the greatest Tokyo markets, and the most incredible Tokyo museums. That’s cool and everything, but what if I want a Tokyo Face Fuck?To be clear, I want to be the one doing the fucking, with a really hot Japanese girl’s face on the receiving end. I’ve had to cancel my trip thanks to COVID-19, but fortunately, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for at, a premium website delivering exactly what it sounds like. They’ve been around for the better part of a decade, and their formula for success seems pretty fucking straightforward: their movies depict sweet-faced, innocent Japanese babes getting their faces stuffed hard with cock and cum until they orgasm.Watch Uncensored Tokyo Face FucksFans of Japanese porno have always had a difficult time finding exactly what they want. If you’re into blonde white girls, you can pick a site of my Premium Porn list at random and watch them getting their pussies crammed, their buttholes reamed, and their mouths violated. It’s easy enough to find smut with gorgeous, sexy Japanese girls, but it’s a lot harder to see them actually getting fucked. Why? Censorship.Japan’s known for inventing tentacle rape porn and bukkake scenes, and I wonder how many of these crazy, newfangled fetishes are a result of serious sexual repression. They’ll let a girl put eels in her butthole and shoot them into another girl’s mouth, but you’re not allowed to see the butthole.When I got the link for Tokyo Face Fuck, I was really worried I’d see those cosplay cuties and submissive sluts getting their faces fucked by blurry, pixelated dicks transformed by a censorship wand. Thankfully, this site’s whole gimmick is fully uncensored movies of Japanese girls in rough oral sex flicks.They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in which case you should stop listening to me and check out that landing page. The screengrabs and free video previews tell most of what you need to know about TokyoFaceFuck. There’s a chick in a sailor suit at the top of the screen, bound with rope as a dude bones her face until she’s leaking cum from her face. Right below her, an office girl in glasses is put on a leash and given similar treatment. There’s no Asian dick syndrome here, with the babe gagging on a monster too big for her mouth.There’s another sailor girl getting her throat fucked, a schoolgirl swallowing dong, and then a pair of naked girls tied together for a double Tokyo Facefuck. That leash pops up again and again, so it’s clearly a great way of keeping the girls in line. The preview for this peroxide ginger’s blowjob got me going in a big way. She cries a bit as he first sticks his fuck-stick in her talk-hole, but later she’s licking his nuts with sperm on her tits and lust on her face.How Much for a TokyoFaceFuck?That guidebook told me I’d better bring a little more spare cash than usual, because shit can get pricey in Tokyo. That goes for food, drink, entertainment, and yes, a good, old-fashioned Tokyo Facefuck. Most paysites charge $30 a month, but these greedy fuckers want $35!I ain’t an economist, and I can’t tell you jack shit about the exchange rate, but I am a porn expert and can tell you a little about smut prices worldwide. If you’ve perused my list of Premium Asian Porn Sites, you already know one of my main complaints about the genre is that it’s more expensive than American or Europen smut. My other main complaint is always the censorship, which is why I’m less hesitant to pay the JAV premium for TokyoFaceFuck’s unobscured genitalia. I think we can all agree porn is a better value when you can see penetration.The library doesn’t run as deep as some of the bigger networks, but it is pretty highly specialized spank material. Tokyo Facefuck has over 200 movies of hot adult idols swallowing cock and gagging on sperm. Even with a good hookup on bootleg Viagra, it’s going to be a heroic effort to fap your way through the whole thing.I always like to mention the release schedule for the sites I review, but there are no upload dates anywhere on Tokyo Facefuck. I can’t tell how often they add new shit, but the other JAV sites run by this company update weekly. Just based on that and the overall collection size, I assume they add fresh Asian BJs on the regular.Ropes, Leashes, and Hardcore Facial ThrustingTokyo Face Fuck has an outdated design, which isn’t pretty but doesn’t really get in the way of your fap sessions. The Videos page is literally just one long page of thumbnails leading to every movie in the collection, with no information besides the name of the girl in the scene.The only place where the outdated design annoyed me was the ugly pop-up video player they use instead of one baked into the page like every other video site made in the last decade. I loaded the 1080p version of the newest movie and immediately had to resize my window just to find the full-screen button.The good news is that the video started streaming immediately at full HD, without any buffering to speak of. This latest update is the second half of a bondage blowjob with a tight-bodied slut named Rin Miura, who is already loudly slurping on a dick the moment the video opens. There’s no opening or anything, just an immediate sound like wet farting, followed by stifled female moans. I had my volume up, and everyone at Starbucks looked at me funny.The chick’s wearing nothing but some ropes binding her jugs and restricting her arms, plus that leash they use on so many of the bitches here. I have to say, she wears them well, and she has enough range of motion to fulfill her job requirements more than adequately. Her throat, however, is still getting used to the work. A couple of minutes in, she takes it a little too deep and starts gagging, coughing, and spitting all over the stud’s cock.The dude’s on his back, and Rin’s on her knees for the first part of the movie, slurping away until there’s thick fluid dripping all over her mouth, his cock, and out of her nose. He pulls her up by her hair as he stands, keeping her head impaled until he’s at a better angle to start thrusting. This is clearly the titular Tokyo Face Fuck they’ve been talking about. He pulls it out, smacks her face with it, and then bangs her face so we can see it poking her cheek.I know I shouldn’t give out spoilers, but Rin ends up getting jizz all over her face and her mouth. I thought, “Shit, that was fast!” It turns out; the video was only half over. Still tied up, Rin works a heavy-duty vibrator against her pussy, squealing almost immediately. Without a cock to choke her, she makes those sexy noises you JAV fans know and love. It may be called, but the action doesn’t stop there.I was so enthralled by Rin’s performance that I decided to save the clip for my own personal masturbatory stash. A lot of major paysites have been phasing out downloads recently, so I guess I can’t complain too much about the old-school design here. Unlimited downloads are included with your Tokyo Facefuck costs a few bucks more than your typical paysite, but it’s easy to see what you’re paying that premium for. It’s uncensored JAV, for one thing, which makes it a rare commodity even in a world of premium hardcore networks and hit TV shows with full-frontal nudity. The other major selling point is their hyper-focus on pretty Asian girls in rough face-fucking blowjob movies, often with some light bondage. The free video samples out on the tour page are a pretty solid representation of what’s inside, so check those out first!