Bukkake XXX

When people think about bukkake, they usually just think about some hot girl getting absolutely drenched with semen. Few of you perverts are thinking about the logistical issues of finding a willing babe, a bunch of dudes with balls full of milk, and an appropriate venue to dump gallons of fresh, hot baby juice all over the place. Do you ever stop to ponder the difference between bukkake.xxx and the cheap stuff?Bukkake.xxx distinguishes itself from the rest of the sticky pack with the ‘Premium’ in the title. Maybe they just mean it costs more than that party you and your friends had with a crackwhore, or perhaps they mean it’s just a hell of a lot better. Based on the caliber of the pretty girls dipped in Elmer’s glue out front, I’m guessing it’s the latter. Your toothless, fiending friend behind 7-11 might have a lot of friends in your ghetto, but Bukkake.xxx draws thousands of visitors from around the world, every day.Euro Hotties Get Drenched in CumYou’ve got to give it to the Japanese. Despite their weird stance on showing exposed beavers in smut, they’ve developed some of the kinkiest subgenres of porn the world has ever known. They invented tentacle porn hundreds of years ago, popularized cosplay in sex scenes, and still come up with all kinds of weird inverted-nipple lactating-eel-monster shit for their hentai. Bukkake is one of their better-known contributions to the porno landscape, and Western smut peddlers have continued to depict girls getting hosed down with spunk.I thought Bukkake.xxx was going to be another stash of pricey JAV (Japanese Adult Video) when I saw the link. It turns out; it’s a Western-style paysite featuring hot Euro chicks who really love cum. The layout is slick and modern, with a front-page covered in high-res photos of gorgeous whores with a bunch of cocks aimed their way and shiny coats of semen on their faces. The color scheme is soft, like something you’d find on a blog for soccer moms, but the images are as graphic as they come.Given how popular the site is, I was really hoping we’d see some of the really big-name sluts like Abella Danger, Riley Reid, and Brooklyn Gray taking drinks from the fire hose. It’s mostly a selection of amateur girls and some of the lesser-known European video whores like Nikki Hill, Lola Taylor, and world-class stunner Roxy Lips, who’s got nearly 50k Twitter followers. One thing all the Bukkake.xxx girls have in common is that they’re stunningly fucking hot.They’ve got some free video previews out front, so I treated myself to a sneak peek of the new Kate Rich movie. The 30-second montage shows Kate pulling down her skirt before being subjected to dick after dick squirting all over her angelic face and in her hair. They hold a bowl of cum up for her to drink from, because this kitty’s always thirsty for more of that man milk. She gargles with it, and the final shot shows her holding in a load that looks too big to swallow. Kate winces and sucks it down.I like how Bukkake.xxx lists the cumshot records for each babe. Mary has swallowed 78, Angela has eaten 200, and Nikki Hill 3-ups her with 203. When I got logged in, I found out our girl Kate has just broken a new record, but the video won’t be available until this weekend. That’s one way to keep fans hooked!New Bukkake Cum Puddles on the RegularI was relieved earlier when I saw that Bukkake.xxx wasn’t a Japanese porn site. It’s not that I don’t like Asian chicks, because I have a well-documented and crippling case of yellow fever. It’s just that Japanese porn sites, in general, cost more than Western ones. Well, I have a little bit of bad news, friends.The signup page only has one membership plan, Silver, and it costs $40 a month. That’s ten bones more than most of the other outfits are asking. In their defense, most of the other outfits are only having one or two dudes splooge on a woman’s face. These guys need a lot more bodies in every shoot.The good news is that they add a new bukkake scene every week. I’m writing this as everyone is locked down at home to get ahead of the coronavirus, but Bukkake.xxx is still going strong. I guess if you’re used to that volume of human bodily fluids being sprayed all over your face and body, you’ve got a pretty strong immune system.If you really love bukkake and have some deep pockets, they’ve also got a Donate button at the top of the screen. This is the first time I’ve seen a premium site begging for change out front, but more power to them, I guess. I bet they get more donations than your friend from high school with a GoFundMe for cancer treatment. The donation page says to “donate as much as you feel reasonable, and we will film as many girls as possible and put their vids online daily!” They also offer some vague “exclusive membership conditions” after you give them free money.Hundreds of Videos, Thousands of Hot LoadsBukkake.xxx releases each scene as 3 separate movies, each corresponding to a different camera angle. It’s kind of cheating the numbers a little bit, but they’ve got around 700 hardcore bukkake gangbang movies in the collection so far.Each camera is strapped to a dude’s head, so we’re getting an extended POV shot for around 45 minutes on each camera. As a scholar of the pornographic arts who devotes hundreds of hours a week to studying the craft, I have to say that the camera angles fucking suck! You can tell they’re trying to get the girls into frame, but without a viewfinder, it’s hard work. I thought most of the shots were too tight, a phrase seldom uttered in porno, and really fucking shaky. I hope you don’t get motion sickness.Maybe they’re onto something, though. Sloppy camerawork was a big part of the first wave of reality porn. At Bukkake.xxx, the terrible, jittery angles do convey a sense of actually being there. Despite the crisp 4K video, it has the raw, realistic feel of amateur-porno, but ramps up the perversion more than a backseat blowjob.I watched blonde slut Lola Taylor get fucked senseless for a good 45 minutes. The dudes circle her, taking turns pounding her cunt with cocks and fingers, pausing to spray another load of cum at that pretty face. I love the counters in the corner of the video. By the halfway mark, Lola had taken 13 loads but only swallowed one of them. I almost wish there wasn’t a spoiler in the corner of the synopsis, telling me she takes a total of 33.Lola’s a dirty girl, and I mean that in more ways than one. I guess that’s probably one of the job requirements around here. Even as she gets increasingly drenched, to the point where she can barely see from all the spunk in her eyes, she’s got a big, lusty smile on her face. She giggles a lot while catching sperm on her tongue and inviting the next guy to give it to her.It’s hard to count how many dudes are actually there, thanks to those tight, claustrophobic angles. Based on the loads alone, it’s got to be a fucking ton of them. I bet the guy with the Viagra hookup gets a piece as a finder’s fee, plus the killing he makes for every scene. What really blew my mind was when Roxy Lips popped into the scene at the end to lick jizz from Lola’s face. I think they filmed more than one bukkake flick that day, which seems like a superhuman pornographic achievement. Give these men and women medals for all their hard work.Bukkake.xxx tells you exactly what you’re signing up for in the name. The collection includes hundreds of cum-drenched gangbang scenes where the chicks go absolutely mad for cum, plus new bukkake scenes every week. The movies are nasty, perverted fun for the girls getting fucked, the dudes sperming on their faces, and you vicarious motherfuckers at home.