Facial Abuse

FacialAbuse! When you pull up a site with a name like Facial Abuse, you know right away this isn’t going to be one of those romantic erotica sites where the girls are wined and dined before making love in a candlelit hot tub. You know it isn’t going to be one of those feminist joints run by female pornographers, meant to put the power in the broads’ hands, pussies and boobs, with empowering scenarios of female bosses and power-couple lesbians. Hell, you know it isn’t even going to be the typical hardcore but relatively wholesome threesomes you get from the big reality sites.What are you going to get with a site like FacialAbuse.com? Come on, it’s written right there in the title and on the faces of all the babes on the front page. Did I say “babes”? That’s generous as fuck compared to how the site labels them, with degrading nicknames like Almost BBW, Androgynous Lummox, Kung Flu, and Borderline Retarded. Yeah, I guess I’d better warn you before we get started: Facial Abuse is a premium site full of extreme blowjobs, hardcore humiliation and very rough fucking. If you prefer your girls treated with a little dignity and respect, head back to my list of Premium Porn Sites and find something else.Premium Abuse for Premium DeviatesThe girls of FacialAbuse look like a who’s who of your local Tinder fuckbags. These are the girls next door, and I don’t mean that in the idealized sense like you’ll find on most porn sites. Many of these chicks are solidly fucking average looking, with more than a couple uggos right out on the front page. Most websites will tease you with babes who look like goddesses but fuck like whores. Around here, they’ve got that whores thing nailed, but I don’t see any goddesses.Then again, treating your whores like this might get you stabbed by their pimps if you’re visiting a reputable cathouse or back-alley crackwhore. This site has Abuse in the title, and that ain’t hyperbole. Besides getting called mean names, these girls are getting smacked around by cock and choking on it. Everybody’s face is covered in jizz in the thumbnails, but that ain’t the only mess you’ll find inside. In the very first preview I watched, this bitch got throat-fucked so hard she puked all over the dude’s cock and all over herself.“That’s a good whore!” says the guy fucking her face as she spits up what looks like cottage cheese. “Good fucking whore!”He holds her face to his body, cock crammed down her throat and air supply denied. When he lets her go, she gasps as she pulls away, tears in her eyes and barf on her face. “Yeah, it’s not bad,” says the Androgynous Lummox, doing her best to force a smile.Cheaper Than Getting Arrested AgainThose blowjobs are so fucking rough that I really expected FacialAbuse.com to charge more than your typical paysite. You usually pay more for any kind of fetish or BDSM action because it’s harder to find and therefore commands a higher dollar. They’re actually only asking the same thirty bucks a month as everyone else, which is a steal if seeing girls abused is your thing. There’s a decent discount on their 90-day rate, and a one-dollar/one-day trial.Membership includes access to 9 different premium porn sites. Besides Facial Abuse, that ticket also gets you into Adult Doorway, Busty Amateur Boobs, Club Amber Rayne, Joe the Pervert, Nasty Little Facials, Pink Kitty Girls, The Handjob Site and The PantyHouse Site. Some of those titles really give away what they’re peddling, so you’re clearly getting a well-rounded mix of content. If you get tired of seeing fat girls get made fun of while choking on dicks, enjoy a more wholesome handjob or titty show.Sometimes premium sites will throw in a bunch of freebies because they don’t have all that much to offer in their main stash. That’s definitely not the case at FacialAbuse. The site has been around since 2003, so they’ve have a long time to build up that catalog. To date, there are nearly 700 Facial Abuse movies in the collection.Not only are those updates plentiful, but they’re fucking bountiful as well. Most movies run an hour or so with nearly a thousand included photos, with a few recent updates clocking in at 70 minutes. The Kung Flu movie is over an hour and a half. This Fake News chick with the bright red dye job only made it 16 minutes, but most of the girls stick it out much longer. Given the kind of rough fucks they’re getting, I’m surprised more girls don’t bow out early.Too Much or Just Enough?Maybe I’m just a fan of a spectacle, but I really wanted to see what went wrong in the 16-minute video. The 18-year-old flashes her B-cup titties in the beginning and seems relatively enthusiastic. The dude asks if she’s ever been pissed on. She had, but only on accident. The girl’s still a teenager, but has already lost count of all the blowjobs she’s given.She declares her intent to swallow pee and holds a doggy bowl up to her face. The dude starts giving her squirts of urine to the mouth, holding his own tap shut with his thumb so as not to drench her immediately. After gulping down a few mouthfuls, he makes her gargle and pees in her eye.As soon as she puts the piss bowl down, another naked dude rushes in and pulls her up by her hair. “Get the fuck up!” he yells. “On your knees, you fucking whore!” He slaps her face and wraps his hands around her throat, then sticks his cock deep in her face, poking her throat and making her gag almost immediately.He fucks her face so hard she ends up puking on his dick within 30 seconds or so. The FacialAbuse is a bit more intense than she expected. After emptying her stomach on the floor, he yells at her not to stare at her puke and get back to eating dick. He smacks her for coughing on it, spits in her face, and talks shit about CNN while churning up some yellow shit that was waiting at the bottom of her guts.You Said You Like It Rough, Right?She gets a break around the 11-minute mark and tries to blow the puke out of her nose because “it fucking burns!” They ask for her verbal consent before they go any further. “Yes,” she says, vomit pooled up between her breasts, “you have my consent.” It’s actually a pretty detailed consent statement, including what she will and won’t do on camera. That’s kind of vital when you’re shooting scenes with this much Facial Abuse.A minute later, she’s on her back with the dude drilling her mouth for oil. She pukes all over her own face and he keeps going. “That’s fucking beautiful, good girl,” says the cameraman when she erupts like a geyser all over the dude’s dick. The girl’s a fucking trooper, though, taking it for a brutal minute before calling for a timeout.They let her clean up before the closing scene, where they jizz on her face before dumping the bowl of puke on her head. She says she’s a quitter and she sucks, and then the video’s over. The scene obviously ain’t going to appeal to every blowjob fan out there, but if you love the rough, messy shit, you can take advantage of that Download button, included with the standard price.Ultimately, my only real complaint about FacialAbuse.com is that it’s niche porno, which isn’t really a complaint. You’re either going to love this shit or it’s going to be difficult to beat off to. Not every video is as rough and messy as the Fake News scene, but this is some way harder face-fucking than you’ll find on the major porn sites. It’s degrading, humiliating, painful and dehumanizing. This is blowjob porn for pervs who love seeing women destroyed, abused, and fucked absolutely senseless.If the roughest stuff on the reality porn sites isn’t doing it for you anymore, check out the previews FacialAbuse.com has available out on their tour page. It stands out as some of the most extreme hardcore porn I’ve seen in a while, so I know it’s really going to appeal to those pervs out there with a mean streak and a raging hard boner.