When I first got the link for Blow Pass, I immediately imagined a subscription service offering unlimited blowjobs for one low monthly fee. It turns out I was kind of right, though the actual service doesn’t include full service from the local crack whores. This is a premium smut network dedicated to beautiful women giving has been around in some form or another since 2005. I’m already hard as a rock looking at their landing page, so I have a feeling I know how they’ve lasted so long and built the following they enjoy today. As I write this, I’m just one of the thousands of visitors they get every day.A Whole Network of Top Head-GiversOne of the things you’ll notice the very moment you hit the site is that these perverts have good taste in girls who like the taste of dick. They’re working with some of the absolute hottest pornstars in the business. Riley Reid is smiling out on the warning screen, or is it Melissa Moore? I always get the two mixed up, and they’ve both been in BlowPass movies. As soon as I got inside, I saw a big shot of Ella Knox taking a big shot to that pretty face of hers. The following slides showed Skylar Snow, Skylar Vox and Winter Jade feasting on cock, and Maddie O’Reilly getting her face fucked hard.Spoiler alert: I’ve already watched the Maddie movie, and it’s a gorgeous mess. Her face gets so cum-covered that her fake eyelashes ride up and down her face like a couple of greased-up caterpillars. Sloppy blowjobs and rough facefucks are the theme over at Throated.I was in the middle of reviewing that site the other day when I realized, holy shit, this is just part of the package. Your ticket to the BlowPass Network gets you into five premium sites: Throated, MommyBlowsBest, OnlyTeenBlowjobs, 1000Facials, and ImmoralLive.The throat-banging at Throated was my intro to the network, but I’m already feeling this other shit they’ve got up their sticky sleeves. MommyBlowsBest brings that irresistible incest angle to the dinner table with world-class MILFs, while OnlyTeenBlowjobs features some of the hottest young up-and-comers cutting their teeth in the business by making sure not to use their teeth. Group blowjobs are what they’re peddling at 1000Facials, where every thumbnail is a stunningly gorgeous woman with four dicks in her face.ImmoralLive is really the only one that ain’t self-explanatory. This BlowPass site is the contribution of Dan Leal, AKA Porno Dan. He’s an AVN Hall of Fame porn director and actor with over 150 AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO nominations. Dude is big enough to have his own Wikipedia page, which talks about how he instituted a mandatory condom policy in response to some legal shit in California. Thankfully, the whores at ImmoralLive clearly live by their own lack of morals, not the whims of the guy handing out the paychecks. I don’t see a single rubber on any of the peckers pounding pornstar pussy here.Speaking of pussy-pounding, you’ll find a lot of it at BlowPass. They call it a blowjob network, and they’ve even got “Blow” right there in the name, but they know how much you appreciate seeing a slut get her cooter impaled. There are also a few hundred anal flicks on the menu, mostly under the ImmoralLive banner.The Perks of Being a PervertI’m kind of a sucker for big porn networks, but that might be because I’m also a sucker for a deal on personal lube by the bucket. Most premium sites are asking $30 a month, but gives you a whole network of cocksucking movies for the same price. They’ve also got lower prices for longer subscribers, as well as a $1.00 trial. When I got to the landing page, I got an offer for a 50% off promo code. Fuck yeah!Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll see thumbnails from all the latest BlowPass network movies from all the websites. The release schedule is pretty fucking solid, with new movies almost every day, sometimes multiple times per day. They just posted two today, a Throated flick featuring a red-eyed Lily Glee with a mouth overfull of cock, and an ImmoralLive movie where Kyra Hot is forced to discipline her stepson by sucking his dick and letting him into her cunt.The domain was registered in 2018, but their first scene was uploaded in 2005. The only conclusion is that they’re time-traveling wizards, manipulating the fabric of space to fuck tons of beautiful women in the face. While it might be hard to prove my theory, the archive of smut they’ve built up speaks for itself. To date, the entire collection consists of nearly 6,000 movies.I didn’t see it mentioned out front, but there are also bonus movies inside. I clicked on the Free Scene link in the header and found a full-length scene from Evil Angel. It’s a 40-minute group blowjob movie of a babe taking on four cocks. No, wait, I think it’s five. Now I count six. Let’s just say this broad sucks a lot of dongs!Angelic Women at Their Most DepravedSkylar Vox has been calling me with that adorable smile since I first saw her dick-surrounded face in the thumbnail for her recent 1000Facials movie. I was reviewing the Throated stuff last time, so I had to pass her by, but that was a few hours ago and I’ve had my lunchtime Viagra since then. I made my way quickly to the flick, simply and appropriately titled The Legendary Skylar Vox.It opens with four dudes sitting on a couch, when in walks Skylar, who plops down between them. I was stiff as a board the moment she strolled into the scene in a tiny little skirt. The improvised dialog sets the scene: Skylar’s going to her first job as a stripper tonight, and she’s about to show her outfit off for the guys, one of whom is her stepbrother.Brosef does his best resistant-guy impression as he pretends he doesn’t want to watch his gorgeous sister get felt up beside him. Skylar’s got such big, naturally juicy tits for a little chick, and one of the cutest faces in the business. She’s got incredible energy, too, all smiles as she eagerly drops to her knees as soon as the guys stand up. One dude seems surprised by how quick she is, saying, “Oh, she’s already going down there!” Her laugh and smile are genuine and downright angelic.Watch Nymphos Fuck, Then Save Some for LaterPrettiness and charm are valuable as hell in porn, but you came to watch Skylar suck dick, huh? Well, a few seconds later, she’s working both hands and her mouth on these dudes. Her step-brother has given up pretending to be offended, but honestly, I think they’ve all forgotten the stripper-practice storyline by this point.Skylar is such a sexy little nymphomaniac. I really love how she laughs sometimes when she catches some air after getting her face fucked. You can tell she’s really having a lot of fun and enjoying herself. That manic lust and oral skill, not to mention her physical beauty, are what have made the girl a star, and why she fits right in at BlowPass.Things get even hotter when the little blonde lays back on the couch. The blowbang continues, and the corks start popping. The titty-fuck I was hoping for happened, much to Skylar’s giggly amusement and my own ruined keyboard.Spent and dreading the cleanup, I browsed the video page for more treats. There’s a pretty extensive photo gallery that runs a few pages deep with posed nudes before even getting to the screengrabs. There’s also a one-click Download button, as BlowPass memberships come with movie downloads.Each of the sites on the network is fucking solid on its own, delivering high-quality smut featuring today’s hottest video whores. That they’re a network charging only as much as your typical paysite makes this a killer deal at every level. Hot girls in new premium flicks almost every day—what more do you want?