While sex education textbooks speak of female human anatomy as if it only has one hole for penis insertion, true perverts, porn fans, and soccer moms all know the truth: mouths are perfect for fucking, too. The blowjob has become pretty standard for any porn scene involving a dude and a chick, but Swallowed takes it to the next level with a porn site entirely devoted to oral sex.Swallowed.com has been building an extensive collection of cock-sucking clips since late 2016. These guys went hard straight from the jump, giving us a 3-way beej from Allie Haze, Chanel Preston, and Romi Rain in their very first scene. I’m guessing they’ve kept those production values high and that porno hot, because the site gets nearly a million visitors a month. I’ll have to get in and poke around, strictly for educational purposes. Incidentally, that’s what I told a chick last week before I butt-fucked her.These Girls Want to Swallow Your KidsThe preview page for Swallowed is pure hardcore porno. If you need your smut to have plotlines, roleplaying, or scripts, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. This is porn stripped down to just the erotic basics: beautiful women and explicit sex.The sets are brightly lit and brightly colored, as are the stripper dresses, lingerie, and six-inch heels; these women in these outfits could never be mistaken for anything but pornstars. There’s a sexy, fun playground feel to the whole thing, like they could be shooting a Disney show were it not for all the sperm-covered girls deepthroating cock on the preview page.Oh, and let’s talk about those girls. They started out strong in 2016 with top-shelf sluts, and they’re still doing it. In the last month alone, they’ve had girls like Karla Kush, Ana Foxx, and Audrey Hempburne showing off their oral skills. Gia Derza just teamed up with Ebony beauty Scarlit Scandal for a double blowjob, and Charlotte Sins was just one of the video whores involved in last week’s triple team.Swallowed has some video previews on the tour page, and the thumbnails of Violet Myers drew me in for a sneak peek at their newest exclusive. She’s got a killer ass, luscious tits, and the kind of shapely hips that make all men into Latina lovers. There’s also the matter of how well she fits a giant BBC in that pretty face of hers.The trailer starts with Violet talking about how her favorite way to suck cock is to have it so deep in her throat that it suffocates her. She shakes her tits and shows off her asshole and hairy beaver before the action starts. In under two minutes, the montage shows Violet getting her ass eaten before getting her face fucked hard. There’s a lot of gurgling, and it ends with the girl smiling and waving goodbye, drenched in spit and jizz.Seven Exclusive Hardcore Blowjobs a MonthA membership to Swallowed will run you twenty-five bucks if you’re paying month-to-month. That’s a few dollars less than your typical paysite, so you can put the rest toward the first bottle of lube you’ll fap your way through here. Lower rates are available for longer subscribers.The stash is updated at least 7 times a month, which is respectable as hell. On top of that, they’ve got a few hundred hardcore blowjob films already in the archive. With new flicks typically clocking in between 45 minutes and an hour long, you’re looking at a lot of premium masturbatory fodder.Membership here does include unlimited downloads without any surprise upcharge. That should make you happy if you’ve been building an offline porn stash for end-times situations or when your mom changes the wi-fi password again.No Bullshit, Just Explicit Oral SexAdira Allure looked pretty degraded in a deep-throating thumbnail I saw out on the preview page, teary-eyed with sperm, spit and snot leaking out of her nose as she stared down the barrel of the giant cock filling her mouth. Naturally, I wanted to take a look at that recent Swallowed flick as soon as I got to the member’s page.Adira Has Super Spit Powers runs around 35 minutes, making it one of the shorter films on the site. Unless you just found out about edging, that’s going to be way more than enough time. I’m not sure how long I can last, given Adira’s outfit in the screengrabs. She’s got on a neon pink sheer top, bright blue nylons, and silver stripper heels that tell you what kind of girl she is even before she deep-throats a dick.“I don’t want to distract you from this beautiful ass,” she says, giggling as she lays on the couch in the interview. She seems playful and fun, eager to talk about her experiences in porno. After a few seconds, I got eager to see some of her experiences in porno, so I jumped forward a few minutes.The video player is responsive as hell. Even watching at the maximum quality, I was able to jump ahead without any noticeable buffering. When I next saw Adira, she was showing off her ass. She peeled off her panties and spread her cheeks, giving us a close-up view of her gorgeous bald twat and butthole. Goddamn, I can’t wait to watch this girl fuck!Serious Depravity from Cock-Loving WhoresAs soon as the dude comes into the scene, he sticks his face right between those beautiful cheeks. After nearly ten solid minutes of screentime, I don’t blame him for falling in love with that booty! He eats his share before another dude comes into the scene to feed her some giant cock. She squeals in delight when the impossibly huge boner comes swinging out of the guy’s jeans.Adira is a cock-sucking enthusiast with a technique she’s clearly been working on for a while. After her initial taste, she starts making herself gag, which activates a goddamn torrent of saliva production.The title is no fucking joke. Adira’s super spit powers come into play almost immediately. She’s soon got wads of spit dripping off her face, and off his cock, the entire hard-pumping engine lubed the fuck up with her facial juice. She makes a lot of noise, which alternates between squealing when she gets air, and gurgling when she can’t.“Yeah, smack my fucking face with that cock!” she screams with a smile on her messy face as soon as she can manage a big enough gasp of air. If you love seeing truly depraved, genuinely horny beauties going fucking crazy for cock, you’re going to love this. There’s nothing phoned-in about her performance as she eagerly bobs her face on that thing.It’s easily the most intense blowjob I’ve watched all week. She gurgles and gags on that fleshy monster. Spit and snot pour out of her, drenching the two of them, Adira relishes every moment and every drop. “I’m so dirty!” she declares, a visibly proud moment for the video whore.Top-Shelf Blowjob Movies for ConnoisseursI’m pretty goddamn impressed with that performance, and I see dozens of BJs a day in a professional capacity. The commenters below the video are in strong agreement, with dudes talking about how well she sucks and how many accolades she deserves. One guy wrote, “More video with saliva puke please,” which isn’t how I’d phrase it, but I feel you, buddy.Swallowed is one of those porn sites where I really have to reach to find anything to complain about. The only “complaint” I have is that there isn’t a ton of variety when it comes to sex acts. That’s kind of the whole point, though. This is a site for people who love blowjobs and would rather watch a girl suck a ding-dong than get her butthole stuffed or her titties fucked.If that describes you, check out a few of the free video previews they’ve got available. Swallowed.com is an easy recommendation for anybody who loves oral sex movies, especially when they’re super dirty and hardcore. The movies are long, released on a fast schedule, and feature top pornstars eating cock. What’s not to love?