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FellatioJapan! I’ve always been a fan of website names that tell you exactly what you’re getting. I call my own site ThePornDude because what you’re tuning in to is 100% pure, unadulterated Porn Dude. When I found the link to Fellatio Japan, I rubbed my hands together with glee. Naturally, I lubed up thoroughly before I stuck my dick between them.FellatioJapan.com, as you geniuses may have already guessed, is a premium porn site devoted to the art of Japanese fellatio. They added the first Asian pole-smoking flick to their collection way back in 2011 and have been growing ever since. Not many porn sites can claim that kind of longevity, but not many websites have this many uncensored JAV (Japanese Adult Video) facials, cumswaps, and oral jizz explosions.Japanese Girls Sucking Uncensored CockYeah, weeaboos, you read that last sentence, right. FellatioJapan is trafficking in completely uncensored Japanese porn. These fine Asian twats are never pixelated, blurred, or otherwise obscured. You entry-level perverts are probably confused by why this is a big deal, but the neckbeards know the score. Japanese porn is notoriously freaky, but also notoriously censored. If you’re tired of watching schoolgirls suck on skintoned Tetris bricks on other JAV sites, get ready for the real deal.So many premium sites are doing away with the free previews these days that I hate clicking the “Play” buttons. I put “Play” in quotes because a sideways triangle on a paysite preview means something different than it does absolutely everywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised when FellatioJapan actually gave me a real preview video instead of routing me straight to the sign-up page when I clicked.The samples out front give a taste of these girls tasting dick. The picture is consistently crisp, clean HD, with gorgeous AV idols and pornstars kissing, licking, sucking, and stroking cock. Half the girls are eating cum, but the movies maintain the bright, well-lit cleanliness and order JAV is often known for.I’ve always loved porno for the way they can repackage similar scenes over and over again with subtle differences. Hollywood does it, and people get bored, but us perverts really appreciate the wide variety within each subgenre, niche, and category of smut. Every fap is different and amazing! The Japanese fellatio movies at Fellatio Japan are a really fucking great example of that variety, showcasing all the fun ways to spice up a classic Asian blowjob.Sometimes you want to see a girl suck a dick and get her face jizzed on, while other times you’d prefer if she’d swallow those babies. You might even want to see her spit that sperm into another pretty lady’s face, or just have it spilled right on her tits when it’s time. Picking a girl of the menu is always a joy, but what if you’d rather have two? Do you want to see those beauties dressed as office ladies, schoolgirls, or sluts?You don’t have to make your decision right now. I know how hard it can be choosing the next show to binge on Netflix, so you should know Fellatio Japan has dozens of video whores starring in hundreds of oral sex movies. Yeah, I was a little overwhelmed when I heard, too. I haven’t slept in a couple of weeks, and I think I have a repeat stress injury in my right forearm, but I’ve only got a few hundred more before I get to the end.Fresh Asian Blowjobs Every WeekThen again, the stash at FellatioJapan is still growing after all these years. I may never catch up, and I’m a professional masturbator. They add a new Asian BJ movie every week, which is a respectable update schedule for any kind of paysite. The fact that these guys deal exclusively in that rare commodity of uncensored JAV makes the weekly releases even more impressive.I’ll warn you up front, though: those impressive regular prizes do come at a price. If you’re a longtime fan of premium JAV, you’ve probably already guessed what I’m about to tell you. A monthly membership will run you $35 USD, which is a little more than you’d pay for your typical Los Angeles or Florida porn network. What do you want me to tell you? JAV almost always costs more, even when they’re covering up all the naughty bits with pixels. At least here, you actually get to see all the action.Downloads are included with the membership, so no worries about a surprise upcharge once you get into the building. This shit’s all-inclusive, like it should be. A lot of the other big boys could learn a thing or two from FellatioJapan about keeping customers happy and fappy.I didn’t see this mentioned out front, but once I got logged in, I found some extra prizes in the box. They include a selection of bonus movies from some of their paysite partners. A half-dozen flicks are displayed at the bottom of the main member’s page, and while it ain’t a huge volume of porn, it is a nice little mix of content. After you beat off to a few Japanese cum-eating clips, try an MFF threesome, a trio of lesbians in a bathtub, or a kinky BDSM movie with a girl in a mask and a dude in shackles.Dirty Japanese Girls in Crisp, Clean HDThe newest Fellatio Japan scene is a 16-minute POV blowjob featuring an amateur chick named Eremi. Eremi may be an amateur as far as appearing on video, but I can tell pretty quickly that this ain’t her first time working a boner with her mouth. Unknown or not, she’s pornstar material, and I hope she sticks around in the biz.The movies at FellatioJapan.com don’t suffer from the sloppy camerawork associated with the amateur tag, either. This is pure gonzo style, featuring a dude who has really studied the craft before trying to fuck a girl with a camera in his hand. Japan was actually a little bit ahead of the curve when it comes to POV porno (hamedori), so our stand-in here has about an extra decade of study material over his American porn counterparts. The more you know, right?The resolution maxes out at 1080p instead of 4K, but I’m impressed by the clarity of the image. One of my regular complaints about JAV is the overall low quality of the videos, since so many are still ripped from DVD. I get pissed when I try to watch a “high definition” cumshot, and it’s just some upscaled shit filmed on an old toaster. The video at Fellatio Japan is beautifully bright, clear HD, letting you see every single vaginal fold and butthole wrinkle.I mention these body parts specifically because they’re featured prominently in the first 30-seconds of Eremi’s movie. This girl’s got a killer body and some of the most flawless skin I’ve seen on a pornstar today, and her shaved private parts make my mouth water.Her mouth is kind of the star, though. This is a blowjob site, after all, so she starts licking her partner’s shaft less than a minute in. She’s got that cute, hesitant but obedient demeanor you find so often in these Asian sluts. I love her little giggles and moans, and even the Japanese she speaks occasionally, even though I don’t understand the words. An adorable voice coming out of a cute slut with a cock in her face is just sexy as hell, and it’s the kind of thing you’ll find in abundance at FellatioJapan.com.Considering the site name, I kind of expected Eremi to suck this dude to completion a few times during the course of the movie. I didn’t expect him to put a rubber on and start fucking her tight cunt. I can’t say I’m disappointed about the humping, though the condom is another story. Still, it’s really hot watching him slowly stretch out her tight pussy that isn’t immediately ready for him.FellatioJapan.com doesn’t get fancy with their name, but they don’t need to. I mean, shit, it kind of sells itself it, doesn’t it? All they have to do is put up a sign, and people will come running. It’s the high-quality, uncensored oral JAV that keeps them hanging around, dick in hand, and blinds drawn. Fans of Asian girls, blowjobs, and Japanese porno should check out the free samples. If you like what you see, there’s a hell of a lot more inside.