Gloryhole Secrets

GloryholeSecrets! What secrets does the gloryhole hold? Is that a dude’s mouth on the other side, or is it just a pretty girl with a thick, full beard? Maybe it’s an ugly chick or a tranny, or maybe there’s a goddamn donkey slurping away back there. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but the Gloryhole Secrets at the titular website are a hell of a lot better, and hotter, than that.Slutty, thirsty, sexy babes have been stopping by the mysterious gaps in the wall at GloryholeSecrets.com since 2011, showing off their oral skills on anonymous, faceless strangers. Your local porn-store gloryhole might have a few homeless-looking guys show up to watch a local fatty gobble cock, but this site gets nearly a quarter of a million visits every month. Something tells me there’s some quality sucking going on.Amateur Girls Who Love the Taste of CumThose gloryholy secrets don’t have a goddamn thing to do with web design, I can tell you that much. The site’s logo and layout is plain as hell, giving away their age even if you didn’t notice the upload dates on the early scenes. They didn’t stick around for nearly a decade by wowing visitors with their design, though.What will wow you is all the girls with wide, open mouths like they’re all saying, “Wow!” Except that sound probably comes out more like a gurgle considering all that sperm floating around on their tongues and along their gums, dripping down their chins and onto their titties.The secret cum-guzzling sluts at GloryholeSecrets.com are a bunch of amateurs, and I mean that in the best way possible. I love seeing the big-name cock-smoking whores plying their trade, but there’s just something magical about seeing a beautiful rando getting absolutely nasty on camera. A lot of these girls look like they have what it takes to become genuine pornstars, at least from the thumbnails, but I’ll withhold judgement until I get inside and watch them work.It’s a nice mix of chicks, too. The newest scene has a Latina licking sperm and backing her twat against that fleshy wall protrusion. They’ve got Asians and ebony sluts, and a bunch of hot white girls. Some have big-ass titties, others nice little perky ones; some are blonde, others brunette; there are tatted-up whores and sweet girls-next-door; I see teens, college girls, and a few MILFs on the menu. All of them are having a high-protein snack in the preview thumbnails.I wish they had some free samples on the GloryholeSecrets tour page, but all the Play buttons lead to the signup page. They do have a bunch of free gloryhole galleries in the Free Pics area, though, which should tide you cheapskates over until your stimulus check finally comes through.Fresh Flicks a Few Times a WeekGloryholeSecrets.com costs thirty bucks a month for the basic membership. That’s a little more than the entry fee at the last arcade I visited with a gloryhole, but at least you won’t get herpes. It’s also what most premium sites are asking, so no big surprises there. The two-month membership ain’t really much of a deal, but the 6-month breaks down to a better rate.Gloryhole Secrets updates the members' area several times a week with new content. Some of the latest updates are picture sets or interviews, and there is some slightly recycled content like scenes being released a couple of times with different angles. Still, overall, the new content volume is fucking solid. It looks like at least one update a week is an all-new, full-length scene. Sites that specialize in big group scenes often have slower update schedules, but these guys don’t do you like that. Increased production demands be damned—you’re getting your fresh smut on schedule!I’ve seen enough porn paysites to know it’s probably just wishful thinking, but I was hoping the Live Shows area in the header had a live feed of their gloryhole room. There’s nothing there, though, not even the usual affiliate cams other premium sites have. Well, a Porn Dude can always dream…Hundreds of Girls and a Ton of CocksWhen you’ve got a release rate like that and you’ve been around for nearly a decade, you tend to build up quite a stash. GloryholeSecrets has hundreds of original and exclusive movies in their archive. If you’ve been looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home besides huffing Lysol, here you go.I checked out the site on a good day, because they just updated with a fine-looking piece of smut starring a fine-looking piece of ass named Sadie P. Her profile on Gloryhole Secrets says she’s 21 years old, five feet tall, and can eat her weight in candy. It’s not candy I’m hoping to watch her eat as I click the Play button, but a hotter, more savory snack.Sadie doesn’t waste any time getting right down to business. The little whore is dropping to her knees the moment the video opens, immediately gobbling that mysterious cock with full enthusiasm. She bobs her head hard like a chicken and makes eye contact with the camera. She rushes into it so hard and fast that I was initially worried she’d tired herself out too quick. Fortunately, she’s full of youthful sexual energy, and I’m guessing from her tight little body that she’s got good cardio.It’s not long before there’s spit and precum dripping down her pretty face. Sadie lifts up her shirt to give us a look and feel herself up, and also works her own sweet cunt as she slurps. Four-minutes in, she just has to have the dick in her twat. She pulls her hotpants off, lifts her leg, and pushes her body down on the stranger’s boner. The camera angle is beautiful, and so is Sadie in her flexible enthusiasm. I love how giggly she is.“I might need a little steppy-stair,” she says in the cutest, most innocent voice I’ve ever heard from a girl fucking a stranger through the wall. The reason she needs that steppy-stair? There’s another dick poking out of another hole, and this girl just wants to get the best angle for everybody involved, including us!Pretty Girls with Cum-Covered SmilesThis babe has so much energy I’d almost guess she’s been smoking meth, but her teeth and skin are too clean and perfect. It ain’t tweaker energy, anyway—this girl is just a stone-cold nymphomaniac! She’s ideal fap fodder at GloryholeSecrets because she clearly loves sucking cock. She’s touching herself through much of the 50-minute runtime as she sucks off cock after cock at the holes.Streaming maxes out at 720p HD, which is decent but a bit last-generation. Downloads are included, and those max out at 1080p. In a world of streaming ultra-HD smut, that’s an outdated setup. Even if they keep the crusty old layout, I hope they at least update their video quality and bandwidth to keep up with the times.I once smashed a high-school dropout who wouldn’t swallow my cum because she thought babies were formed in the stomach. If that were true, Sadie P would have been pregnant as fuck by the end of this scene. I quickly lost count of how many loads she caught with her mouth. She’s a skinny girl, so maybe it’s a protein deficiency driving that hunger.She’s all cum-covered smiles as the movie ends. I was a little infatuated, so I went back and watched the 5-minute interview released a couple of days ago. It was shot right before the Gloryhole Secrets scene, and includes some nice candid talk about what she calls her “tight little hole,” as well some beautiful up-close shots of the cooter in question. What a sweet girl!The movies at GloryholeSecrets.com don’t have elaborate setups, big-name porn sluts or fancy camerawork, but that ain’t what they’re selling. These are gloryhole movies distilled to their essence, with no bullshit, just gorgeous amateur girls put in a room with a couple of holes and a bunch of stranger dicks. The magic this inspires is what the site is all about, showcased in hundreds of original, exclusive and real gloryhole movies.