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Handjobs have always been the least desirable in porn. They are kind of boring if you ask most people. However, you’re just looking at them the wrong way. With their ball twiddling and cock tugging action, handjobs can be the best part of sex. Heck, sometimes they can be the ONLY part of sex you need in order to cum. This all depends on the girls you’re having a go with. If you look at many of these hot chicks in the handjob category on NudeVista.com, I’m pretty sure that most of them can make you cum within, what can only be seen as, the best few minutes of your life. Let’s check these handjobs out.Handjobs can be incredibly hot to watchListen, I hear you. You’re thinking: „How can handjobs compare to the warm wetness of the mouth and the pussy?“ and I get it! I get the feeling of having your cock stuck inside one of the hottest slut’s mouth. I get the feeling of having a bitch ride you like it’s a rodeo and then you empty your load inside her (but only if she’s on the pill!). I get all of those things, but at the same time, I also get how handjobs can be fucking amazing. You see, with her mouth, a bitch who is sucking you off doesn’t have a lot of direct influence and control over your dick, as well as when she’s fucking you. But with handjobs? Well...Let’s just say that handjobs are specific in that the bitch can apply pressure to all the right places on your dick. You’re going to feel every finger doing something different when the bitch is using her hand like you might use when you’re jerking off. And then you can also bet that the sensation will be much better and even crazier when the slut uses both of her hands! And if you’ve never heard of any techniques and you’ve only ever gotten the regular tug and rub, then you can expect to learn many new things about how hot handjobs can be when you visit NudeVista.com. When you start exploring the endless possibilities of Nude Vista, only then will you realize just how hot handjobs can really get.Nothing is hosted here, but you get videos from more sourcesBut what is Nude Vista exactly? Well, it’s a porn aggregator site that takes many links to porn sites and puts them in one place. You can see it as sort of a porn collection site in a way. This has good sides, but it also has bad sides too. The good sides are that you can expect a lot more content to be present here and that you get to see porn from many sources simultaneously, usually all from free sites. The bad sides are that you can also expect to see a lot of bullshit long loading times and pop-up ads as you traverse the porn landscape via all the different little sites in search of the perfect handjob video to jerk off to.Porn search sites like NudeVista.com definitely do have their merits. These are so good for some people that they don’t even visit individual porn tube sites anymore, and instead, they just go straight to NudeVista.com and look at the entire list of content that they have to choose from. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me, especially given the fact that you most probably won’t have to pay for anything unless they include a paid site promotion and show you some premium handjob content... That being said, I don’t know a single premium porn studio that focuses solely on handjobs and nothing else. I feel like something like that doesn’t even exist, but if you find it, it would still have a low chance of being here.All the handjob content you need available for freeLet’s cover the fact that NudeVista is free first and take it from there. I mentioned it briefly in the last part of the review, and I’m sure you’re already figuring it out and connecting the dots, so might as well break the ice with this pretty important rule. NudeVista itself as a porn aggregator site is completely free. Now, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come at a price. You will notice that there are plenty of ads sprinkled all over the NudeVista.com website. When you’re looking for a handjob video, there will be hot teens tempting you to click on them, and your horny ass just might do it, steering away from handjobs.Whatever happens, try to go all the way with a handjob video instead of clicking on a fucking ad that will try to make you buy something. With NudeVista, you can basically enjoy everything for free, but you need to be careful of the invasive ads. I think it’s okay that they have ads since they are a free site and all that, but at the same time, the ads are a bit too much for me at certain times. Still, free content is always appreciated, and I’m sure many of my fans will be really happy that all these videos are available to them for free. Otherwise, they might not consider watching handjob porn all that seriously.Over a million videos to explore and enjoyThe number of videos you get on NudeVista.com is also pretty insane. You can expect to see ball stroking and cock rubbing action in so many videos on Nude Vista that you will feel like you don’t need another site ever again for this kind of purpose. With over 1,000,000 videos to choose from, it seems impossible not to find something that would be perfect for you. Think about that number for a moment. It’s actually closer to 1,070,000, but you get the idea. What’s important to remember is that there are so many handjob videos to explore on NudeVista that you will feel like you’re getting everything you need.If having well over a million videos doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will. Add to that that all the handjob videos that you’ll be able to see on Nude Vista are completely free, and it really gives you the sense that there would be no fucking reason for you not to check this place out. I think that the vast repository of videos that NudeVista has at its disposal definitely helps its case when it comes to cementing it as one of the go-to porn aggregator sites for handjob clips. I mean, how many more videos could you even need if not over a million handjob porn videos? In my opinion, this is more than enough to keep you interested, even if you only watch one video out of a few hundred every single day here.The design of the website could be much betterAs for the design, I’m not the biggest fan, to be quite honest with you. I’ve seen better from porn aggregator sites, but I’ve also seen much, much worse. Some graphical elements on NudeVista.com really look dated and like I wouldn’t want to revisit the website twice if I had the chance, but it also has some nice animations and it’s a very smooth experience overall. It just seems like they meshed some nice animations with a dated design with those ugly blue links and a white boring background and a really shitty logo too. Nude Vista’s logo looks more like a gambling site rather than a porn website.But hey, at least the thing works. One thing that I would appreciate is if they would have a page numbering option for you to go to the end of the list of porn videos. Sometimes you get bored of all the stuff that gets released these days and you want to see what was released on Nude Vista all that time ago. If this is the case, you’re going to have to painstakingly click through the pages until you reach something that is kind of old. At least you know how many videos per page there are, and you can calculate which page you’ll land because you can just multiply it with 25 and use the URL instead.