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Watching porn movies online is easy… you just skip through the movie to see whether it offers the juicy bits that make your dick hard, and that’s it. But, when you want to download naughty pornos, it can be challenging to find the ones that suit your taste. Mostly because in the majority of cases, we are not given enough information about the video… and not like you can skip through it until you actually download the clip.Wouldn’t it be more fun if there was a site that offered enough information for you to know whether a video suits your taste or not? Those who enjoy downloading pornos are surely searching for a website like that. Well, folks, you are in luck. I am here to introduce one of the better porn downloading sites called is a free porn blog website that allows downloads, and from the very first glance, it does look user-friendly. I am not here to actually review it in general; I shall mention the wonderful handjob selection they have. So, you really have three options here… you can visit the site, read my review, or fuck off. Those who want to know more about are more than welcome to continue reading.Beautiful babes giving naughty handjobs.What more can I say? You have lots of beautiful chicks getting down and dirty, giving handjobs. That is the whole point of this review, duh! I do also want to add that does not only offer handjobs, which I shall mention a bit later in this review. As for those who enjoy watching girls use their hands and please, you have come to the right is filled with all kinds of pornos, so sooner or later, you will surely find a video that makes your cock hard. Right off the bat, I saw many videos featuring lovely girls getting shafted after giving a handjob. What I want to say with this is that you do not only have videos that focus solely on the handies…Instead, the videos that are suggested within the categories can either focus on just the handjob, or the handjob can just be part of the foreplay. To be fair, if you just came to see girls jerk off their men, you can skip the rest of the videos. It is really as simple as that. When it comes to the girls I saw here; they were all pretty fuckable; what can I say. I did see many familiar faces, so if you love professional pornography, you are bound to see your favorite pornstar sooner or later.The name of the site does not really seem like a site that will offer porn downloads, right? Well, I think they called it a blog because below every thumbnail, you will have a long description of what the fuck the video is all about. Thus, you can know exactly what you are downloading, before you waste your time.Not to mention that kind of looks like a blog anyway. If you follow the link I so neatly provided on the side, you will be able to enjoy all the hot handjob movies… or you can visit and check out other crap that the site has to offer. I’ve seen babes of all shapes and sizes and legal age, getting down, sucking, and stroking pulsating peckers.It all really comes down to your personal preference, which is why having that long-ass description is really worth it. Every video will provide a description, screenshots, and sometimes even a trailer. Of course, you will see other information about the video that you are downloading, like the duration, size, and so on. Most of the videos were of HD quality and were around 30 minutes or longer. This all really depends on the video you check out.How to download videos?Below the description and all the info, there will be download links provided. In most cases, you will always be provided three different download links that lead to the popular download sites. If you check out some of the older videos on, you might find some different kinds of download links instead… but the majority of them will lead to Keep2Share, NitroFlare and RapidGator.All the downloads on are available for free… but for those who do not want to wait for hours and have limitations, you might want to pay for the downloads. Let’s talk about Keep2Share first. So, this is a very popular download website, and it has a great reputation. However, if you want to download the video share for free, you will have to wait a lot. For example, a video that was around 30 minutes long and around 800 MB, I had to wait for almost 5h to download…On Keep2Share, you will have three membership offers which are reasonably priced for those who actually intend to download lots of videos. There is also a 3-day trial if you are not sure whether Keep2Share suits your taste or not. For the same video, with the premium membership, the download lasts only about 2h… which is not that much in comparison to 5h.Then there is the NitroFlare, where the max speed for download will be 20 kb/s…. which is just bullshit. However, the premium NitroFlare membership does not only let you download the video with unlimited speed; you also have an option to watch it online. There will be a couple of membership offers and a 2-day trial to try it out.As for the RapidGator, you will also have a couple of options for the premium membership that lets you download without any limitations. As for the free download, you will have to wait an hour to download 500 MB… which is, again, really annoying. But at least you do not have to pay if you do not want to, and there are lots of handjob videos on to be downloaded.A great design.I must say, compared to many other porn sites that let you download their content, looks great. It has a neutral background and a good design. On top and sides, you have some browsing options, and there were not that many ads to deal with. All the handjob videos are sorted in a blog-like manner, and they are all nicely described, which is what really matters.If you find categories that you like, you can choose to subscribe to them. Though that option sometimes does not work, and that can be frustrating. Within the handjob category, you have over 1k porn videos, which is definitely a lot! However, in general, there are over 190k porn movies on… So sooner or later, you are bound to find something that will make your dick hard. No matter how picky you might be.Lots of other categories.If you enjoy watching handjob pornos, has a lot of them. But, the site also covers a lot of other categories that might interest you. I am sure you will get bored of watching handjob clips sooner or later, which is why you will be happy to know that on, all the basic categories are covered. You have VR, anal, ebony, interracial, teen, threesome, MILF, lesbian, and a lot of other categories to explore.The best part is that they are all available for download and will have a description, screenshots, and trailers. Some of the older videos on were not really working… and did not have a description. So, do not be surprised if you find videos that have no working download links or any kind of information.On top of the site, you can choose to scroll through all the websites as well. Since posts a lot of videos from known premium sites, you can choose to list all the videos that come from certain porn websites. The same applies to pornstars. I mean, the search options overall on are pretty nice, so finding your kink should not be difficult.That’s it!If you like making a porn collection on your PC, has your back. This website has a ton of hot handjob porn videos available for download. All the videos can be downloaded for free, but that takes time… so you might as well pay for the downloads and have them on your PC in no-time. There are a bunch of other porn categories you can check out as well, and since is a free site, explore as much as you fucking want.