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Today we’re going to talk about handjob porn. Now, there are many places where you can get free pornography featuring handjobs, but I’ll specifically focus on a little website that you might have heard of before. I don’t know if you guys ever heard about the site PornHub? Yeah, it’s a small little startup porn site that’s picking up steam and is getting quite big. I think that you should check it out if you’re looking to get a bunch of great handjob porn for free. Alright, all jokes aside, let’s take a look at one of the biggest porn sites on the planet in terms of the free handjob pornos that it has to offer you here.Completely free handjob porn without registrationOne of the first things that I’ll tell you right away and that most of you already know is that all the content on PornHub.com is completely free. That’s right, all of those millions upon millions of videos on the platform are available to you for free and on top of that, you do not even have to make an account or any kind of profile in order to watch all of this content. When you go to PornHub.com, you instantly get all of the porn content that you could ever need. Like, let’s be real here, you’ll never be able to run out of the porn that you’ll find on this website. Every time you come back to it, there’s more of it here.But I know that many of you want to be reassured, so I am once again telling you that you can get completely free handjob porn without any account registration process at all on PornHub.com. If you ask me, this is one of the most appealing things about the site. Love it or hate it, PornHub has always been a safe haven for anyone who wanted to watch some porn quickly and just get it done and over with. If you ask me, with so many sites out these days, I have a feeling that none of them can get quite as much praise from me and the rest of the porn scene than PornHub since it has existed for so long.Adverts can get a big annoying on hereThat being said, it’s not like this place is all sunshine and rainbows, and it’s also not like there aren’t any good alternatives to it. I can name quite a few good sites apart from Porn Hub if you were in search of a bunch of handjob porn, and I will do that in some other reviews. For now, I’ll concentrate on PornHub and what it has to offer. While it’s a huge repository of porn sites, there are some things that you should know about Porn Hub that might deter you from using it and this comes mostly in the form of the ads that you have to endure. You have to watch so many ads here, from banner ads to video adverts.All of those things are just annoying and they certainly aren’t what you came here for. When it comes to the content that people come to PornHub.com for, I can definitely say that it’s just free porn videos without any kind of interruption and the only way that you will get that kind of treatment out of Porn Hub is if you get some kind of AdBlocker. No joke, the ads on PornHub.com can just get so fucking annoying. It’s insane how much worse the porn experience of a website can be if you get a bunch of ads that just completely ruin it for you. It’s not a small difference and I think that all of you can feel it too.Fewer videos in handjob category than “handjob” search resultsBut that’s not the end of my troubles with PornHub. You see, apart from the atrocious ads that I’m sure most of us just despise on the platform, there are some other problems with it that I just have to talk about. One of the problems is the dreaded Handjob category. Why do I not like it? Well, you’re here to watch as much handjob porn as possible, right? And you want to have easy access to it too, right? And having a wide variety of choices is also something that you need, correct? Well, I will have you know that the category Handjob on PornHub.com doesn’t even come close to representing the amount of free handjob porn that you can get out of this platform. And by not even close, I mean NOT EVEN CLOSE!Here are the numbers. The Handjob category on PornHub.com has over 4,500 videos. Pretty solid, right? WRONG! It’s actually not good at all when you take into account that just by searching for the term “handjob” in the search bar, you get more than 125,000 results. The reason why there are so few videos in that category is because many people don’t see the handjob part as the main point of the action and in the end, they don’t end up categorizing it or tagging it that way. So, it’s much better if you just search for the term “handjob” in the main search bar and see what Porn Hub has to offer like that.Lots of little tag combinations to choose fromThere are even subcategories to the handjob genre that you can select as you’re looking through the content. By this, I mean stuff like POV handjob porn, erotic handjob porn, hardcore handjob porn and much, much more than that. But you get the gist of it, I think. As long as you are okay with getting thousands upon thousands of videos, there’s nothing that you should worry about with PornHub. A lot of porn will always be waiting for you no matter the category or the genre, but I’m glad to talk about this category in particular in this review since it’s a category that doesn’t get much attention from people.So yeah, with all of these different little tags and subtags to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your handjob porn watching experience to the smallest detail and this is the way in which you can expect to be completely satisfied. Trust me, after you’ve seen Porn Hub and what it has to offer, you’re not going to feel like going to other sites. Not to mention that the tags work quite well and you can quickly traverse them in search for that perfect combination of two kinds of porn that you love so much. As far as handjobs go, I like to go for teen handjobs the most because those are somehow the best for me.Pretty great and modern user interfaceNow, most people will say that the UI design of the site PornHub is bloody amazing. And I have to admit that it’s one of the better ones. There are quite a few things that I would change, but what I would keep is pretty much all the defining characteristics of the website, such as the color scheme, the navigation, the speed of loading, the overall look and aesthetic and so on. I just feel that PornHub managed to nail it down with how they run things these days. Of course, if you’re more interested in seeing chicks tugging on hard cocks than the design of the website, then none of these things actually matter to you at all.And I get that many people just don’t care about any of this shit and the only thing that they care about is seeing the hottest sluts taking their hands and putting them around cocks in order to please them. I know that this is probably what you’re looking for and I can tell you right now that you’re in luck if you go to PornHub in search for that kind of content. Anyway. When all is said and done and you look at what you’re left with, PornHub seems like a really great place to go to for this kind of content that involves some of the sexiest babes taking on the roles of cum milkers as they use their hands for that purpose. You’re gonna love the hundreds of thousands of videos in this genre on PornHub.com!