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Do you dream at night of getting a handjob from a beautiful woman? Do you also dream about the most vanilla sex? Regardless of what you are into, if you want to cum to looking at pictures of other dudes get jacked off, it’s hard to think of a better place to visit right now than More than just fucking pictures, the site is what a modern porn picture site should look like.Is that a bold as fuck statement? Hell yeah, it is. But I stand by it. Suck my dick if you don’t like it. But I think you’ll become a believer as soon as you figure out how to scroll this goddamn site on autopilot.Turn on auto-scrollIf you are horny as hell right now and you want to be totally hands-free, don’t fucking tell me about it. Instead, try out’s auto-scrolling option. It allows you to sit back, relax, get your stroke on, and look at the handjob content that appears.I know what you are fucking thinking. ‘ThePornDude, that sounds like the dumbest fucking idea in the world. Why would I want the site to automatically scroll? So I can miss all the hot bitches jacking those big fat dicks off?” Settle down, you tiny dicked mother fucker! You can control the rate of the scrolling.Yes, you can choose how fast or slow the site will scroll downward. You can slow it down so much that the next slowest speed is essentially, ‘off,’ so you have total control over the entire thing. If it sounds stupid, hop on your desktop and take a look at what you fucking find.The one thing this proves is that the thumbnails are large and detailed. While you can click on a thumbnail and see the full-resolution of the image, it isn’t mandatory or even needed. You can see practically everything and all of the details of an image from the thumbnail itself and that is awesome.Another thing I appreciated is when the content is automatically scrolling that the GIFs automatically play as well. It’s a nice touch whenever the page is automatically scrolling and you see a hot bitch jerking off a fat dick in the middle of it all. It can be a bit overwhelming even. But if you are craving handjob action, I have no doubt that you are going to cum in a matter of minutes.Fills that Tumblr voidRemember how your Tumblr usage quickly deteriorated into looking at the nastiest, most perverted porn on the platform? Do you also remember how you would follow sexy bitches and get a glimpse of their latest GIFs and images, giving you a never-ending feed of jerk off action? Ah, I remember those days.When Tumblr banned pornographic content was the day they essentially blew their fucking brains out. But swept up the skull matter and put a version of Tumblr back together; like a cyborg version. The result is a ‘pin-type’ of site that browses much like Tumblr used to, but more modern and refined.If you know how to use Tumblr, then you already know how to use You can add favorites to your account (it’s free to sign up), so you can have all kinds of jerk off material to look at later down the road. What’s also interesting and convenient is that you can click the source button to see where the image/video came from. A lot of the time, it’s from a Reddit post, but this can be convenient in its own right.Clicking the source gives you the opportunity to follow someone and see more of their content off To that end, you can use as a discoverability tool in addition to a way to get your dick off. Go on and see what you can find. Chances are, you’re going to add the site to your bookmarks later if you want handjob content, so you might as well face the inevitable.Handjobs, videos, and images – holy shit!The sheer amount of handjob content you will find on is fucking incredible. I have no idea how much content there actually is here because, frankly, there are no numbers to keep up with this kind of shit. It’s an extremely minimalist site (more on that in a moment), but I don’t think you are really going to care either way. Nope, not even a second more.That’s because once you click on a video, you are going to be too busy looking at all of the GIFs that autoload anyway. I have to tell you, you best prepare yourself. You may find yourself in sensory overload like I did, so take a step back and prepare yourself. Once you select ‘video’, you are going to be blown away by how many amazing GIFs start to play.I have to say; you may not want to click any of the videos at all! You may get off to watching the handjob GIFs on here. I kid you not, there are so many of them, that if you are horny for handjob content, you will get hot and bothered. You may even cum in your pants right where you sit, though I can’t speak for you nor your ability to not pre-ejaculateClicking on the videos are where you see the real beauty of You have the option to turn the sound on or off (it’s off by default, which is convenient), and you can see the complete video in all of its glory. Keep in mind that many of these videos are essentially longer GIFs. Don’t expect to find 10+ minute content here, though there is no reason why it isn’t here to begin with.It really is not that kind of site, though. is not a tube site, so it does not browse like one. Don’t expect to find that kind of content here. Instead, you are going to find content on a platform that was tailor-made for quickly jumping from one piece of content to the next. It works, it’s actually pretty fucking fun to do, and you will want to visit more than once. I fucking guarantee it.Use the slideshow function – just do itAs if the autoplay function did not make looking at handjob content convenient enough, the slideshow functionality doubles down on the convenience factor. To activate it, all you have to do is click on an image. Once selected, click the setting button at the top right corner of the page. You will then see the ‘slideshow’ option.Choose this option, and the content will automatically load full-screen. You can choose how many seconds until a new image or video appears as well. In addition to this number of options, you also have the option to have the entirety of videos play, so you don’t miss a moment of the action.Amazing Web designAnother thing to note is how amazing the design of truly is. I have already jerked off their Web design enough today, but let me just tell you: you’re going to appreciate it as well. When you browse through page-after-page of content, you will be glad that looks as good and slick as it does.The site uses a minimalist approach that makes it a pleasure to look through. It’s so easy, and the focus is solely on the content. It can make it difficult to know what you are looking at since there are no titles or any information like the duration or things of that nature.But it isn’t that kind of site. The sole focus is, again, on the content itself. It would have been nice and especially convenient if had some kind of sorting options or something of the sort, but it actually is not needed here. Because the nature of the site involves browsing through a seemingly endless wall of handjob content, you won’t miss it.So what the fuck are you waiting for, you horny mother fucker? Get your stroke on as you watch other people get their stroke on. Browse through the page-after-page of handjob videos, images, and GIFs on You’re going to love what you find, and you will undoubtedly be back for more! is one of the best and most fun ways to look at an endless selection of handjob images, videos, and more. You will be glad that you came across all of the hot and sexy content that is available here. From amateur content to AAA handjob images, videos, and more, you will have plenty to cum to. They need to keep doing as they are doing!