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Not every hottie knows how to properly tug on our tool, and sometimes that is all we want to see. Right? Well, the best place to find proper handjob vides is probably on premium websites. But, I am well aware that some of you cheap fucks prefer free content, which is why I am here to talk about the Handjob category on xHamster.com.Have you ever heard about xHamster? I mean, there is no way that you have not stumbled upon this site at least once during your dirty browsing time… xHamster.com is a free porn website with loads of random content for you to check out. The handjob section is just amazing, and there are thousands of hot clips you can watch as much as your dick desires. What else did you expect me to say?If you end up not really liking what the site has to offer, there are many other categories to check out, as I said. This free website basically has it all, with a shit ton of porn for everyone to enjoy. And for my peeps, who came here for that cock tugging action, I am sure that you will enjoy the handjob section. So, take your time and explore as much as you want… or visit a different site instead.Lots of talented chicks giving handjobs.Are you ready to see some hotties tugging on cocks? Well, if you are not, then why the fuck did you decide to check out a category called handjob? And if that is exactly why you are here, I am happy to say that xHamster has a shit ton of naughty content for you to enjoy. The selection where the chicks are playing with wieners is definitely my favorite.Those who are smart will follow the link I provided since you will be taken to the xHamster’s handjob selection. In case you just visit the site overall, you have a selection of the naughtiest tags listed on the side of the website, so make sure to check that out. Who knows, you might find something else that could interest you.Anyway, right off the bat, I saw a lot of gorgeous chicks playing with dicks. Some babes love to go to town right afterward, while other chicks prefer to give an elegant performance. Expect some videos to be half and half, as in you have a couple of handjob minutes, and it later turns into a fuck fest. Although this mostly depends on the video, you check out.You should expect to see a lot of amateur handjob content, and some premium as well. With that said, all the videos on xHamster.com are free, so don’t worry about that. The amateur girls really love to get down and dirty in their free time, and somehow those videos feel a lot more personal. I mean, you basically get to see somebody else’s life through a naughty perspective.With that said, you never really know what to expect from amateur content. I mean, the premium content is very predictable. There will be a perfect slut giving her all to please the pole of the superior gender. That’s about it. When it comes to amateur content, however, you never know what the fuck will happen. Personally, I enjoy those types of videos, since I like to be kept on the edge of my throne.Anyway, one of the first videos I checked out was of a hot MILF stroking a big black cock. The whole video was filmed in a POV, like the majority of the videos here, and you could see the cute redhead just tugging on that pole for like 9 minutes straight. It was a scorching video, and I actually found a lot of interracial handjob clips in general.The next video started off with a slut masturbating. After a couple of minutes, her boyfriend joined the fun, and she gave him a hot blow. It was a nice view since you could basically see all her desirable bits while she kneeled down and stroked his dick. Then again, you have videos that will just show hotties stroking cocks with a nice view of their tits and nothing else.The majority of the handjob videos on xHamster will have a happy ending. Some of the sluts love to get their titties covered; other babes will wrap their mouth around the throbbing pole just to get the right taste during the eruption. The endings are always nice, but what’s even nicer is seeing all these obedient sluts getting into their element of cock plays.Anyway, just expect to see loads of handjob videos on xHamster. You should also be prepared to see a variety because xHamster.com has millions of porn videos… so you never really know what the fuck you will watch. Some hotties were exceptionally great at handjobs, other teen cuties were just learning… and there were also MILFs who knew exactly what they were doing.Keep in mind that if you are not really in the mood for handjobs, you can enjoy a ton of other categories. On the other hand, in case xHamster.com does not really fit the bill of a website you are looking for, I have reviewed a shit ton of other sites, too. As for those who are interested in the technicalities and all that crap, just continue reading.Quality varies.Since a lot of the videos on xHamster are uploaded by amateurs and are pretty random, the quality varies. From my experience browsing through the handjob section, a lot of videos were of pretty nice quality; I could even say they were HD. But there were also a bunch of them that were not that great.On the other hand, you have videos that are like 10 minutes long, or even 30+… but then some videos were only a couple of seconds. This is what I mean when I said that you never know what the fuck to expect. This should all make sense when you learn that the users upload almost everything on xHamster.Simple design and great search options.One thing that I always appreciate free porn sites is their simplistic design. You do not have to be completely flashy to actually be seen as a good website, which is what xHamster is good at. Basically, the design is straightforward, but at the same time, it looks good. All the necessary browsing options will be listed on top of the site, or on the side.If you are searching for what the fuck xHamster.com has to offer, just check out the top. You have a tab meant just for videos, pornstars, channels, and photos. On the side of xHamster, you have other options, like categories and other search features. For example, you can search for videos by their most searched tags, such as over 40 handjobs, femdom handjobs, stranger handjobs, teen handjobs, and so on.You can also search for porn by sexuality, as in whether it is straight, gay or shemale. And one thing that other porn sites often do not offer is an option to exclude what you would not like to see. If anything makes your dick curl backward, you should definitely filter the search by that. I think their overall user-features are quite nice for a free porn website.The handjob section on its own has a couple of different search filters, which is pretty nice. On the other hand, if you are searching for something oddly specific, you can use their search box on top of the website instead. Pretty straightforward, mates.Register if you want.On top of the site, there will also be a registration button, and becoming a part of the site is optional. If you do register, you will get all the usual privileges. For example, you can like, dislike and comment on the websites. You will also be able to upload your own porn videos if you want, and that applies to any category you find on xHamster.com.But overall, that is as much as you need to know about xHamster’s handjob section. I mean, the website overall has some other options you might want to know about… For example, you can register for a premium membership, which is pretty cheap. Everything about the premium shit is explained on the site. You also have a ton of naughty photos, a selection of pornstars, channels, and a section for live cams.