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Are you trying to find the perfect free porn tube site? Well, XVideos is definitely one of the top, and for a good reason. This site has been alive for a long-ass time, and it has provided many of us with some of the hottest porn videos… covering all kinds of categories. The site has it all, so if you are in the naughty mood, you know where the fuck to go.Well, I am here to tell you all about XVideos and what it offers while focusing all my love on the handjob category. So, if you just came here wondering what the fuck XVideos is all about, then you should check out my review for that website in general. I shall mostly tell you about the handjob section of XVideos and why the fuck I love it.The site is free, straightforward, it has everything you need, and everything is easily understood. But, not only is XVideos a free website, it covers all kinds of categories. No matter what the fuck you might be into, I am sure that this website will provide you with the dirty deeds. As for the fans of handjob pornography, you are in for lots of great content.Lots and lots of handjobs!That is why we are all here, right? You want to see some solid tug play action, and well, XVideos is the perfect place to do so. There will be a ton of naughty porn videos featuring hot girls playing with cocks. Since it is a free website open to anyone, everyone is free to visit and post whatever the fuck they want. With that said, you will be surprised to see just how many premium porn videos they actually have.If you follow the link I gave you, you will immediately see lots of handjobs. However, even if you visit the site on your own, you can find your way around with ease. There were loads and loads of hot handjob videos right off the bat. You have a combination of both amateur and premium pornography, which is a good thing. We all love to have the option to choose whatever we want.Let me tell you about some of my favorite videos, and you’ll get the gist of the randomness that XVideos.com is all about. So the first video I checked out showed a cute brunette giving a handjob in a very professional way. You could only see her and the dick, which is all that matters. The video lasted about 14 minutes, give or take, and in the end, she got her delicious cumshots.The next video showed a POV, where the babe was on top of a dude giving him a handjob. Again, you could mostly just see her and the handjob performance. She was also naked, which is a nice little addition if you ask me. From what I have seen browsing through the handjob category on XVideos.com, most of the videos were in POV, but you had some other kinds as well.For example, here you have many videos that were cut from porn movies, so you only get to see the handjob part. Or you have full porn movies with lots of tugging play. You never know what to expect, and the way this shit happens is also pretty random. We all know that amateurs are very fucking creative, and they love to get down and dirty in all kinds of situations.So, while you have POV videos in their bedroom, where they will give their all to make their man come, you also have some kinkier videos. The first one that comes to mind is a video of a couple on the beach. She gave him a blowjob while enjoining the summer breeze, and while you could basically see all the dirty details… There were even people walking around!As I kept browsing through the handjob category, I also ran into a lot of Japanese porn videos, and videos from all countries actually. See, since XVideos is a free website, you never know what you can expect. Some videos will be like 30 minutes long or even more, while others are like 2 minutes or less. Then you have videos that are of HD quality, and you have the videos where one pixel is their whole head.Then again, from the moment I said this is a free site, you should have known that you can expect a lot of random crap. If you are looking for consistency, with all HD videos and all that crap, there are many other premium websites you can check out instead. I mean, you are free to fuck off from XVideos.com if you’d like. But I am sure that my men, who enjoy the beauty of free porn, will love what XVideos is all about.Let’s also not forget that there are over 83k handjob porn videos on XVideos… and over 9.5 million videos in general. No matter how fucking picky you might be with the shit that makes your dick hard, you cannot deny that you will find something hot on XVideos.com. So, take your time and browse as much as you’d want!You could register.I think it was more than obvious that you could register. I did say that the users upload some of the videos, and how the fuck else can that happen? The register button is on the top right; you cannot miss it. The registration on XVideos.com is free, and as a registered member, you will get all kinds of nice privileges.For example, you can comment and like any of the videos that you find in the handjob category. You can also upload your stuff. So, if you have naughty handjob videos, why the fuck not share them with everyone else? You are free to upload the naughtiest porn videos on XVideos, and not just here but in any category.When you create an account, you actually do have your own profile where you can upload whatever. You can also find pornstar profiles, and you can subscribe to them. By doing that, you will get notified every time they upload something new, and thus always have something new and fun to enjoy. People can also subscribe to your channel, add you as a friend and do all that basic shit that you would expect.Now, should you actually register? Well, that all depends. If you would enjoy some of the privileges I have literally just mentioned, then why the fuck not actually register? I mean, it is free, and you can do whatever the fuck you want. And if you do not register, you still get to enjoy all the crap that XVideos has to offer for free, so it is really your choice.Great browsing options.As you open the handjob section, you will have a shit ton of tags listed on top of the site. When talking about the overall categories of XVideos, you literally have it all. And if you are unable to find a category, just use their dandy search section instead. So, if you have something specific you like with handjobs, just by typing it into the search box, you will most likely get great results.See, with so many porn videos, aka millions, there is a chance that you will find whatever the fuck you want. And when talking about just the handjob section, you also have it all. From girls getting down for a night of lovemaking and tugs to chicks giving handies to multiple men. With both amateur and premium content for you to enjoy.It’s great!Overall, XVideos.com is a perfect website for everyone who loves handjobs, or basically anything else pornographic. It is a free site with a shit ton of content, and you can enjoy it all. There are a ton of categories as well, and their handjob selection is filled with some of the dirtiest sluts you will ever see. You can also subscribe to other profiles and follow them as they upload new kinky shit.There will be some ads here and there on the site, and the design overall is not the prettiest. But then again, who the fuck cares? When talking about the videos and the quantity, there is a lot. I think that pretty much covers all that you really need to know about XVideos and the handjob section, so take your time and explore as much as you fucking want.