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I’m sure you sex-starved nerds sit there and dream of what it would be like to get a handjob from someone other than yourself. You fucks probably death grip your cocks so tight that you’ve got calluses going along the palm of your hand. And there’s nothing quite like having the soft hands of a cute girl lube you up and jerk your dick for you. Sure, it’s not as wet and wild as a slut gagging on your dick or the same and pumping a babe’s eager pussy full of cum. But, hey, you can’t eat cake every day or it’ll get boring. Sometimes it’s nice to lay back and let a hottie run her fingers up your thighs as she jerks you to completion.Sound good? Yeah, I thought so. And there are so many handjob videos on the goddamn internet that it can be hard to find the good stuff. Well, this time, I took a quantity over quality approach. If you have a whole slew of videos, then you’re bound to find a hidden gem worthy of blowing your load to. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it. That’s how I came across You’ve probably heard of this site before. It’s an ugly-ass porn tube site that’s been around 2010. But what they lack in looks they make up for in mountains of amateur and professional content.A Simple Site with a Straightforward Layout & DesignI’m not going to try and tell you fappers about every section and aspect of this site. I’ve got other reviews that you can check out if you want an overview. What I’m doing is getting down and dirty with just the handjob category. If it doesn’t have a horny babe stroking cock and getting nutted on, then I don’t fucking care about it. You can get to where I’m at by simply scrolling through the categories until you see “handjob,” or you can plug to see the top results of dick-jerking babes.You’ll know you’re there when you spy the hundreds of video previews of dimepieces lending a helping hand. And, well, you’ll know this site when you see it. It’s kind of like that one MILF who dresses like it’s still the 70s. You sure can spot her coming, and it’s hard to tell if you want to avoid her or get all up in that hairy muff. This site has an iconic yellow and purple design that looks someone threw up a variety pack of Gushers.Over 500,000 Amateur and Professional Handjob Videos to Get Off toAnyway, remember when I said quantity over quality? Come on; it was like a minute ago. I know you horny bastards have the attention of starving goldfish, but I need you to stick with me. This site has over 500 thousand handjob videos to jerk off to. Yeah, that’s the correct number of zeros. You could watch a handful of videos from just this section for the rest of your days on this earth and never even come close to running out of fap material. Now, that’s fucking insane.And that’s not even touching the 9+ million videos on the site as a whole. You will never have to go anywhere else for your favorite cock-jerking porn videos ever again. But let’s move on and talk about previews. You get 100 of them on each page. But, somehow, the previews don’t end up being small or hard to view. I hate going to sites and seeing that they have fucking microscopic thumbnails that don’t show you any of the action. It must be the same feeling a slut gets when she drops your trousers and can’t even find your micro-cock.Scroll Through Hundreds of Previews at a TimeThe previews simply give you a thumbnail image that does a short slideshow of clips from the video when you hover your cursor. It’s not much, but you can get a semi-decent idea of what the video is going to look like. Then you have a title, the video duration, and the upload date. That’s it. This site doesn’t fuck around with view counts, ratings, or anything of that extra stuff. This is as bare-bones as a porn tube gets.You can filter the entire catalog by newest or top-rated. I’m not sure where those ratings are coming from, but I’m not going to argue with them about it. Alternatively, you can use a basic search bar to try and find the perfect jerk off video. But that’s only good for general searches. There aren’t any advanced filters. You’ll have to do a lot of scrolling through results if you’re looking for anything specific.Stream Hot Sluts Jerking Dicks in 720p HD for FreeAt least there won’t be any ads to get in your way. You might get a pre-roll ad here and there, but that’s it. That’s because this site is one big ad. Every video you see here is hosted elsewhere, well, kind of. The first click will usually bring you to the video you clicked on but on another platform. However, going back and clicking again will bring you to that same video hosted on Alohatube. It’s strange, but it doesn’t bother me that much. As long as I’m still getting access to these kinky videos for free.The video page and player are fairly basic. You get a large video of unknown quality, though I’d guess that most of these are around 720p HD. Alohatube doesn’t have any toggle options or any way to save these videos. It’s as simple as streaming the video and jerking your dick. You don’t get any descriptions, tags, or names for the babes in the video. If you’re looking to take these hot handjob videos with you on the go, then you can make use of their equally basic mobile site. It’s nothing too crazy or great, but it works just as well as the desktop version of the site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis is the site to visit if you need options. This site houses so many videos that even the most porn-addicted fappers out there would have trouble running out of videos to nut to. They add videos to their catalog every single day. So, that 500,000 video figure will grow faster than you could imagine. It’s a paradise of horny babes jerking cocks. If that’s your thing, then I don’t know why you’re not popping over to this site and whipping out your dick by now. You can’t beat nearly half a million free to stream videos. Hell, some of the websites it takes you to will even let you download the videos for free.This was also one of the easier to use porn tubes out there. You don’t have to worry about constant pop-ups or pre-roll ads that ruin the entire experience. You don’t have to make an account or try and get a free trial. None of that bullshit. This is a straightforward site that puts the fap-worthy content above anything else.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI fucking hate the design of this site. The colors are truly horrendous. It’s how I imagine the inside of an Oompa Loopa’s pussy would look. At least let me toggle an on-site dark mode or something instead of having to look at this piss-yellow site. But maybe you cucks won’t mind. I’m sure you’ll be way too focused on the hotties giving handjobs to even look at the site's color scheme. At least the website was pretty great in every other aspect. The site may be ugly, but at least it delivers on the more important aspects.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall,’s handjob section is a goddamn treasure trove of content for your handjob lovers out there. If you want nothing more than to watch a babe jerk a dick until the dude nuts all over her tits, stockings, face, stomach, or wherever, then this is the best site for you. It’s got more content than you fappers will know what to do with. You can browse a large selection of half a million jerk-off videos and find some truly hidden gems. I highly recommend you check this free porn tube site out! You’re sure to find hundreds of thousands of hot amateur and professional videos to fap to.