Orgasm Sound Library

Well, here is a website that could not have a more straightforward name... OrgasmSoundLibrary.com. Yes, you can expect to have a plethora of real female orgasms to listen to. But that is the extent of the website in case you were hoping to watch some sluts masturbate as well. Now, I should mention that OrgasmSoundLibrary.com is not really your regular porn website… so throw all your perverted hopes out of the window.Because instead of an actual porn website, you have a website filled with audios from women orgasming, which is the gist of it. Obviously, there is a lot more I want to mention about this website, but if you were just interested in whether you should stay or not… that is more than enough for you to decide. If you are not interested in listening to sluts moan as they reach the peak of fucking or masturbating, Orgasm Sound Library is not the right place for you.About OrgasmSoundLibrary.The overall design of Orgasm Sound Library is very fucking fancy. When I visited the site the first time, I was very surprised by the looks of it… just not something you expect. I am pretty fucking sure that a woman was the one who created this website, since it is not only shining light on a useless topic about female orgasms being real, it also looks fancy as fuck.All the browsing options are on top, and they have a lot for you to go through. Though, I assume, the section y’all would mostly be interested in is the one that holds all the orgasm audios, right? On top of the site, you can choose if you want to explore OrgasmSoundLibrary in English, Spanish or French, which is also pretty neat. However, the majority of the videos I found here (not porn videos) were in Spanish. You will have English subtitles, so do not worry about it.Anyway, OrgasmSoundLibrary states that here they care about passion and all that crap. There is an about page on OrgasmSoundLibrary, but it is very minimal, and it basically just gives you a link to their store website, which I shall mention later. The site was founded in 2006, and since then, they are trying to shine a light on the fact that a lot of sluts do not really orgasm; instead, they fake it.Now, I do not know about the bitches you sleep with, but all my babes orgasm. I am the master of foreplay, and I know how to bring my ladies to the peak. That is why they are all so fucking addicted to my dick. But in case you are interested in what a woman’s natural orgasm sounds like, Orgasm Sound Library is definitely the place you should check out.They are calling this website a study, while taking surveys and filming random interviews to see just how many sluts actually orgasm, whether men know that, and so on. There are 1465 online questionnaires with around 124 questions each. 30h of in-depth personal reviews and many hours wasted on studying phobias, trends, philia, behaviors… Most of this shit will be written on their “about us” page, so check that shit out if you are interested.A huge library of orgasms.On top of the site, there is a page called “library” where you can obviously enjoy all the audio. The good thing about this is that OrgasmSoundLibrary offers a shit ton of audio for free. You do not even have to register to enjoy what this website offers, which is always a big plus. I mean, who the fuck would want to waste their time registering to a site that only provides orgasm sounds?When you open that tab, you will have one of the audio played randomly, just to give you the taste of what you can expect. If you scroll down, you will see all the audios that OrgasmSoundLibrary.com has to offer, and there are quite a lot. To be a bit more precise, there are over 1630 orgasm audios that you can go through, and obviously, they are all different.I mean, what the fuck you will hear in each audio all depends on which one you click on. As you should be able to guess by now, all the shit on OrgasmSoundLibrary.com is actually made by real amateur girls, who just decided to show men what an orgasm really sounds like. I’ve heard plenty in my life, but I am sure some of you fuckers might have never heard a real one. So here you go.Each audio will also have some tags included, such as caress, breasts, nipples, clit, and so on. Some of the audios are solo girls masturbating; others are full-on fuck fests with their partners. The majority of the audios will be about 40 seconds long, but you have some that are longer. Now do not expect audios that last more than a minute since that is just idiotic.This is pretty much all I can tell you about orgasm audios on Orgasm Sound Library. You can scroll through all the ones they have randomly, or you can search for them… or filter them by some of the options given. Though, I am not sure what kind of thing you might actually be searching for… an orgasm is an orgasm; there is no rocket science here.I do want to mention that random women uploaded all the orgasms, and you can do the same. If you think your orgasm sounds hot enough, you can both record and upload the orgasm on OrgasmSoundLibrary.com, which is pretty neat.There is also a store.If you click on “find out more” on the about page, you will be sent to their sex shop. I find it interesting that this is the only link that will lead you to their sex shop. I mean, if you want to promote the fact that you have a nifty sex shop, you might want to actually promote it… you know? Putting a random link in a section nobody probably visits, is a shitty way of promoting anything.Anyway, their shop is called shopeu.bijouxindiscrets.com. There you will get all kinds of toys or sex helpers, if you know what I mean. For example, there is a section for slow sex, dedicated to foreplay. Here you can find all kinds of lubricates, from the warming massage oils to nipple play gel and so on. You get the gist.Then there is a section dedicated to BDSM fashion, where you can find all kinds of crap… such as whips, chains, handcuffs, blindfolds, bondage crap… and so on. To be fair, I think it should already be obvious what to expect when the fucking section itself is called ‘BDSM fashion'.Moving on, there is a section for sex toys, erotic cosmetics, couples… there is also a section for the blog where you can read about the toys that could help you in the bedroom, how to make a woman orgasm, the pleasures of anal foreplay, oral massages, and so on. You have a little bit of everything, so if you are interested, go nuts. Plus, the prices are pretty solid.Interesting videos talking about orgasms.When you visit the site, you will have a couple of play buttons, that will show you YouTube videos where the "study" is done (their whole website is supposed to be a study of female orgasms). For example, the first video shows how 66% of people have a fictional view of sex. In the video, random men and women will listen to an audio of an orgasm, and determine whether it is real or fake. Then talk about why they think what they think… and as you can imagine, most dudes thought it was real.There were videos where you can see just how many women have faked orgasms in bed, and why the fuck they did it. I mean, it is obvious that they did it because their men were incapable of properly playing with their taco… which is why they need a real man in their life. But oh well. They call these videos “educational”, so if you are interested, watch them. They are all free.Everything is free!Are you interested in listening to random orgasm audios? Well, lucky for you, there is a whole website dedicated to that shit. It is called Orgasm Sound Library, and everything you find here is free. You have all kinds of orgasm audios that are uploaded by random strangers. Some women love to finger themselves, other use toys, some receive oral… it all depends, and it is all random. So, take your time, explore, and enjoy listening to orgasm audios.